May 2014 TCN Fast Track Faculty and Mentors


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Led by leading experts in the field of startup financing, the limited-seat Fast Track is an intensive, interactive full-day seminar designed to provide entrepreneurs and investors an in-depth understanding of what it takes to raise early-stage capital for a startup.

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May 2014 TCN Fast Track Faculty and Mentors

  1. 1.     1     Jon  Adani   Sales  Consultant   TriNet   @TriNet   Jon  is  an  experienced  sales  manager  with  a  specialty  in  business  development  and  an   outstanding  record  of  success  and  growth  throughout  his  ten-­‐year  career.  He  has   leveraged  his  diverse  skills,  including  prospecting,  needs  analysis  and  creative  sales   and  marketing  strategies  and  tactics  into  a  highly  profitable  and  consistent  pipeline   of  Fortune  1000  business.  His  expertise  lies  in  his  ability  to  truly  understand  the   business  needs  of  each  prospect  and  through  an  effective  and  focused  approach  build   relationships  at  all  organizational  levels  including  senior  management.  Most   importantly,  his  consultative  and  productive  approach  has  led  to:     ·  Consistently  open  new  target  markets  and  companies  while  managing  existing   business   ·  Close  some  of  the  largest  accounts  acquired  by  his  organization     ·  The  ongoing  renewal  and  growth  of  over  90%  of  his  accounts     ·  Advancement  to  expanded  roles  and  responsibility  throughout  his  career     Laurie  Anglin   Regional  Sales  Consultant   TriNet   @LanglinTrinet   Extensive  experience  in  the  Small-­‐Midsize  marketplace.  Consultative  approach   selling  for  Payroll  and  Human  Resource  Solutions.     Specialties:  Capital  Equipment,  Aesthetic  Laser,  Payroll,  Human  resources,   Retirement,  Insurance     Jeffrey  Arnold   Mass  Med  Angels  &  Boston   Harbor  Angels     Mr.  Arnold  is  the  president  of  Arnold  Strategies,  LLC,  a  strategic  advisor  to  early  and   growth  stage  CEO's.       With  prior  experience  running  R&D,  marketing  and  operations  for  large  and   midsized  corporations,  Mr.  Arnold  then  spent  20  years  as  the  CEO  of  multiple   technology  and  life  science  companies.  As  CEO  he  raised  over  $140  million  in  venture   capital,  IPO  and  post  IPO  financings  and  achieved  considerable  returns  for  investors.   He  has  founded,  grown,  turned  around,  bought  and  sold  companies  and  taken  them   public.       He  now  applies  what  he  has  learned  to  helping  business  owners  and  entrepreneurs   improve  the  performance  of  their  companies  and  avoid  mistakes.     Mr.  Arnold  is  a  guest  lecturer  at  the  MIT  Sloan  School,  member  of  the  MIT  Venture   Mentoring  Society,  on  the  Grant  Review  Board  of  the  MIT  Deshpande  Center  and  an   investor  with  Boston  Harbor  Angels  and  Mass  Medical  Angels.  He  was  formerly   Chairman  of  the  Greater  Boston  Chapter  of  the  American  Heart  Association.  He   received  a  BSEE  from  MIT  in  1972.  
  2. 2.     2     Mirena  Bagur   Founder/President   The  CONTeXO  Group   @mirenabagur     Mirena  Bagur  founded  the  company  in  2005.  During  almost  two  decades  of   marketing  and  communications  experience,  Mirena  has  counseled  a  wide  variety  of   technology-­‐inspired  companies.  In  addition  to  executing  marketing  programs  for   clients,  Mirena  is  the  Course  Co-­‐Director  of  the  joint  Harvard-­‐MIT  Division  of  Health,   Sciences,  and  Technology  course  HST.921  "Information  Technology  in  the  Heath  Care   System  of  the  Future".     Prior  to  this,  Mirena  was  a  senior  vice  president  at  Weber  Shandwick,  a  leading   global  communications  agency.  She  collaborated  with  emerging  and  enterprise   companies  to  conceive  and  execute  strategic  marketing  and  PR  programs.  Mirena’s   capabilities  to  grasp  not  only  clients’  brand  issues,  but  also  understand  the   challenges  associated  with  educating  the  influencers  on  the  adoption  of  complex   concepts  and  technologies  in  business  environments,  translated  into  leading  roles  in   numerous  technology  and  healthcare  accounts.  She  led  teams  that  thoughtfully   coordinated  marketing  programs  with  strategic  partners,  led  communications   campaigns  for  industry  analyst  firms,  and  was  chosen  to  lead  national-­‐level   initiatives  designed  to  elevate  Weber  Shandwick’s  brand  and  to  increase  visibility  in   new  markets  (start-­‐ups  and  healthcare  businesses,  boomers’  market)  resulting  in   numerous  referrals  and  revenue  increase.     Mory  Bahar   President  &  CEO   Personal  Remedies   @MoryBahar     Innovative,  energetic  and  a  hands-­‐on  CEO  and  marketing  executive  with  proven   track  record  in  sales  &  marketing,  business  development,  and  product  management.   Last  ten  years  as  the  President/CEO  of  three  different  start-­‐ups.  Led  the  marketing   and  business  development  teams  at  two  market  share  leading  companies  which   went  public.  Considerable  fund  raising  and  international  experience.  Knowledge  of   several  foreign  languages.  Top  rated  speaker  and  presenter.     Specialties:Marketing;  Guerrilla  Marketing;  Go  to  Market  execution  &  growth;   International  expansion;  Biz  Dev;  Start-­‐ups;  Fund  Raising;  M&A;  Mergers;   Company/Product  Positioning;  Entrepreneur;  Public  speaking;  Explaining  complex   subjects  in  simple  terms;  Coaching;  Getting  results;   Enterprise  software  (applications  &  tools);  Mobile  apps;  Mobile;  SaaS;  Web  2.0;   Google  AdWords;  SEM/SEO;  Social  Media     Kent  Bennett   Partner   Bessemer  Venture  Partners   @kentbennett,  @BessemerVP     Kent  Bennett,  a  Partner  in  Bessemer's  Cambridge,  Mass.  office,  joined  the  company  in   2008.  Kent  focuses  on  investments  in  the  "big  data",  data-­‐infrastructure  sectors  as   well  as  tech-­‐enabled  consumer  service  models.   At  Bessemer,  Kent  has  been  involved  in  investments  including  data-­‐management   companies  Endeca  (acq.  by  Oracle),  Streambase  (acq.  by  TIBX),  Vertica  (acq.  by  HP),   Hadapt,  Infinio  Systems,  Netuitive  and  Portrait  Software;  mobile-­‐communications   companies  BroadSoft  (IPO),  Millennial  Media  (IPO)  and  Enforta;  as  well  as  in  Blue   Apron,  a  subscription  food  business  and  (acq.  by  Perform  Group)  the   world's  largest  soccer  portal.   Prior  to  joining  Bessemer,  Kent  was  a  creative  executive  for  an  entertainment-­‐ production  company,  where  he  developed  and  sold  original  material  including  a   network  television  pilot  and  a  feature  film.    He  began  his  career  with  Bain  &  Co.,   where  he  worked  on  projects  in  industries  spanning  IT,  retail,  consumer  products,   healthcare  and  biotech.  
