Greenbuild core education programs


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The core education programs offered at Greenbuild 2011 in Toronto

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Greenbuild core education programs

  1. 1. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 5 WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 5 WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 5 THURSDAY, OCTOBER 6 THURSDAY, OCTOBER 6 THURSDAY, OCTOBER 6 FRIDAY, OCTOBER 7 8:30 – 10 A.M. RED SERIES 10:30 A.M. – 12 P.M. ORANGE SERIES 4 – 5:30 P.M. YELLOW SERIES 8:30 – 10 A.M. GREEN SERIES 10:30 A.M. – 12 P.M. BLUE SERIES 4 – 5:30 P.M. PURPLE SERIES 8:30 – 10 A.M. SILVER SERIES RD01: MATERIAL REUSE PRIMER: DEMYSTIFYING THE OR01: To Be Announced YL01: THE TRUTH ABOUT LEDS: HOW TO USE THIS GR01: CARBON EFFICIENT STRUCTURES AND THE COOL BL01: GETTING TO ZERO WASTE: TURNING TRASH INTO PL01: ARE THERE ANY SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS? SL01: LEED LCA PILOT CREDIT: BACKGROUND, CHALLENGES AND PROVIDING THE TOOLS LIGHTING TECHNOLOGY TO ACHIEVE GENUINE ROOFS THAT COVER THEM A RESOURCE FOR THE NEXT GENERATION EXPLORING THE ROLE OF MATERIALS STEWARDSHIP IN MOTIVATION AND EXPERIENCES Anne Nicklin, Building Materials Reuse Association (M); ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITS Wolfgang Werner, Thornton Tomasetti (M); Hugo Destaillats, Christian Klehm, Sellen Construction Company (M); Joel SUSTAINABLE BUILT ENVIRONMENTS Whit Faulconer, USGBC (M); Dirk Kestner, Walter P Moore; 1. TECHNOLOGY Robert Backus, Omega Instutite for Holistic Studies; Nathan Jennifer Dolin, OSRAM SYLVANIA (M); Glenn Heinmiller, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Sherry Hao, Banslaben, City of Seattle, Washington; Terry Gillis, City of Jennifer Atlee, BuildingGreen (M); Sarah Brooks, The Natural Wayne Trusty, ATHENA Sustainable Materials Institute Benjamin, Omega Instutite for Holistic Studies; Kevin Hydes, LAM Partners, Architectural Lighting Design; Naomi Miller, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Robert Otani, Seattle, Washington; Yancy Wright, Sellen Construction Step Canada; Lindsay James, The Natural Step Canada; Gail Integral Group LAM Partners, Architectural Lighting Design; Kyle Pitsor, Thornton Tomasetti Company Vittori, Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems National Electrical Manufacturers Association RD02: AN INSTITUTIONAL INVESTORS’ ROUNDTABLE: IS OR02: WHAT GETS MEASURED GETS MANAGED: YL02: PNC’S POWER OF 10: 10 YEARS, 100 GREEN GR02: HOW TO REACH AND INSPIRE JOE SIX PACK: PRO BL02: ACCELERATING ADOPTION THROUGH TENANT PL02: CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY GUIDES DESIGN, SL02: FROM BUILDING LEED TO BEING GREEN: THE PATH SUSTAINABILITY AN IMPORTANT INVESTMENT SUSTAINABILITY REPORTING IN THE CONSTRUCTION BUILDINGS, ONE TRANSFORMED COMPANY SPORTS TEAMS SHARE THEIR SECRETS. DEMANDS: CUSTOMERS FLEX THEIR MUSCLES OPERATIONS AND A COMMUNITY’S FUTURE TO BECOMING A GREEN ECONOMY COMPANY CRITERION? AND REAL ESTATE SECTORS Brad Pease, Paladino and Company, Inc. (M); Douglas Allen Hershkowitz, Natural Resources Defense Council (M); Michael Jordan, Jones Lang LaSalle Americas (M); Marc David Lazaro, CB Richard Ellis S.A. (M); Soledad Berbegal, David Krieger, Paladino and Company, Inc. (M); Sachin 2. CORPORATE SOCIAL John Klein, JDM Associates (M); Philip Payne, Ginkgo Michael Brooks, REALpac (M); Steve Driscoll, Landcom; Gensler, Gensler; Tom Paladino, Paladino and Company, Darryl Benge, Seattle Seahawks and Seattle Sounders FC; Heisterkamp, Bank of America; Ron Herbst, Deutsche Bank Actiu; Gary Thomas, CB Richard Ellis Kalbag, Centre City Development Corporation; Wayne RESPONSIBLY Residential; Bob Ratliffe, Bentall Kennedy; Nicholas John Rizzo, Landcom; Mike Wallace, Global Reporting Inc.; Gary Saulson, The PNC Financial Services Group Scott Jenkins, Seattle Mariners; Justin Zuelner, Rose AG London Lingafelter, Corporate Office Properties Trust (COPT); Amy Stolatis, TIAA-CREF Initiative Quarter/Portland Trail Blazers Shatzkin, Sound Transit RD03: MOVING TO MEASUREMENT-BASED CODES - OR03: IMPROVING ENERGY MODELING CREDIBILITY YL03: THE PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING: PERFORMANCE GR03: PRE TO POST: LESSONS IN QUANTITATIVE AND BL03: TOWARD LOW CARBON BUILDINGS AND CITIES: PL03: IMPACT OF AIRTIGHTNESS