[Vietnam Mobile Day 2013] - Mobilization process for enterprise


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  • Would like to talk in detail about the app mobilization process, how it integrate with other stuffs such as your predefined strategy, your MDM solution, etc.
  • Why we need data middleware for mobile system?Make data well structured for mobile apps.Filter only necessary data to mobile apps, reduce data volume, bandwidth…Put data processing (and business logic) centrally on server for better maintenance and upgrade.Expose business logic as services which ready to be used by mobile apps.Why do we need service gateway?Security for external servicesLoad-balancing and monitoring Integration with authentication providersSpeaks multiple security protocolsCustom solution added no value Layer 7API SecurityAPI Adaptation & MeteringAPI Lifecycle ManagementDeveloper ManagementOAuth for APIs
  • Replay cho service gateway, dam bao information riskMobile Access Gateway Not a network connectivity issue but a information management issue •Web service access to data •Authentication -Client certificate -http basic -SAML / OAuth-Retrofitted for NTLM •REST/SOAP transformation •Caching
  • Application designers must make four fundamental architectural decisions: Application Deployment: How the application is deployed to the mobile device. Application Runtime: Where the executable footprint of the application resides and executes. Code Partitioning: Where the code for the application executes. Data Residency: Where the data for the application resides.
  • [Vietnam Mobile Day 2013] - Mobilization process for enterprise

    1. 1. PRESENTER NAMEMay 13, 2013MOBILIZATION PROCESSMobilizing Your Enterprise© Copyright by FPT Software 2013
    2. 2. AgendaCritical success factor:“Can someone who is on the move do his/her job with just a mobile device?”Enterprise Mobility Roadmap1Application Mobilization Process2Application MobilizationAssessment3Mobility ArchitectureConsiderations4© Copyright by FPT Software 2013 2
    4. 4. Enterprise Mobility RoadmapOrganizationEnablementInfrastructureEnablementBusinessEnablement• Enterprise MobileStrategy & Roadmap• Business Mobile PolicyDevelopment• Enterprise MobilityGovernanceOrganizationEnablement• Mobile DeviceManagement• Mobile DeviceSecurity• Mobile Device PolicyInfrastructureEnablement• Mobile DeviceCommunication• Mobile ApplicationManagement• EnterpriseApplicationMobilizationBusinessEnablement© Copyright by FPT Software 2013 4
    5. 5. Application Mobilization Scenarios© Copyright by FPT Software 2013 5Desktop web browseris available=> Need for mobilebrowser interface.Desktop Windowsapplication is available=>Need for a native iOSand Android app.iOS application isavailable=> Need for acomplementaryWindows Phone app;Nothing is there yet=>Needs for a crossplatform mobileapplication with nativeuser experience.Real lifeapplicationmobilizationscenarios
    6. 6. Readiness &Planning• ObjectivesAssessmentreadiness andprogram planning• OutputsReadinessReport, High LevelPlan, etc.Assessment• ObjectivesAnalyze and defineprogram details• OutputsAssessmentReport, Platform &ArchitectureSelection, etc.Implementation• ObjectivesDesign andimplementapplications• OutputsArchitecture &DetailedDesign, ApplicationPackage, etc.Support• Objectives Maintainand support program• OutputsSupportService, KnowledgeBase, etc.Application Mobilization Process© Copyright by FPT Software 2013 6
    7. 7. Application Mobilization ProcessReadiness &Planning• Business caseanalysis• Review existingmobiledata, device, application and documentstrategy• Roles andresponsibilities• Success criteria• Program scope• Communication plan• Target technologiesand solutions• High level roadmap• Program plan inplace• Launch approachAssessment• Categorize applications• Prioritizeapplications, select topmobilizationcandidates• Infrastructurecoordination• Conduct a proof ofconcept optimization• Verify and coursecorrect process• Launch refined process• Business caseconfirmation• Program plan revise ifnecessaryImplementation• Mobile applicationdevelopmentoptimization, replacement or redesign• Requirementspecifications• Factorydevelopmentiterations• Test iterations• Final inspection andresult validation• Train the trainers• Final productionrolloutSupport• Support andmaintenance• Continuedmonitoring forcompliance andsegregation of duties• Survey success andareas to improve• Continue to addfunctionalities• Maintain systemsand processes toaddress new userrequirements© Copyright by FPT Software 2013 7
    8. 8. APPLICATION MOBILIZATION ASSESSMENTSection 2© Copyright by FPT Software 2013 8
    9. 9. Assessment Approach© Copyright by FPT Software 2013 9Scoping AssessingPlatform & ArchitectureSelectionReporting
    10. 10. Defining StrategyDefine the customized mobilization assessment strategy and methodology based on currentsituation and need.© Copyright by FPT Software 2013 10Analyze the currentsituation and needsfor mobilizationEstablish the mobilizationassessment strategy andmethodology• Define the communication & interviewplan/approach• Define the awareness approach forapplication owner/users/etc.• Define the approach to rate applicationcomplexity• Define/customize the tentative templatesfor all required deliverables (i.e.Application Inventory, AssessmentReport, etc.)• Approach /plan to produce the requiredassessment result (i.e. RASCI Model, etc.)Revise and updatethe strategy andmethodology alongthe way