  3. 3.     3     Will  Bernat   Senior  Associate   Nutter  McClennen  &  Fish   @NutterLaw   William  J.  Bernat  is  an  associate  in  the  Business  Department  and  a  member  of  the   firm's  Emerging  Companies  and  Commercial  Finance  practice  groups.  His  practice  is   focused  on  private  equity,  venture  capital  and  angel  financing  transactions,  mergers   and  acquisitions,  and  corporate  governance  issues.  Will  represents  clients  in  a  broad   range  of  industries,  including  life  sciences,  technology,  social  media  and  consumer   products.  His  representation  of  emerging  and  entrepreneurial  companies  spans  the   companies’  entire  lifespan,  from  initial  planning  and  formation  to  operations  and   exit.  Will  also  has  significant  experience  representing  major  lending  institutions  and   companies  in  complex  multi-­‐party  financings  and  asset-­‐based/commercial  lending   transactions.  Will  is  a  frequent  lecturer  for  Massachusetts  Continuing  Legal   Education.     Monica  Brady-­Myerov   Founder  &  CEO   Listen  Edition   @bradymyerov,   @ListenEdition   Monica  Brady-­‐Myerov  is  a  25-­‐year  veteran  public  radio  journalist  and  host.  Before   founding  Listen  Edition,  she  was  Senior  Reporter  and  Assistant  Managing  Editor  at   WBUR  in  Boston  and  her  reports  have  been  heard  on  NPR,  Marketplace  and   numerous  other  outlets  nationally  and  internationally.  Monica’s  reporting  on   education  won  two  2005  Edward  R.  Murrow  Awards  for  her  stories  on  closing  the   achievement  gap  and  First  Prize  from  The  Education  Writers  Association  in  2009  for   her  series  on  the  high  school  dropout  crisis.   Monica’s  work  has  also  been  recognized  with  a  2001  Carter  Center  Fellowship  on   Mental  Health  Journalism  and  a  2002  Journalism  Fellowship  in  Child  and  Family   Policy  with  the  University  of  Maryland.  In  1999  Monica  was  named  to  the  Board  of   Directors  of  Brown  University’s  radio  station,  WBRU-­‐FM  in  Providence  where  she   served  as  the  Alumni  Relations  Committee  Chair  and  as  President  of  the  Board  from   2006-­‐2010.     Anita  Brearton   Vice  Chairman  of  the  Board   MassVentures  &  Golden  Seeds   @massventures,   @GoldenSeeds   Anita  Brearton  is  an  experienced  start-­‐up  executive,  skilled  at  addressing  the   strategic  operational  and  marketing  challenges  faced  by  high  growth,  early  stage   businesses.  She  has  spent  over  30  years  in  the  United  States  and  throughout  the  Asia   Pacific,  working  with  a  range  of  technology  and  internet-­‐based  companies  as  a  senior   operations  executive,  marketer,  advisor  and  investor.       Anita  serves  on  the  board  of  MassVentures  as  Vice  Chairman  and  is  a  member  of   Golden  Seeds  and  Launchpad  Venture  Group.  She  served  for  two  years  (2009-­‐2011)   as  Golden  Seeds’  Boston  Forum  Co-­‐Leader.  Anita  is  an  advisor  to  Prosperity  Candle   and  Connect2Communications.  She  also  regularly  works  with  startup  companies  as  a   marketing  and  strategy  consultant,  helping  shape  the  go-­‐to-­‐market  strategies  that   enable  her  clients  to  achieve  their  marketing  and  business  goals.  In  this  capacity  Ms.   Brearton  has  worked  with  A123  Systems  Airvana,  Azuki  Systems,  Altruik  and  others.  
  4. 4.     4     Win  Burke   President  &  CEO  and  Co-­‐ Founder   iGetBetter   @iGetBetter     Win  began  working  with  Stephan  and  Christian  on  the  iGetBetter  project  as  an   advisor  several  years  ago,  and  became  the  CEO  of  iGetBetter,  Inc.  when  it  was   established  in  February,  2013.  Win  is  a  serial  high  tech  entrepreneur  experienced  in   building  early  stage  companies.    His  previous  experience  includes  six  early-­‐stage   companies,  most  recently  as  CEO  of  Incentive  targeting,  which  was  sold  to  Google.     Other  early  stage  companies  include  Bungee  Labs  (Co-­‐Founder  &  CEO);  ViryaNet   (CEO,  successful  IPO);  ViewSoft  (SVP  of  Sales  &  Marketing,  sold  to  Citrix);  ObjectLink   (Founder  and  CEO,  sold  to  SunSoft);  and  Oberon  Software  (SVP  of  Sales  &  Marketing,   sold  to  OnDisplay).  He  is  also  experienced  in  larger  company  operations,  having  held   senior  executive  sales  and  marketing  positions  at  Orbotech,  Gentia  Software,  Applix,   Wang  Labs,  Apollo  Computer  and  Prime  Computer.  Following  his  training  as  an   EE/Computer  Scientist  at  MIT,  Win  began  his  career  as  a  software  engineer  at  MIT   Draper  Labs,  MIT  Lincoln  Labs  and  Data  General.  Win’s  healthcare  IT  experience   includes  selling  IT  systems  to  hospitals  while  at  Wang  Labs  and  operational  support   systems  to  healthcare  system  vendors  such  as  GE  Healthcare  while  at  ViryaNet,  as   well  as  participating  as  a  staff  member  of  the  joint  Harvard-­‐MIT  HST  program  course   HST.921  "Enabling  Technology  Innovation  in  Healthcare  and  the  Life  Sciences".    Win   is  a  PSIA  certified  part-­‐time  ski  instructor  at  Loon  Mountain  in  New  Hampshire.     Joe  Butt   Launchpad  Venture  Group   @LaunchpadVG   Joe  Butt  has  examined  the  convergence  of  media  and  high  technology  for  his  entire   career.  Prior  to  founding  Blackfriars  Communications  with  fellow  Seeking  Alpha   contributor  Carl  Howe,  Joe  led  entertainment  and  consumer  research  teams  at   Forrester  Research  and  explored  the  relationship  between  user  experience  and   system  infrastructures  as  a  senior  analyst.       Prior  to  Forrester,  Joe  helped  lead  the  creative  department  at  the  Strategic   Interactive  Group,  creating  and  executing  Internet  strategies  for  companies  such  as   Mobil,  IBM,  and  Lever.  Joe  had  previously  spent  15  years  in  the  New  York  creative   community,  where  he  was  active  as  both  director  and  producer.       Joe  is  a  graduate  of  Wesleyan  University  and  the  Harvard  Business  School,  and  he  is  a   member  of  the  Directors  Guild  of  America.       Lauren  Celano   CEO   Propel  Careers   @Propel_Careers   Lauren  Celano  is  Co-­‐founder  and  CEO  of  Propel  Careers  and  has  nearly  a  decade  of  experience   working  with  emerging  drug  discovery  &  development  biotechnology  companies.  Prior  to   Propel  Careers,  she  was  a  senior  account  manager  for  SNBL  USA,  where  she  worked  with   emerging  biotech  companies  in  Europe  and  the  US  to  help  characterize  and  advance  their  drug   molecules.  Prior  to  SNBL  USA,  she  held  business  development  positions  with  Aptuit  and   Quintiles,  where  she  focused  on  IND  enabling  studies  to  advance  therapeutics  from  discovery   into  the  clinic.  At  Absorption  Systems,  Lauren  held  positions  as  a  marketing  manager  and   account  manager  managing  clients  in  the  north  eastern  United  States.  She  has  a  BS  in   Biochemistry  and  Molecular  Biology  from  Gettysburg  College  and  an  MBA  with  a  focus  in  the   health  sector  and  entrepreneurship  from  Boston  University.  Lauren  is  on  the  membership   committee  of  the  North  Shore  Technology  Council  and  the  Healthcare  Businesswomen’s   Association  and  on  the  programming  committee  of  The  Capital  Network.  
  5. 5.     5     Jeff  Chin   Cofounder   Mortgage  Auction   @MrJeffChin,  @LendersBid   Experienced  entrepreneurial  professional  with  a  broad  knowledge  of  mortgage  origination,   software  applications,  and  business  development.       Specialties:     -­‐  Startup  Practitioner  with  a  proven  track  record  in  Vision  Formulation  to  Product   Launch/Sales  with  bootstrapped  resources.   -­‐  Proven  Online  Marketing  skills  that  include  Social,  Web,  and  Mobile  "Growth  Hacking".   -­‐  Financial  Vertical  Knowledge  Depth  in  Mortgage  Lending  and  Consumer  Payment  Systems.     Barry  Coffman   Launchpad  Venture  Group   @LaunchpadVG   Barry  is  an  active  Angel  investor  and  nonprofit  leader,  former  professional   institutional  portfolio  manager  and  hedge  fund  manager.   Experience:   Fidelity  Investments  1986-­‐2001:  Portfolio  Manager  High  Income  Group   Boldwater  Capital  Management  2001-­‐2007:  Co-­‐Founder,  Portfolio  Manager  of   Boldwater  Credit  Opportunities  Hedge  Fund,  Boldwater  Partners  Hedge  Fund.     Paul  Cronin   Partner   Nutter  McClennen  &  Fish   @paulcronin,  @NutterLaw   Paul  J.  Cronin  is  a  partner  in  the  Litigation  and  Intellectual  Property  Departments  of   Nutter  McClennen  &  Fish,  and  a  member  of  the  Intellectual  Property  Litigation   practice  group.  His  practice  focuses  on  trial  work  in  cases  involving  patents,   trademarks,  trade  secrets,  and  copyright  disputes.  He  also  counsels  clients  with   respect  to  the  licensing  and  procurement  of  intellectual  property  rights,  due   diligence  studies,  and  product  clearances.  
