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Social Forces is a digital agency focused on bringing consumers and brands closer together through fun, shared experiences with Facebook apps, websites and web-apps.

This presentation will give you a quick overview of who we are, what we do and who we do it for. Make sure to click on the embedded links and watch the case studies.

Ready for Social Forces to create your new website or Facebook contest? Answers these 6 quick questions to determine if SoFo is the answer to your digital marketing prayers: http://bit.ly/SoFo_fits

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Hello from Social Forces

  1. 1. Hey!It’s a pleasure to meet ya! To startthings out, we’ve put together thisdeck to show you a little bit about whowe are, what we do, and how we think.
  2. 2. Our Mission 2We work with great brands tocreate fun digital experiencesthat turn consumers into fans. AWARENESS LOYALTY ADVOCACY
  3. 3. Our Story 3We saw where advertising was heading,and decided to lead the way.So one day—in June of 2009—we left traditional advertising to risk it all.Social Forces was founded as a mission: to bring brands and consumerscloser together through fun, shared experiences.These shared experiences build loyalty and create advocacy—all in thename of furthering a brand’s real business goals.
  4. 4. Our Team 4 KATE CARL KRIS ADAM Stephanie WHATLEY VERVISCH SOLBERG NERLAND McDonald business creative account graphic ROTC operations direction management design client UX social web + apprelationships planning management development
  5. 5. Ybor City HQ 5
  6. 6. Our Services 6targeting websites social search apps
  7. 7. Our Approach 7 RECON : We start with audience research to01 harvest consumer insights. PLAN : We strategize custom war plans for02 maximum impact. ARM : We build creative ideas into rich03 experiences to captivate the target. DEPLOY : We develop, launch and upkeep04 multiple forms of digital media.
  8. 8. Our Allies 8 statewide c-store chain cosmetology schools women’s sports magazine bath + beauty products coconut cooking oil movie + marine rehab facilityWe’re lucky enough to work with clients large and small ina variety of consumer industries, including these.
  9. 9. Our Recent Work 9 Circle K Florida Facebook Social media presence for statewide convenience store chain. Strategy Design Contests + Promotions Upkeep + Monitoring CLICK TO VISIT THE PAGE
  10. 10. Our Recent Work 10 CoconutOilCooking.com Blogging platform and organic search target for nationally marketed consumer product. Strategy Design Development CLICK TO VISIT THE SITE
  11. 11. Our Recent Work 11 ItsOurIce.com Blogging platform and e-commerce for national female hockey brand. Strategy Design Development CLICK TO VISIT THE SITE
  12. 12. Our Recent Work 12 AVEDAFlorida.com Online presence + sales tool for statewide network of salon schools Strategy Design Development Organic Search Upkeep CLICK TO VIEW CASE STUDY
  13. 13. Our Recent Work 13 Winter the dolphin Star of hit movie, Dolphin Tale—in theaters now. Strategy Voice Development Community MGMT
  14. 14. Thanks for checking us out!Hope you like what you see. If youhave any questions, or you’re ready totalk further about what we can do foryour brand, feel free to drop us anemail or give us a ring!