    11. 11. Scoping & Assessing© Copyright by FPT Software 2013 11Scoping AssessingEstablish the initial scope and collectinitial data for assessment.Understand the context andcomplexity of applications to provideconcrete estimation.• Application Inventory Establishment Application Inventory from ITPM Communication with applicationowners• Initial Data Collection• Scope Confirmation• Manual Assessment Analyze documents, collected data andinterview results Evaluate the applicationcomplexity, Categorize and Prioritizeapplications Identify and Suggest valid targetplatforms and application architecture• Estimation From POC, derive challenges and riskswhich contribute to the estimation Establish estimation norms for eachcomplexity level and each application
    12. 12. Platform & Architecture Selection• Investigate and Analyze mobile strategy to Identify the target platforms• Identify the high level architecture of mobile applications for suchplatforms• Identify the approach, criteria and decision tree for target platform andarchitecture selectionIdentify approach for mobile platform and architecture selection.© Copyright by FPT Software 2013 12
    13. 13. DeliverablesApplication Inventory• Lists all applications in scope of mobilization assessment• Contains collected information & analysis results• Contains raw data sheets for pivoting and analysis• Contains predefined reporting sheetsAssessment Report• Contains all analysis result of assessment phase• Includes summary of the final application inventory with all analysisreports• Includes the tentative implementation plan• Accompanies with FPT’s quotation for mobilization servicePlatform & Architecture Selection• Identifies all mobility platforms in scope• Identifies all high level application architecture in scope• Defines the criteria and rules for platform & architectureselectionInput TargetApplicationIs it business critical? itconform to SharePointcapabilities?3.4.1NodSPACE 2010 dWeb PHP DAPYesYesNoIs it web publishing? it heavily datacentric? it collaboration? it heavily enterpriseor process centric? it complexprocess centric3.4.3.3Additional MESHYesNodWeb Java© Copyright by FPT Software 2013 13
    14. 14. Customer Involvements• Customer to provide any relateddocuments and information for assessmentreadiness and planning.• Customer to allocate suitable resources toactively work with FPT to achieveassessment results including mobilitymanagers, architects, applicationmanagers, coordinators, etc.• Customer to provide the initial scope of applications to perform mobilizationassessment.• Customer to actively participate into the assessment process to review and ensurethe results are as expected.• Customer to provide access to corporate network, infrastructure, knowledge basedand any related information stores as required by assessment exercise.© Copyright by FPT Software 2013 14To ensure a successful assessment phase, the following customer involvements must berequired:
    15. 15. MOBILITY ARCHITECTURE CONSIDERATIONSSection 3© Copyright by FPT Software 2013 15
    16. 16. General ArchitectureApplication/ERP ServersDatabase SystemsMiddlewareMobile Service GatewayWirelessNetworksLAN/Internet© Copyright by FPT Software 2013 16
    17. 17. Deployment ModelSAMPLE© Copyright by FPT Software 2013 17
    18. 18. Cross PlatformServerProcessingNo VideoLittle OSIntegrationNo CameraOnline ModeEasyDistributionExtensiveReachHighPortabilityGeo-locationCameraOSIntegrationVideoUniqueDistributionLimitedReachBrowser-FreeZeroPortabilityOffline ModeManageable Rich UXManageableand Rich UXOnline andOfflineMobile WebAppResidentMobile AppHybrid App© Copyright by FPT Software 2013 18
    19. 19. Cross Platform DimensionsApplicationDeploymentStaticDynamicMixedApplicationRuntimeOperationSystemBrowserContainerVirtualizationCode PartitioningDeviceMixedServerData ResidencyDeviceMixed CacheMixed Unsync-edMixed Sync-edServer© Copyright by FPT Software 2013 19
    20. 20. Other Considerations© Copyright by FPT Software 2013 20Connectivity & StorageData compression “over the air”Server and local cache implementationLeast amount of data possible onmobile devicesData synchronization scenarios basedon connection speedPreference of light weighed standards(i.e. REST over SOAP)DeploymentPublic:• Generally available in the default AppStores• Suitable for B2C appsPublic with activation:• Generally available with pass code/PINactivation• Suitable for non critical applicationsPrivate:• Publish and available through theEnterprise Store• Deployment and management throughMDM/MAM solutions• Suitable for highly matured enterprises
    21. 21. Other Considerations© Copyright by FPT Software 2013 21SecurityMatch authentication mechanism toinformation risk on a per-use-case basisIndustrial standards for channel security(i.e. SSL)Device lock, remotewipe, encryption, etc. as a part ofMDM solutionPracticesFocus on user experience design;Simple apps do one thing well, not aportal experience;Employ commercial servicegateway/middleware solutions;InformationRiskStrongerAuthenticationSolutionHigh Required HardwareOTP, SmartCardMedium Required Software OTP,Out-Of-BandLow Not Required Username/Password,OAuthNo single solution/architecture formobile application developmentSingle point of control over applicationdeployment & life cycle management
    22. 22. 22