  6. 6.     6     Ken  Deckinger   Co-­‐Founder   Jess,  Meet  Ken   @KenDeckinger,   @JessMeetKen   Co-­‐Founder  -­‐  Jess,  Meet  Ken  -­‐  Ken  Deckinger  is  a  serial  entrepreneur  with  close  to   ten  years  experience  in  the  online  dating  space.  He  previously  co-­‐founded,  and  was   CEO  of  HurryDate  pioneering  the  global  speed  dating  concept  in  45  cities  throughout   the  US,  UK,  and  Canada.  Eventually  expanding  the  idea  to  include  an  online  dating   site,  HurryDate  was  acquired  by  Spark  Networks  (parent  company  of  &  He  spent  three  years  at  Spark  Networks  managing  HurryDate   and  overseeing  JDate’s  travel  &  events  business.   Ken  has  appeared  in  media  around  the  world  including  Time  Magazine,  The  Wall   Street  Journal,  The  New  York  Times,  The  Los  Angeles  Times,  USA  Today,  CNN,  BBC,   and  Dateline  NBC.  He  is  a  graduate  of  the  University  of  Florida,  where  he  was   honored  with  the  University’s  Alumni  Entrepreneur  of  the  Year  Under  40  award  and   sits  on  the  Board  of  Directors  for  the  Center  for  Entrepreneurship  and  Innovation,   and  has  an  MBA  from  Boston  College.  He’s  a  Mentor  at  TechStars  Boston,  actively   advises  entrepreneurs  nationwide  and  is  the  subject  of  a  Harvard  Business  School   case  study.     Charles  de  Gaspe  Beaubien   Founder   Groupize   @charlesdgb,  @groupize   Charles  de  Gaspe  Beaubien  is  a  Group  Travel  Guru.  His  25  year  career  in  the  travel   industry  has  included  experience  in  every  aspect  of  group  travel.  Whether  guiding   group  tours,  welcoming  thousands  of  guests  to  the  rafting  company  he  co-­‐founded,   helping  planners  select  Montreal  as  their  destination  while  at  Tourisme  Montreal  or   serving  in  executive  positions  for  major  group  tour  operators  including  Yankee   Holidays  and  Group  Voyagers  Inc.  (Globus,  Cosmos,  Monograms  and  more);  Charles   understands  the  complications  of  planning  and  booking  group  travel.  His  hands  on   planning  experience,  combined  with  his  extensive  experience  in  travel  technology   fuels  his  passion  to  bring  efficiencies  to  the  difficult  processes  involved  in  booking   and  managing  a  group.     Mark  DeMello   Regional  Sales  Consultant   TriNet   @TriNet   An  experienced  versatile  sales  professional  with  consistent  career  achievement  in   enterprise  sales  and  sales  management  in  the  technology,  information  services,  and   healthcare  industries  providing  services,  software,  and  hardware  technology   solutions.  Strong  ability  to  maximize  sales  and  transform  market  position  by  building   solid  relationships,  developing  strategic  partnerships,  and  executing  sound  business   plans.     Innovative,  passionate  and  resourceful,  with  excellent  understanding  of  today’s   demanding  business  environment.       Seasoned  sales  and  business  development  professional  with  a  specialty  in  building   and  fostering  customer  relationships.  
  7. 7.     7     Jack  Doherty   Launchpad  Venture  Group   @LaunchpadVG   Jack  is  a  private  Angel  Investor  and  member  of  Launchpad  Ventures  and  Bay  Angels.   He  has  founded  2  companies,  Ion  Beam  Technologies  and  Micrion  Corporation.   Guided  the  growth  and  development  of  one  of  these  companies  (Micrion)  from   business  plan,  venture  financed  start-­‐up,  IPO  and  acquisition.  He  remained  a  member   of  the  board  of  Micrion  Corporation  from  1984  to  1999.  He  also  was  the  Non   Executive  Member  of  the  Board  of  Andor  Corporation  (UK).  Served  as  Independent   Non  Executive  Director  during  offer  period  in  2008.  Jack  is  a  seasoned  executive  with   30  years  experience  in  global  sales,  marketing  and  engineering.   He  holds  a  B.E.E.  and  M.E.E.  Degrees,  Rensselaer  Polytechnic  Institute     Matt  Douglas   Founder  &  CEO   Punchbowl   @mattdouglas   Matt  Douglas  is  the  Founder  &  CEO  of  Punchbowl,  and  has  guided  the  company   through  all  stages  of  growth.  Matt  has  raised  three  rounds  of  capital  from  Intel   Capital,  Contour  Ventures,  and  prominent  angel  investors.  Matt  has  15+  years  in   product  management  and  marketing  with  expertise  in  software  product   development.  At  Adobe  Systems,  Matt  was  responsible  for  Premiere  where  he  grew   revenue  from  $15M  to  $50M  in  four  years.  At  Bose  Corporation,  he  was  a  senior   manager  in  the  professional  division  where  he  led  a  hardware  and  software  product   team.  Matt  has  a  degree  in  music  from  the  University  of  Rochester  and  an  M.B.A.  from   UNC  Chapel  Hill.  Matt's  favorite  reason  to  celebrate  is  Groundhog  Day  –  he  and  his   wife  held  their  16th  annual  Groundhog  Day  party  in  2012.  Follow  Matt  Douglas  on   Twitter  (@mattdouglas)  or  read  his  startup  CEO  blog,  Startup  Swami.     Martin  Flusberg   CEO   PowerHouse  Dynamics   @eMonitorSystem   Martin  has  been  a  technology  entrepreneur  and  executive  for  more  than  30  years,   with  the  past  20  focused  on  energy  and  clean  tech.    He  currently  is  the  CEO  of   Powerhouse  Dynamics,  a  pioneering,  CommonAngels-­‐funded  company  in  the  energy   management  space.   Prior  to  that,  he  was  co-­‐founder  and  President  of  Nexus  Energy  Software,  a  global   provider  of  enterprise  software  solutions  for  the  utility  industry,  addressing  smart   grid  and  energy  efficiency.    Nexus  was  successfully  sold  in  2005  and  integrated  with   its  sister  companies  into  Aclara  Technologies.   Martin  previously  served  as  Director  of  Commercial  Systems  for  TASC,  with   responsibility  for  the  firm's  Lodestar®  product  line  for  the  utility  industry  (later   spun  out  as  LODESTAR  Corporation  and  sold  to  Oracle  in  2007).    He  was  also  founder   and  CEO  of  REALink  Systems,  a  software  company  serving  the  real  estate  industry,   and  CEO  of  Multisystems,  a  software  and  management  consulting  firm  focused  on   transportation.   Martin  has  a  Masters  of  Civil  and  Environmental  Engineering  from  MIT  and  a   Bachelors  of  Electrical  Engineering  from  CUNY.  