ON BUILDING SL03: BENCHMARKING HIGH PERFORMANCE: CREATING LESSONS LEARNED FROM THE U.S. AND AUSTRIA Ellen Franconi, Rocky Mountain Institute (M); Allan Daly, METRICS FROM THE FIRST FIVE CERTIFIED LIVING QUALITATIVE BUILDING PERFORMANCE EVALUATION ENERGY BENCHMARKING AND HIGH PERFORMANCE ENVELOPE SUSTAINABILITY BETTER MEASURES FOR BETTER BUILDINGS 3. Eric Makela, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (M); Taylor Engineering; Tracy Phillips, 7th Gen Energy BUILDINGS Heather Gayle Holdridge, Lake|Flato Architects; Ilana BUILDING ENVELOPES Wagdy Anis, Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc. (M); Nadav Malin, BuildingGreen (M); Jenny Carney, YRGPERFORMANCE/ENERGY/BENCHM Linda Connell, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Solutions Ralph DiNola, Green Building Services, Inc. (M); Ana Sera, Judah, FXFOWLE; Bradley Nies, U.S. General Services Peter Rumsey, Integral Group (M); Ron Dembo, Brian Erickson, Pie Forensic Consultants; Maria Spinu, sustainability consultants; Michele Russo, McGraw-Hill ARKING Christiane Egger, Regional Energy Agency of Upper Buro Happold; Kevin G. Smith, Tyson Research Center, Administration Zerofootprint; Stet Sanborn. LEED AP, Siegel & Strain DuPont Construction Austria; Ian Finlayson, MA Dept. of Energy Resources Washington University in St. Louis; Amanda Sturgeon, Architects; Henry Siegel, Siegel & Strain Architects International Living Building Institute RD04: REINVENTING HABITAT FOR HUMANITY: HOW OR04: WORKING WITH LOCAL LEADERS TO ENGAGE YL04: THE HUMAN CONNECTION - LANDSCAPES THAT GR04: DRIVING SUSTAINABILITY AT THE BL04: To Be Announced PL04: HERE COMES THE NEXT IN CHINAS RAPID SL04: SMART GRIDS = SMART COMMUNITIES: A REAL SUSTAINABILITY CAN BE AFFORDABLE FOR EVERYONE YOUR COMMUNITY IN THE GREEN BUILDING PROCESS PROMOTE HEALTH AND WELL-BEING NEIGHBORHOOD LEVEL: NEW AGGREGATION & FINANCE URBANIZATION WORLD VIEW Allison McKenzie, SHP Leading Design (M); Andy Corn, Jaime Ortiz, Sweetwater Union High School District (M); Zolna Russell, Hord Coplan Macht, Inc. (M); Naomi Sachs, MODELS FOR BLOCK WIDE RENEWAL Kevin Mo, The Energy Foundation (M); Jianxin Hu, China Andrea Traber, KEMA Inc. (M); Frits Bliek, KEMA Inc.; Geof 4. COMMUNITIES RWA Architects; Adam Nelson, Habitat for Humanity Cheryl Cox, City of Chula Vista; Jesus Gandara, Sweetwater Therapeutic Landscapes Network; Peter Linsay Schaudt, Llewellyn Wells, Living City Block (M); Greg Stark, National Merchants Real Estate Development Co, Ltd; Yingchu Syphers, Codding Enterprises Cincinnati Union High School District Hoerr Schaudt Landscape Architects Renewable Energy Laboratory; David Wood, Initiative for QIAN, Fainthful+Gould, ATKINS; Hongwei TAN, Tongji Responsible Investment at Harvard University University RD05: EQP1: TRIALS, TRIBULATIONS, AND CHALLENGES OR05: 100 SUSTAINABLE HOMES; LESSONS LEARNED IN YL05: SITES AROUND THE U.S.: PERSPECTIVES FROM GR05: NEW LIFE FOR EXISTING ENERGY MODELS: BL05: LEARNING FROM BUILDINGS: TECHNOLOGIES FOR PL05: ANALYZING POST OCCUPANCY PERFORMANCE: A SL05: BUILDING PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENT FOR 50 OF THE VENTILATION PREREQUISITE NEW ORLEANS’ PROJECT HOME AGAIN THREE PILOT PROJECTS OPPORTUNITIES, BARRIERS, LEGAL TIPS AND CASE MEASURING, BENCHMARKING AND IMPROVING REPLICABLE MODEL FOR ENGAGING STAKEHOLDERS IN GREEN BUILDINGS Christopher Ashworth, Healthy Buildings (M); Mark Carey Shea, Project Home Again (M); Philip Kerrigan, Jr., Constance Haydock, Constance T. Haydock, Landscape STUDIES PERFORMANCE BUILDING PERFORMANCE Manette Messenger (M); Kim Fowler, Battelle, PNNL; Kevin 5. LESSONS Carpenter, Healthy Buildings; Evan Tyroler, Cassidy Turley; Building Science Corporation; John Williams, John C. Architect, P.C. (M); Kevin Burke, Atlanta Beltline, Inc.; Matt Christoph Reinhart, Harvard Graduate School of Design Gail Brager, University of California, Berkeley (M); Ed Doug Widener, USGBC - Illinois Chapter (M); Mark Bettin, Powell, U.S. General Services Administration Dan Wilcox, Sustainable Building Partners Williams Architects Fridell, Wyss Associates, Inc. (M); Steve Kemp, Enermodal Engineering Ltd.; Holly Arens, Center for the Built Environment, UC Berkeley; John Merchandise Mart Properties, Inc.; Kathryn Eggers, CNT Samuelson, Harvard Graduate School of Design; Julie Goins, Center for the Built Environment, UC Berkeley; Energy; