Drupal cho doanh nghiệp - cắt giảm tổng chi phí sở hữu phần mềm


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Speaker: Tom Trần
Work at: Geekpolis

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Drupal cho doanh nghiệp - cắt giảm tổng chi phí sở hữu phần mềm

  1. 1. Program● Toms work experience & projects● What and why TCO?● TCO break-down● What is Drupal?● Who uses Drupal● Why Drupal is trusted as appropriate solution for Enterprise
  2. 2. Consultant, Web Strategy at RICHLTD.com ● 2.000 unique visitors in 2008 to over 15.000 in 2011 ● Drupal webmaster, Design, Content marketing, CRM
  3. 3. Export Consultant at Vinapackingfilms.com ● Build Drupal based website and inbound marketing strategies ● From 0 to 7 containers exported monthly in 2012
  4. 4. Marketing Director at JoomlArt.com ● Content strategy, Company Blog serving 250k site members ● Branding, Communication and Positioning as global player
  5. 5. Today: Geekpolis ● Drupal consulting and development agency ● Dedicated specialized Drupal teams ● Drupal based products and professional support
  6. 6. Total Cost of Ownership (software) Up-front software costs only make up a small percentage of Total Cost of Ownership. Most costs are hidden. - Gartner Group
  7. 7. Short Vision Leads to ...Short sighted Boss?
  8. 8. Total Cost of Ownership (software) ... all of the obvious costs and all the hidden costs of ownership across the full life cycle
  9. 9. Typical Scenarios & Objectives● Start with publishing expert content● Integration with social media● Build community around a brand● Add multiple domains with consistent brand communication, go Multi-lingual● Scale with the growth of community size● Extend with e-commerce● No dependency on vendor & technology● Adopting Agile to Business (react to changing environments)
  10. 10. Full Costs Break Down duringproduct life cycle1. Selection2. Acquisition3. Operation4. Change Management5. ReplacementIF CIOs / CTOs cannot make propercomparisons between different technologies,strategies and solutions
  11. 11. Incompetence of Tech Advisors
  12. 12. What could happen if we make badbuying decisions?● Lost of opportunity (cost)● Lost of quality (any guarantee offered?)● Lack of security (data lost)● Incompatibility with new emerging systems● Expensive reparation● Expensive replacement● ...
  13. 13. Cost for reparation
  14. 14. Whats so special about Drupal? Drupal is designed to reduce Enterprise-TCO
  15. 15. US Government loves Drupal
  16. 16. Who else uses Drupal?
  17. 17. Academics love Drupal
  18. 18. Benefits using Drupal for EnterpriseDrupal core:● Evolution since 2001● 1000+ core developers● Multi-site● Web Services● Flexible content modeling (fields)● Referencing system● Categorization● Roles & Permissions, Access Management● Semantic Web
  19. 19. Active Community● 650k+ members on Drupal.org● 15k + developers● 1k core developers● 100k attendees yearly on Drupal eventsCollaborative Innovation● 8000+ free modules● 1000s themes available● since 2001
  20. 20. Engineered Modular Architecture
  21. 21. Benefits for Enterprise● Proven large scale deployments● Strong security, 35 dedicated developers● 2 big annual international conferences, thousands of regional camps & meetups (Drupal Hanoi Meetup regular)● Great SEO● Integration with other technologies, services
  22. 22. Summary● As CIOs/CTOs make cost/benefit analysis with TCO and select right solutions● Consider whole cost of software during complete product life cycle.● Purchase of software is only about 10% of total (ICEBERG)● Drupal is a trusted solution for Enterprise and Government to reduce TCO