  8. 8.     8     Adam  Ghander   Partner   Nutter  McClennen  &  Fish   @NutterLaw   Adam  B.  Ghander  focuses  his  corporate  finance  and  securities  practice  on  private   equity,  venture  capital,  and  emerging  companies  representation;  mergers  and   acquisitions;  and  securities  regulations.  He  represents  clients  in  a  wide  variety  of   industries,  including  banking  and  financial  services,  telecommunications,  social   networking,  manufacturing  and  professional  sports.    Adam  previously  served  as  in-­‐ house  counsel  for  a  publicly-­‐traded  manufacturing  and  technology  company.  Prior  to   his  in-­‐house  experience,  he  spent  many  years  as  a  corporate  attorney  at  the  Boston   office  of  an  international  law  firm.  Adam  lectures  frequently  on  corporate  finance   and  teaches  at  the  Boston  University  School  of  Management.     Chuck  Goldman   Entrepreneur  in  Residence   Great  Hill  Partners   @chuckyg     Chuck  brings  over  20  years  of  experience  in  enterprise  application  development  and   mobility  platforms.  He  founded  Apperian  in  2009,  and  has  spent  the  past  four  years   working  with  Kleiner  Perkins  Caufield  &  Byers,  Bessemer  Venture  Partners,  North   Bridge  Venture  Partners,  Intel  Capital,  Launch  Capital  and  CommonAngels  to  build   Apperian  into  the  market  leader  in  Mobile  Application  Management  (MAM).  As   Apperian's  founder  and  early  CEO,  Chuck  raised  over  $28  million  in  venture  capital   and  built  a  mobile  ecosystem  of  developers,  brands,  retailers,  enterprises  and   integrators.  Prior  to  Apperian,  Chuck  was  a  Director  at  Apple.  There,  he  helped   launch  the  iPhone  in  2007  and  managed  Apple’s  iPhone  Enterprise  Beta  Program.   Chuck  also  served  as  Apple's  project  lead  to  bring  Steve  Job's  vision  of  1:1  computing   in  education  to  life  by  deploying  the  State  of  Maine's  1:1  Laptop  Program.  Prior  to   Apple,  Chuck  founded  and  sold  two  technology  companies.     Mike  Gordon   Launchpad  Venture  Group   @LaunchpadVG   CEO,  The  Center  for  Competitive  Success,  a  results-­‐oriented  consulting  firm  with   expertise  in  Angel  and  Venture  Capital  Funding;  Transformative  Entepreneurial   Strategies;  Win-­‐Win  Leadership  Training;  Development  of  Corporate  Culture;   Negotiation;  Focused  Execution;  Governance  and  Boards  of  Directors  /  Advisors.     Multiple  Entrepreneur  -­‐  Started  5  businesses:  Plastic  Injection  Molding;  Static   Control;  Face-­‐to-­‐face  Angel  Network;  Virtual  Angel  Network;  and  The  Center  For   Competitive  Success.     Specialties:Entrepreneurial  Leadership,  High  Potential  Ventures,  Sustainable  Growth,   Gaining  Competitive  Advantages,  Corporate  Transformation,  Entrepreneurhial   Corporate  Culture  
  9. 9.     9     Jeremy  Halpern   Partner   Nutter  McClennen  &  Fish   @startupboston,  @NutterLaw   Jeremy  Halpern,  is  a  Partner,  and  the  Director  of  Business  Development,  Emerging   Companies  Group,  at  Nutter  McClennen  &  Fish  LLP.  As  a  former  entrepreneur  in   mobile  and  entertainment,  Jeremy  concentrates  on  connecting  with  and  supporting   the  Entrepreneurial  Ecosystem  in  New  England,  working  with  current   entrepreneurs,  angel  investors,  venture  capitalists  and  corporate  strategic  partners.   In  addition  to  his  work  with  TCN,  Jeremy  is  an  angel  investor,  and  serves  on  the   Boards  of  MassVentures,  a  MicroVC  firm  and  Pintley,  a  next  generation  marketing   company  for  the  brewing  industry.  Jeremy  is  a  member  of  or  participates  at   Launchpad  Venture  Group,  Boston  Harbor  Angels,  Golden  Seeds,  TiE-­‐Angels,   MassChallenge,  Web  Innovators  Group,  MassTLC,  Mobile  Mondays  and  other  area   industry  groups.  He  is  a  graduate  of  UC  Berkeley  and  the  UCLA  School  of  Law.     Rick  Harris   Launchpad  Venture  Group   @rchphd,  @LaunchpadVG   Richard  C.  Harris  is  a  consultant  to  companies  and  professional  service  firms,  helping   them  raise  performance  by  aligning  around  a  core  mission  and  strategy.   A  consultant  for  more  than  25  years,  clients  have  recently  used  his  services  to…   • Build  strategic  alignment  within  senior  leadership  teams   • Coach  executives  on  how  to  achieve  higher  levels  of  individual  performance     • Provide  high-­‐stakes  facilitation  for  functional  teams  (sales,  engineering,  etc.)   Dr.  Harris  is  also  active  in  the  greater  Boston  start  up  community.  As  a  member  of   Launchpad  Venture  Group,  he  is  an  active  angel  investor.  Launchpad,  the  largest   angel  investment  group  in  the  Northeast,  is  focused  on  investments  in  technology   and  life  sciences.  In  addition  to  investing  he  acts  as  a  mentor  to  start  up  teams  and   provides  advice  on  how  to  communicate  with  potential  investors.  Ina  this  latter   capacity  he  co-­‐chairs  a  joint  venture  with  The  Capital  Network  that  brings  together   Launchpad  mentors  with  TCN  members.     Paulina  Hill   Senior  Associate   Polaris  Partners   @paulinahill   Paulina  Hill  is  a  Senior  Associate  at  Polaris  Partners.  Paulina  joined  Polaris  in  2011   and  focuses  on  investments  in  healthcare.   Prior  to  joining  Polaris,  Paulina  completed  her  postdoctoral  fellowship  in  the   Chemical  Engineering  department  at  the  Massachusetts  Institute  of  Technology.  In   the  laboratory  of  Bob  Langer,  Paulina  worked  on  developing  novel  biomaterial   scaffolds  and  drug  delivery  systems  for  neural  applications.  Paulina  is  the  founding   president  of  the  MIT  Postdoctoral  Association,  was  nominated  to  and  serves  on  the   MIT  Intellectual  Property  Presidential  Committee,  and  is  on  the  fundraising   committee  of  the  nonprofit  Women  Entrepreneurs  in  Science  &  Technology.   Paulina  completed  her  PhD  in  Molecular  Medicine  with  a  Tissue  Engineering  focus  at   Wake  Forest  University  School  of  Medicine.  Her  graduate  school  work  resulted  in   over  40  published  abstracts,  awards  and  peer  reviewed  manuscripts.  Her  research   contributed  to  numerous  patents  and  the  formation  of  the  startup  KeraNetics  to   commercialize  the  platform  technology.  Paulina  graduated  magna  cum  laude  from   East  Carolina  University  with  a  quadruple  major  in  biochemistry,  neuroscience,   biology  and  chemistry.  
  10. 10.     10     Gail  Hoffman   Managing  Director   Golden  Seeds   @GoldenSeeds   Gail  Hoffman  is  an  active  angel  investor  and  mentor  in  the  New  England   entrepreneurial  ecosystem,  sharing  her  expertise  in  finance  and  strategic  planning.   At  Golden  Seeds  New  England,  Gail  focuses  on  new  member  growth,  investment   analysis,  capital  deployment,  and  investor  education.  Golden  Seeds  is  the  nation’s   fourth-­‐largest  angel  investment  firm  and  provides  early-­‐stage  and  growth  capital  to   women-­‐led  businesses.  She  is  also  a  member  of  Launchpad  Venture  Group,  New   England’s  largest  angel  investment  group.   Gail  began  her  career  in  the  Corporate  Finance  Department  of  Dean  Witter  Reynolds.   After  receiving  her  MBA  in  Finance  with  High  Distinction  from  The  University  of   Pennsylvania’s  Wharton  School,  Gail  joined  Boston  Ventures  Management  Inc.,  a   private  equity  firm  specializing  in  the  communications,  media,  and  entertainment   industries.  She  was  involved  in  a  number  of  successful  portfolio  company   acquisitions  and  divestitures,  including  Motown  Records,  The  National  Enquirer,  and   CPP/Belwin  Entertainment.   Gail  is  a  frequent  start-­‐up  judge,  mentor,  and  speaker  for  such  organizations  as  The   Capital  Network,  The  Angel  Capital  Association,  MassChallenge,  Boston  University,   Harvard  Business  School,  and   IBM.  She  is  a  Board  Director  for  Groupize  and  has  served  for  or  led  numerous   volunteer  efforts  for  the  schools  and  colleges  of  her  four  children,  as  well  as  several   Boston  area  healthcare  organizations.     Jennifer  Jordan   MassVentures  and  Golden   Seeds   MassVentures  is  a  venture  capital  firm  focused  on  fueling  the  Massachusetts   innovation  economy  by  funding  early-­‐stage,  high-­‐growth  Massachusetts  startups  as   they  move  from  concept  to  commercialization.  Jennifer  is  Vice  President  at   MassVentures,  where  she  identifies  and  vets  companies  in  the  areas  of  big  data  and   analytics,  enterprise  software,  robotics,  crowdsourcing  and  healthcare  IT  that  meet   the  fund’s  target  criteria  for  seed  and  early-­‐stage  investment.  Most  recently  she  was   a  member  of  the  Golden  Seeds  angel  investor  network.  She  has  also  provided  start-­‐ up  mentoring  for  entrepreneurs  through  Springboard  and  the  MIT  Entrepreneurship   Center.  She  is  the  founder  of  the  Reed  College  Start-­‐Up  Lab  and  has  served  as  a  first   round  judge  for  the  MIT  $100K  and  Mass  Challenge  business  plan  competitions.  She   served  as  Entrepreneurship  Lead  for  the  MIT  Accelerating  Information  Technology   Innovation  program  sponsored  by  Google  in  Cali,  Colombia,  where  she  lead  30  young   entrepreneurs  in  a  six  week  lean  start-­‐up  program  to  form  ten  new  mobile   technology  companies,  and  connect  them  to  mentors,  angel  and  venture  investors  in   the  region.  Previously,  Jennifer  served  as  Corporate  Vice  President  of  Investor   Relations  at  Cadence  Design  Systems  and  spent  10  years  building  an  investment   research  practice  in  early  search,  ecommerce,  mobile,  Internet  software  applications,   video  game  software  and  technical  software  as  a  Senior  Vice  President  and  Senior   Equity  Research  analyst  with  Black  &  Company  through  its  acquisition  by  Wells   Fargo  Securities.  She  is  a  black  belt  in  the  Indonesian  Martial  Art  of  Poekoelan   Tjimindie  Tulen  and  holds  the  title  Mas  Goeroe.  
