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Kps Appy Night


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Kps Appy Night

  1. 1. Streetwise Children • As soon as our child is born we educate them. • How to cross the road. • How to behave in the “real world”. • Not to talk to strangers etc. But then we give them a phone and fail to give them the same level of education and support. Soon they know more than we do, but their fearless approach + a lack of life experience can be a recipe for disaster.
  2. 2. Children Online • 45% of 12-15 year-olds know someone who has been cyberbullied. • 84% of children aged 5 to 15 use a device to access the internet at home. • 31% of 7-11’s said mean comments stop them enjoying time online. • 45% of parents whose children had an underage profile on Facebook didn’t know the minimum age was 13. • 26% of children aged 10 to 13 use the internet for 3 hours or more a day. • 25% children aged 11 to 12 who have a profile on a social networking site have had an upsetting experience on it. • 44% of children aged 12-15 have downloaded an app on their mobile in the last year. • 75% of children over 13 access the internet on their mobile. • The average 12-15 year old spends 1.5 hours on their mobile daily. • 44% of children aged 10 to 13 use social networking sites. • 33% of 12 to 15 year olds are connected to people they don’t know on their social networking sites.
  3. 3. Social Media - Age Limits • Facebook – 13 years old • Twitter – no age limit but Twitter says it is not intended for users under 13 years old . • Instagram – 13 years old • Google+ – 13 years old • Myspace – 13 years old • Snapchat – 13 years old • WhatsApp – 16 years old • – 13 years old • Vine – 17 years old • Secret – 12 years old • Tinder – 12 years old • KIK -13 years old • WeChat – 12 years old • Spotify – 13 years old
  4. 4. What is Snapchat? • A Mobile App – users can send pictures and video that disappear in 10 seconds or less. • 43% of 15-24 year olds in Ireland have a Snapchat account. • 50% use the app daily.
  5. 5. Snapchat - The Rules • Users under 13 not eligible for an account. There is an option for this audience SnapKidz. • 13-17 year olds should have parental consent when opening a Snapchat account.
  6. 6. Potential Dangers Educate yourself while you educate your child. Get involved early
  7. 7. Tip 1 – Stop Strangers contacting your children amend their settings • You can configure Snapchat to only accept messages from users on your “My Friends” list. To change this, go to the settings menu in the application, select “Who can send me snaps...”, then select “My Friends” instead of Everyone.
  8. 8. Tip 2 – Know how to Block a user To block a user, tap the Menu icon, select “My Friends” locate their name in the list and press on their name). Select the settings wheel and then Block.
  9. 9. Tip 3 – Your Child needs to know that their images may re-appear Snapchat attempts to detect when recipients take a screenshot and sends a notification to the sender, but even this is not fool Proof. Users may attempt to take “Screen shots” of your message. Beware users that receive a Snapchat message can capture the content and share it elsewhere. Eg Snap Box and SaveSnap.
  10. 10. Tip 4 – If your child receives an abusive or inappropriate message via SnapChat Email to and be sure to include: • The nature of the message • Time and date the message was sent • Sender’s username • Sender’s approximate age (if known) • Username of your child’s account that received the message • Age of the child that received the message Parent Guide for SnapChat -
  11. 11. Tip 5 – Request an account to be deleted unt - (Need the username and password) If you do not have access to your child’s password:
  12. 12. Tip 5 – Restrict ability to reinstall
  13. 13. Facebook
  14. 14. Facebook Messenger
  15. 15. Facebook
  16. 16. Facebook Safety Help
  17. 17. Fastest growing Social Network – 200 Million users
  18. 18. Hashtags Hashtags are a way of tagging a subject matter. Messages can spread very fast with hashtags. To search for hashtags on Instagram click on the explore tab to search for popular hashtags.
  19. 19. Private Messages Users can now decide to make their message public or just share to a select number of individuals.
  20. 20. Instagram Video You can now create Instagram videos. Up to 15 seconds in length. Create a unique look with their 14 Filters.
  21. 21. How to find a hidden App - Check Folders inside of Folders. - Check for Apps in the settings. - On an ipod, ipad or iphone: Place your finger on the screen and scroll down. You will see a “Search” option at the top the phone.
  22. 22. Parent Resources Great General Information: and-social-networking-A.pdf Set up Privacy Settings: iPhone: Google Play: Vodafone: O2: Tesco Mobile: - 3 Mobile:
  23. 23. Educational Apps A BIG thank you to Monika Leech. Email – for a full list of her recommended Educational Apps.
  24. 24. Over to you….. 15 minutes chat with lots of “Eureka” Moments - 5 Top Safety Tips around mobile phone/tablet/ipod usage. - 5 Educational Apps you would recommend. - 5 “Fun” Apps you children are using. - 5 Family friendly Apps. - 5 Social Media Apps we should be aware of.
  25. 25. Contact Me 087 2039855 Download the presentation -