  11. 11.     11     Brad  Kayton   Launchpad  Venture  Group   @LaunchpadVG     Brad  is  a  serial  entrepreneur  turned  parallel,  and  an  angel  investor.  He  is  working   towards  building  a  boutique  and  cutting  edge  equity  capital  fund,  part  angel  part   hedge  fund,  along  with  some  colleagues.  He  is  also  spending  heavy  time  with  some  of   my  portfolio  companies,  in  particular  one  of  them,  as  an  advisor,  Board  member,   and/or  time-­‐sliced  executive.       Specialties:  Starting  and  growing  companies,  making  a  market,  P&L  management,   product  category  creation,  product  management  &  marketing,  strategic  planning  and   forecasting,   running  PR  programs,  identifying  and  developing  business  partnerships,  recruiting   talent,  team  leading     David  Kessler   Walnut  Ventures     I  am  a  management  consultant,  serial  entrepreneur,  angel  investor,  digital  artist  and   photographer.  You  can  see  some  of  my  art  and  learn  more  about  me  at  my  web  site:     I  worked  in  the  software  industry  for  more  than  35  years.  During  that  time,  I  founded   or  co-­‐founded  a  number  of  for-­‐profit  companies  and  one  nonprofit.  I  started  and  ran   VieAbility  for  14  years  during  which  time  I  created  and  brought  to  market  a  number   of  products  including  FAST!  and  CD  Speedway.  VieAbility  also  provided  software   consulting  services  and  we  worked  on  some  prominent  products  including  Quicken   and  Lotus  1-­‐2-­‐3.     I  also  created  and  operated  a  business  consultancy  and  executive  coaching  practice   for  a  number  of  years.  After  9/11,  I  worked  for  a  time  teaching  TSA  baggage   screeners  at  airports  how  to  find  bombs  in  suitcases.     Mike  Koeris   Founder   Sample6  Technologies,  Inc   @mkoeris,  @sample6tech   Founder  of  for-­‐profit  (Sample6)  and  Not-­‐for-­‐profit  ventures  (  in   Biotech  /  Lifesciences.       Avid  interest  in  bringing  lean/virtual  to  biotech,  startup  culture,  biotech,  VC/PE,   O&G,  finance,  basketball  and  all  things  Boston.     Specialties:  Biotechnology,  startups,  venture  capital,  technology  transfer,   management  consulting,  and  the  pick  'n  roll.  
  12. 12.     12     Ben  Littauer   Boston  Harbor  Angels  and   Walnut  Ventures   @littweb   Mr.  Littauer  is  a  business  and  technology  management  consultant  with  expertise  in   Internet  and  communications  technologies,  as  well  as  healthcare  IT.  In  addition  he  is   an  active  angel  investor,  member  of  Boston  Harbor  Angels.   Mr.  Littauer  was  Technology  Strategist  for  Beth  Israel  Deaconess  Medical  Center  in   Boston,  where  he  defined  the  architecture  for  PatientSite,  a  system  that  allows   patients  to  communicate  securely  with  their  healthcare  team  and  view  their  own   medical  records.  He  also  was  a  consultant  to  the  Massachusetts  Health  Data   Consortium  on  healthcare  data  security  projects.   Mr.  Littauer  was  co-­‐founder,  President,  and  CTO  of  Baranof  Software,  the  leading   vendor  of  service-­‐level  management  software  for  messaging  and  Internet   applications.  Baranof  was  sold  to  Tally  Systems  in  1997.     Beth  Marcus   CEO  &  President   Playrific   @startupdoc,  @playrific   Beth  has  been  Founder  and  CEO  of  several  successful  startups,  most  notably  EXOS,   Inc.,  which  was  venture  capital  backed  and  sold  to  Microsoft  in  1996.  Since  then  she   has  been  involved  in  20  start-­‐ups  in  a  variety  of  fields  as  a  founder,  investor,  or   advisor.  She  was  an  advisor  and  investor  in  Leap  Frog  and  has  been  involved  in   entertainment  and  mobile  companies.  Beth  is  an  acknowledged  expert  in  the  hand-­‐ device  interface  space  and  has  been  an  expert  in  support  of  prior  patent  litigations.       Dr.  Marcus  has  a  Ph.D.  in  biomechanics  from  the  Imperial  College  in  London,  England   where  she  was  a  Marshall  Scholar.  Her  first  two  degrees  were  from  MIT  in  the   department  of  Mechanical  Engineering.  She  has  served  on  the  faculty  of  MIT  in  the   department  of  Mechanical  Engineering.  Dr.  Marcus  has  been  member  of  the  Board  of   the  MIT  Enterprise  Forum  and  the  MIT  Corporation  Visiting  Committee  in   Mechanical  Engineering.  She  is  also  a  current  member  of  the  Council  for  the  Arts  at   MIT.     Michael  McCarthy   Founder   Budi  Products  LLC   @BudiBar   Michael  McCarthy  graduated  cum  laude  from  NYU  in  Management  and  Finance.  He   worked  on  Wall  Street  since  he  was  only  18.  His  experience  includes  working  as  a   researcher  for  a  famous  money  manager  who  pioneered  market  timing.  Michael   started  his  own  investment  firm  at  26  and  was  ranked  the  #1  market  timer  in  the  US   every  year  for  10  years  (1994-­‐2004).  He  retired  from  Wall  Street  at  36.  Michael   McCarthy  struggled  with  anxiety  problems  for  years.  The  anxiety  was  so  bad  it  led   him  to  get  a  formal  education  in  the  fields  of  psychology  and  nutrition.  That  is  why  he   is  so  familiar  with  the  food  remedies  for  common  addictions  found  in  this  fascinating   article.   Michael  explored  several  nutritional  anxiety  remedies  and  discovered  his  nutrition   deficiencies.  Once  he  resolved  those  issues,  he  was  fine.  He  started  a  food  company   and  made  a  Superfood  Nutrition  Bar  he  called  Budi  Bars  (    
  13. 13.     13     Jess  McLear   Launchpad  Venture  Group   @launchpadVG   Jess  is  an  angel  investor  and  member  of  Launchpad  Venture  Group.  Her  family  has   been  investing  in  and  mentoring  startup  companies  for  over  20  years  in  both  Canada   and  the  US.  Her  portfolio  companies  fall  into  many  sectors,  including  manufacturing,   IT,  medical  devices,  and  consumer  goods.  She  is  an  observer  or  serves  on  the  board   for  various  non-­‐profits  as  well  as  portfolio  companies.  She  has  served  as  an  investor   and  mentor  for  several  companies  throughout  the  New  England  area.  Jess  earned  a   BA  from  Williams  College  and  MEd  from  Harvard  University     Joanna  Meiseles   Senior  Director  of  Operations   MassChallenge   @joannameiseles,   @masschallenge   Joanna  works  in  all  aspects  of  the  Accelerator  Program,  from  applications  to  judging   to  curriculum  and  events.  She  works  with  the  whole  team  helping  them  achieve   excellent  results  and  grow  both  personally  and  professionally.  Joanna  enjoys   coaching  the  startups  at  MassChallenge  too.  Prior  to  joining  MassChallenge  full-­‐time,   Joanna  was  a  volunteer  expert,  serving  as  a  judge  and  mentor  to  several  teams  in   2011  and  2012.   Joanna  is  the  founder  of  Snip-­‐its,  a  franchised  chain  of  hair  salons  specializing  in   children.  She  holds  a  BA  from  Duke  University  and  an  MBA  from  Babson.  She  lives  in   Wayland  with  her  husband  and  four  children,  and  she  loves  yoga,  drumming,  and   shoes.     Norm  Meisner   Launchpad  Venture  Group   @LaunchpadVG   Angel  investor  associated  with  Beta  Fund  and  Launchpad  Venture  Group,  making   angel  investments  in  high  tech  start  ups  in  the  greater  Boston  area.   -­‐  Principal  in  the  Beta  Fund,  a  Micro  VC  fund  investing  in  early  stage  high  tech  and   biotech  companies.   -­‐  Active  member  of  the  Launchpad  Venture  Group,  the  Boston  area's  largest  and  most   active  angel  investment  group   -­‐  Board  observer  for  Covocative,  a  company  providing  salesforce  performance   improvement  via  continuous  coaching.   -­‐  Board  observer  and  adviser  for  MoFuse,  a  company  providing  mobile  websites  for   SMB.   -­‐  Former  Board  observer  at  SmartCells,  acquired  by  Merck.   -­‐  Former  Board  observer  and  adviser  for  Copiun,  a  company  providing  endpoint  data   management  for  tablets,  smartphones  and  laptops  successfully  acquired  by  Good   Technology.   -­‐  Held  Business  Development  and  Sales  Management  positions  at  9  startups  in   security,  enterprise  software  and  telecommunications  leading  to  5  acquisitions  and  1   IPO.  
  14. 14.     14     Christopher  Mirabile   Managing  Director   Launchpad  Venture  Group   @cmirabile   Christopher  Mirabile  is  the  co-­‐Managing  Director  of  LaunchPad  Venture   Group.    Christopher  is  a  full-­‐time  angel  and  an  active  member  of  the  Boston-­‐area   angel  investing  community  with  investment  more  than  25  start-­‐up  companies.  He   was  named  one  of  XConomy's  "Top  Angel  Investors  in  New  England"  for  2012.   Christopher  is  an  adjunct  lecturer  in  the  MBA  program  at  Babson  College,  a  regular   advisor  and  mentor  to  start-­‐ups,  and  a  frequent  panelist  and  speaker.    He  is  a   member  of  the  Board  of  Directors  or  Board  of  Advisors  of  numerous  start-­‐up   companies  as  well  as  several  non-­‐profits,  and  he  is  an  Entrepreneur-­‐in-­‐Residence  at   Babson's  Olin  School  of  Business.   Christopher  has  served  as  a  public  company  CFO  with  IONA  Technologies  PLC,  a   corporate  and  securities  lawyer  with  Testa  Hurwitz  &  Thibeault  and  as  a   management  consultant  with  Price  Waterhouse's  Strategic  Consulting  Group.   Christopher  earned  his  J.D.  from  Boston  College  Law  School  and  his  B.A.,  with  honors,   from  Colgate  University.     Gerard  Murphy   Co-­‐Founder   Mosaic  Storage  Systems   @gerard_murphy3,   @mosiacarchive   Gerard  has  had  a  passion  for  photography  since  borrowing  his  Mom’s  Pentax  as  a  kid   on  family  vacations.  Later,  Gerard  turned  this  passion  into  Mosaic  which  he  co-­‐ founded.  Gerard  grew  Mosaic  from  a  PowerPoint  and  a  dream  into  a  service  used  by   tens  of  thousands  of  Lightroom  users  daily.   He  is  also  an  avid  Lightroom  advocate  and  teacher  of  Lightroom  tips  and  tricks.  His   Lightroom  videos  have  been  seen  by  hundreds  of  thousands  of  photographers.   Gerard  has  been  featured  on  many  national  podcasts  and  large  photography   publications  teaching  Lightroom  and  talking  about  the  future  of  photography.  He  has   also  been  featured  in  Forbes  Magazine  as  a  young  entrepreneur.     Vinit  Nijhawan   Managing  Director,   Technology  Department   Boston  University   @vinit44   Vinit  Nijhawan  has  over  25  years  experience  building  five  startups:  as  CEO  of  three,   four  were  acquired,  and  the  fifth  has  grown  to  over  300  people.  Recently,  Vinit  was   Venture  Partner  at  Key  Venture  Partners  and  over  two  years  sourced  over  200  deals   and  made  one  investment  which  was  acquired  for  $430M.  Vinit  is  an  advisor  and   board  member  to  several  technology  startups  and  was  a  Mass  High  Tech  All-­‐Star  in   2005.  Vinit  has  participated  in  over  120  panel  discussions  and  paper  presentations,   and  is  a  Board  of  Trustee  of  TiE  Global,  a  non-­‐profit  that  fosters  entrepreneurship   globally.  Vinit  is  Managing  Director,  Office  of  Technology  Development,  and  Director   of  Enterprise  Programs  at  ITEC  (Institute  of  Technology,  Entrepreneurship  &   Commercialization)  at  Boston  University.  Vinit  also  teaches  an  MBA  course  on   Entrepreneurship  at  BU.  Vinit  earned  a  B.A.Sc  in  electrical  engineering  from  the   University  of  Waterloo  in  Ontario,  Canada.  
  15. 15.     15     John  O’Brien   Founder   BVC  Group     John  is  the  founder  of  the  Business  Valuation  and  Consulting  Group  (BVC).  John  has   almost  25  years  experience  as  a  business  owner,  Chief  Financial  Officer  and  business   advisor.  His  extensive  background  in  corporate  finance  enables  him  to  understand   the  issues  from  both  sides  of  the  desk:  as  a  service  provider  and  consumer  of   professional  services.  John  believes  the  success  of  any  business  is  the  direct  result  of   client/service  provider  collaboration  because  it  fosters  a  positive  and  productive   working  environment.  His  dedication  to  clients  has  earned  him  trusted  business   advisor  status.   Before  starting  the  BVC  Group,  John  spent  the  past  three  and  a  half  years  as  Director   of  the  Valuation  Practice  for  a  leading,  forward  thinking  regional  CPA  firm  in   Massachusetts.  John  managed  the  execution  of  100+  plus  engagements  per  year.  He   was  instrumental  in  revamping  the  firm’s  valuation  deliverables  and  improved  the   practice’s  efficiency  by  almost  40%.     Greg  Pierce   Director  of  Business   Development   Northstar   Greg  serves  as  NorthStar’s  Director  of  Business  Development.    While  responsible  for   helping  to  implement  NorthStar’s  overall  sales  and  marketing  strategy,  Greg  also   serves  as  “Account  Executive”  for  his  clients  and  is  responsible  for  the  delivery  of   risk  management  and  property  and  casualty  insurance  solutions  for  clients  within  a   number  of  targeted  industries.    One  of  Greg’s  major  areas  of  focus  is  working  with   emerging  growth  technology  companies  to  develop  and  implement  comprehensive,   cost-­‐effective  risk  management  plans  throughout  all  stages  of  corporate  growth.   Prior  to  joining  NorthStar,  Greg  spent  four  years  as  an  associate  in  the  Boston  office   of  Ernst  &  Young,  LLP,  a  “Big  4”  professional  services  firm.    Greg  graduated  Magna   Cum  Laude  from  the  University  of  Notre  Dame  with  a  Master  of  Science  in   Accountancy,  and  received  a  Bachelor  of  Arts  in  Economics  &  Business  from   Lafayette  College,  where  he  played  on  the  varsity  lacrosse  team.    Greg  is  a  Certified   Public  Accountant  (CPA),  as  well  as  a  Massachusetts  Licensed  Insurance  Advisor   (LIA).     Adam  Pool   Owner  &  CEO   Environmental  Investment   Partners   With  over  16  years  experience  being  an  early  stage  investor  in  central  European   environmental,  cleantech  and  renewable  energy  SME’s  Adam  knows  how  to  both   provide  capital  (debt  and  equity)  as  well  as  coach  management  teams  into  being   growth  stage  companies.  Of  the  20  environmental  and  renewable  energy  companies   Adam  has  invested  in  and  mentored:  6  have  been  listed,  4  have  been  sold,  3  remain   private,  3  have  been  liquidated  and  4  are  still  partially  owned  by  Adam.  Equity  stakes   have  ranged  from  2%  to  50%.     Recently,  Adam  has  been  applying  his  start  up  mentoring  and  transition  economy   skills  in  America  and  Myanmar  where  he  has  been  assisting  in  the  establishment  of   renewable  energy  businesses.  
  16. 16.     16     Dimitri  Racklin   Launchpad  Venture  Group       Dimitri  Racklin  is  the  founder  and  principal  of  RacklinLaw  LLC,  a  boutique  corporate   law  practice  he  started  at  the  beginning  of  2013,  focusing  on  emerging  growth  and   other  privately  held  companies;  venture  capital  and  private  equity;  M&A;  corporate   partnering,  strategic  alliances  and  licensing/technology   transactions;  project  development/finance;  and  general  corporate  work.    Prior  to   starting  RacklinLaw,  Dimitri  was  a  corporate  partner  at  WilmerHale  (formerly  Hale   and  Dorr)  since  1995,  where  his  practice  followed  a  similar  focus  and  included   clients  in  biotech/pharma,  health  care,  technology  and  telecommunications,  energy   and  power,  financial  services,  gaming,  professional  services,  food  and  beverage  and   other  industries.    In  2007,  Dimitri  joined  Fidelity  as  a  Senior  Vice  President  and   Deputy  General  Counsel  (supporting  Devonshire  Investors,  Fidelity's  private  equity   arm),  returning  to  WilmerHale  in  2008.       Dan  Relihan   Launchpad  Venture  Group   @dan_relihan,   @LaunchpadVG   Dan  Relihan  is  a  quantitative  analyst  /  software  engineer  with  deep  experience   modeling  complex  financial  instruments  and  designing  &  building  robust,  automated   processes  to  help  people  be  10x  more  productive.  He  is  an  angel  investor  with   Launchpad  Venture  Group  and  has  other  notable  investments  in  local  companies   such  as  Ministry  of  Supply  and  Privy.  He  holds  a  B.S.  in  Computer  Science  and   Electrical  Engineering  from  MIT  and  enjoys  exploring  the  White  Mountains  in  New   Hampshire.       Heather  Repicky   Associate   Nutter  McClennen  &  Fish   @NutterLaw   Heather  is  an  associate  in  the  Litigation  Department  of  Nutter  McClennen  &  Fish,  and   a  member  of  the  firm's  Intellectual  Property  Litigation  group.  She  focuses  her   practice  on  civil  litigation,  with  an  emphasis  on  patent,  copyright,  trademark,  and   trade  secret  disputes.  She  represents  clients  in  all  stages  of  the  litigation  lifecycle— pre-­‐trial,  trial,  and  appeal—in  both  state  and  federal  courts.  Heather  also  currently   co-­‐edits  the  Patent  &  Trademark  Bulletin  for  the  District  of  Massachusetts,  which   Nutter  publishes  on  a  bi-­‐monthly  basis.    
  17. 17.     17     Derek  Roller   Associate   Nutter  McClennen  &  Fish   @NutterLaw   Derek  P.  Roller  is  an  associate  in  the  firm’s  Intellectual  Property  Department   involved  in  multiple  aspects  of  intellectual  property  law.  Exemplary  areas  of   experience  include  the  preparation  and  prosecution  of  patent  and  trademark   applications,  as  well  as  more  specialized  procedures,  such  as  inter  partes   reexaminations  and  trademark  concurrent  use  proceedings  in  front  of  the  U.S.  Patent   and  Trademark  Office.  Derek  also  has  experience  in  a  wide  variety  of  other  IP   projects,  including  strategic  portfolio  planning,  preparing  opinions  on  patent   infringement  and  validity,  as  well  as  conducting  freedom  to  operate  and  inventorship   studies  on  behalf  of  clients.   Derek  is  a  graduate  of  Northwestern  University’s  McCormick  School  of  Engineering   and  Applied  Science,  as  well  as  Boston  College  Law  School.       Rick  Rundell   Senior  Director   Autodesk   @rcklr,  @autodesk   Rick  Rundell  is  a  Senior  Director  at  Autodesk  leading  a  product  line  targeting  cloud-­‐ based  and  mobile  services  for  the  architecture,  engineering,  and  construction  (AEC)   industry.  He  is  active  in  acquiring  companies,  products,  and  technology  supporting   this  mission,  including  four  acquisitions  in  the  last  two  years.  Rick  previously  held   senior  roles  in  strategic  technology,  strategic  marketing  and  product  marketing  at   Autodesk.  He  joined  Autodesk  with  the  acquisition  of  Revit  Technology  Corporation,   where  he  was  director  of  product  marketing.  A  registered  architect  as  well  as  a  high-­‐ tech  marketer,  Rick  holds  a  Master’s  degree  in  Architecture  from  Harvard  University   and  a  B.A  in  Engineering  Science  from  Dartmouth  College.     Bardwell  Salmon   Chairman  &  CFO   Perillon  Software   @PerillonSoft   Bard  is  Chairman  &  CFO  of  Perillon  Software  Inc.,  an  enterprise  software  company   delivering  Operational  Compliance  Management  solutions  to  manufacturing   enterprises;  and  Chairman  &  CEO  of  Lexent  Technologies  Inc.,  a  wireless  security   company.  Bard  is  also  President  &  CEO  of  Beaver  Worldwide  LLC  of  Groton,  MA,  a   firm  providing  services  including  Mentoring  Entrepreneurs;  Advising  Investors;  and   Merger,  Acquisition  and  Valuations  for  Businesses.     Bard  is  a  serial  entrepreneur,  mentor  and  investor  in  early  stage,  fast  growth   information  technology  companies.  He  has  founded  six  companies  and  has  patents  in   the  fields  of  multimedia  matching  of  goods  and  services  and  in  wireless  security.  He   holds  a  BSCE  from  MIT  and  an  MBA  from  Northwestern  University.     Steve  Saunders   Launchpad  Venture  Group   @LaunchpadVG   Steven  is  an  angel  investor  and  member  of  two  local  angel  groups—  Hub  Angels   Investment  Group  and  Launchpad  Venture  Group.  As  an  active  participant  in  the   angel  investor  community,  hears  dozens  of  presentations  from  early  stage   entrepreneurs  each  year  and  regularly  conducts  extensive  due  diligence  on  potential   target  companies,  analyzing  both  their  core  businesses  and  their  intellectual   property  issues.  Steven  has  delivered  numerous  lectures  on  intellectual  property  and   its  impact  on  business  at  Massachusetts  Institute  of  Technology,  Boston  University,   Boston  College,  and  Northeastern  University,  and  currently  serves  as  a  mentor  for   both  BU’s  Kindle  Mentor  Program,  and  MIT’s  100K  Business  Plan  Competition.  
  18. 18.     18     Katie  Schuller  Bleakie   Golden  Seeds   Prior  to  receiving  her  MBA  from  Simmons  Graduate  School  of  Management,  Boston,   Massachusetts,  Katie  graduated  from  University  of  Texas  at  Austin,  with  a  Bachelor   of  Journalism  degree.  She  owned  and  operated  an  Advertising  Agency  in  Austin,   Texas  before  moving  to  Boston  Massachusetts  where  she  ran  multiple  non-­‐profit   events  and  served  on  non-­‐profit  boards.  For  twenty  years  she  was  a  co-­‐manager  of   Fish  Investments,  LLC,  Houston,  Texas,  where  she  managed  a  multi  million  dollar   stock  portfolio  and  oversaw,  oil  and  gas  projects,  real  estate  partnerships,  and  other   investment  interests.  Simultaneously,  she  worked  for  several  privately  owned   Fashion  companies,  recruiting,  and  building  sales  forces,  overseeing  operations  and   manufacturing.  In  2005,  with  partners,  she  founded  Bill  Blass  New  York.  Bill  Blass   New  York  owned  the  bridge  line  license  for  Bill  Blass  Couture.  Bill  Blass  New  York   designed,  manufactured  and  sold  their  product  across  the  United  States  thru  a   network  of  private  sales  people  with  over  300  sellers  nationwide.   She  is  currently,  consulting  with  several  start-­‐up  companies,  is  a  board  member  of   Proxy  Apparel,  and  Gracious  Eloise.  She  serves  on  the  Entrepreneurial  Outreach   Committee  at  Simmons  Graduate  School  of  Management,  where  she  is  Executive  in   Residence  in  Entreperneurship.  She  is  a  Life  Overseer  at  the  New  England   Conservatory  of  Music,  and  a  member  of  the  Advisory  Board  of  the  Max  Warburg   Courage  Curriculum,  Boston.     Sheryl  Schultz   Golden  Seeds   @SherylSchultz,   @GoldenSeeds   As  the  president  of  SRS  Associates,  Sheryl  Schultz  has  participated  in  the  launch  of   some  of  the  most  successful  start-­‐up  companies  in  the  networking  industry  including   Acme  Packet,  ArrowPoint  Communications,  Sonus  Networks  and  Wellfleet   Communications.  During  her  career,  Sheryl  has  helped  create  companies  and   markets,  providing  sound  and  innovative  communication  frameworks  that  have   shaped  how  networking  companies  develop  and  deliver  product  and  services   messaging.  Working  with  senior  level  entrepreneurs,  Sheryl  helps  articulate   company,  product  and  technology  value  at  each  stage  of  a  company's  lifecycle.  She   holds  a  degree  in  English  and  Communications  from  the  University  at  Albany.     Arnie  Scott   Director   Sevo  Nutraceuticals   Arnie  currently  serves  as  Vice  Chairman  and  a  Director  of  First  Commons  Bank,  NA,  a   national  bank  which  he  co-­‐founded  in  2008.    He  also  serves  as  on  the  Board   of  Directors  of  Hub  Management  Co.,    Pneuron  Corp.  and  Sevo  Nutraceuticals,  Inc.  He   is  a  member  of  the  Advisory  Boards  of  AI-­‐Resource,  LLC,  Successimo  and  Vestmark.   Prior  to  2001  he  was  a  senior  officer  and  a  Director  of  MFS  Investment  Management.   He  also  has  been  a  lecturer  at  Boston  University  Law  School’s  Morin  School  of   Banking  and  Finance.  
  19. 19.     19     Prahar  Shah   Mobee   @praharshah   A  native  of  Toronto,  Prahar  is  a  serial  entrepreneur  and  launched  his  first  startup  at   16.  His  experience  includes  supporting  business  development  at  Google,   merchandising  at  Kraft  Foods,  and  investing  in  early  stage  ventures  at  Bessemer   Venture  Partners.  As  a  management  consultant,  Shah  helped  launch  telecom  &   technology  operations  across  North  America,  the  Middle  East,  Africa,  and  Asia.     Shah  has  degrees  from  the  Richard  Ivey  School  of  Business  (HBA)  and  Massachusetts   Institute  of  Technology  (MBA).  While  at  MIT  Sloan,  he  served  as  Entrepreneur  In   Residence  at  General  Catalyst,  where  the  concept  of  Mobee  was  born.     Gregg  Stone   Launchpad  Venture  Group   @LaunchpadVG     Mr.  R.  Gregg  Stone  serves  as  a  General  Partner  at  Kestrel  Management,  LLC.  Mr.  Stone   serves  as  the  Sole  Manager  of  Kestrel  Ventures,  LLC,  the  general  partner  of  two   venture  funds  -­‐  Kestrel  Venture  Partners,  L.P.,  and  Mass  Ventures  Equity  Fund,  L.P.   He  serves  as  a  Manager  of  Kestrel  Management,  LLC.  His  investments  have  included   healthcare,  software,  retail  and  manufacturing  companies.  Before  founding  Kestrel  in   1996,  Mr.  Stone  worked  at  Pell,  Rudman  &  Co.  Inc,  a  Boston-­‐based  investment   adviser,  and  was  the  General  Partner  of  its  venture  fund.  Mr.  Stone  has  been  a   Director  of  Cambridge  BanCorp.  since  November  2009.  He  serves  as  a  Director  of   PHT  Corporation  and  Clarity  Imaging  Technologies,  Inc.  Mr.  Stone  serves  as  a   Director  of  six  private  companies  and  as  a  Board  Observer  to  three  others.  He  serves   as  a  Member  of  Launchpad  Ventures.  He  served  as  a  Director  of  IntraServer,   Zeemote,  Inc.  and  Progressive  Technologies.  Mr.  Stone  is  a  Trustee  Emeritus  of  the   Beth  Israel  Deaconess  Medical  Center.  He  serves  on  the  boards  of  Boys  &  Girls  Clubs   of  Boston  and  Camp  Pasquaney.  Mr.  Stone  practiced  law  at  the  firm  of  Hemenway  &   Barnes  in  Boston.  He  holds  J.D.  and  A.B.  degrees  from  Harvard  University.   James  Stuart   Walnut  Ventures   Principal  with  Lion  Rock  Capital,  focused  on  venture  capital/private  equity,  fund   investments  and  special  situations.   Previously,  he  was  a  Managing  Director,  based  in  Europe,  of  SOFTBANK  Europe   Ventures.  Prior  to  SOFTBANK,  he  was  based  in  the  U.S.  and  Europe,  at  Insight  Capital   (now,  Venture)  Partners.  Sectors  in  which  he  has  invested  include  Information   Technology:  software  and  services,  Telecom,  Security,  Financial  Services,  Consumer   Products,  Information  Services,  Retail  and  Energy.   Before  moving  to  venture  capital,  James  was  an  investment  banker  with  Goldman,   Sachs  &  Co.  &  Deutsche  Bank  Securities.  James  is  a  graduate  of  Brown  University  and   has  an  MBA  from  the  Graduate  School  of  Business  of  the  University  of  Chicago.  He   speaks  English  and  basic  French.  
  20. 20.     20     Jean-­Marie  Vallet   Launchpad  Venture  Group   @LaunchpadVG   Jean-­‐Marie  Vallet  is  a  curious,  technology  enamored,  data  driven,  transaction   oriented  French-­‐American  Life  Sciences  Executive  with  30  years  of  experience  in   various  roles,  including  R&D,  sales  &  marketing,  administration,  corporate   development  and  licensing.  He  worked  many  years  at  large  companies  (Warner   Lambert,  Bristol  Myers  Squibb,  Pierre  Fabre)  before  joining  the  more   entrepreneurial  world  of  the  biotech  industry  in  2002,  starting  with  Guilford   Pharmaceuticals.     He  arrived  in  the  US  in  1994  after  starting  his  career  in  France,  Switzerland  and   Germany.  Jean-­‐Marie  retired  in  2011  from  EnVivo  Pharmaceuticals,  a  fully  owned   Boston-­‐based  CNS  company  owned  by  Fidelity  Investments  to  found  Cyrma  Ventures   LLC,  a  small  consulting  firm  providing  corporate  development  services  to  emerging   life  science  companies.     Catherine  White   Golden  Seeds   Catherine  Friend  White  is  an  entrepreneur,  an  angel  investor,  and  a  director   experienced  of  publicly-­‐owned  and  private  company  boards.       Her  career  in  investment  management  spans  three  decades,  most  recently  as   president  of  FinArc,  LLC.    White  founded  FinArc  in  1990  to  serve  the  growing  needs   of  high-­‐net  worth  investors  wishing  to  incorporate  ESG  factors  into  their  portfolios.     She  sold  the  firm  in  2013.  Prior  to  FinArc  she  was  the  portfolio  manager  of  the   International  Heritage  Growth  and  Income  mutual  fund.  She  is  a  director  of  FinArc   Investments,  Inc.,  a  registered  investment  adviser  and  Chairman  of  the  Steven  D.   Cutler  Center  for  Investments  and  Finance  at  Babson  College.   She  holds  the  MBA  from  the  F.  W.  Olin  Graduate  School  of  Management  at  Babson   College  where  she  served  on  the  executive  board.         Jill  Wittels   Launchpad  Venture  Group   @LaunchpadVG   Dr.  Jill  Wittels  is  CEO  of  Sostenuto  Strategic  Advisors  and  a  Founding  Partner  and   Chief  Technology  Officer  of  Terra  Prima  Partners  LLC.    She  serves  as  Fiduciary  or   Advisory  Director  or  Strategic  Advisor  to  technology  companies  in  a  wide  range  of   markets.  Since  launching  SSA  in  July  of  2011,  Dr.  Wittels  has  also  done  consulting   work  for  several  of  the  top  rank  Aerospace  and  Defense  enterprises.   In  July  2011  she  retired  as  Corporate  VP  of  Business  and  Technology  Strategy  at  L-­‐3   Communications,  which  she  had  joined  in  February  2001  to  report  to  the  CEO,  Frank   Lanza.    During  her  tenure  at  L-­‐3,  Dr.  Wittels  had  oversight  responsibility  for  the   Corporation’s  $400M+  investment  budget.    She  served  for  10  years  as  a  L-­‐3’s   Director  of  Innovative  Microtechnologies  Inc,  a  CA  based  MEMS  company,  as  well  as   for  15  years  as  a  Director  on  the  Board  of  Overseers  of  DOE’s  Fermi  National   Accelerator  Laboratory  in  Batavia,  IL.         Jim  Woodward   Serial  Entrepreneur   James  L.  Woodward  has  over  30  years  of  high  tech  management  experience.  He  has   been  a  founder  or  the  first  CFO  of  eight  successful  companies  including  Iris  Graphics   (sold  to  Scitex  for  $31  million),  Computer  Access    (Lotus),  Exos  (Microsoft),  and   ActualSoft  (Palm).  Jim  has  raised  over  $25  million  in  VC  and  has  been  CFO  or  Director   of  several  public  companies.    He  has  been  an  angel  investor  for  many  years  and  was  a   member  of  Launchpad  for  more  than  ten  years.   He  was  involved  in  the  MIT  Enterprise  Forum  from  1980  until  recently  in  a  variety  of   roles  including  Chair.    For  ten  years  he  wrote  a  monthly  column  on  entrepreneurship   for  the  Forum  Reporter.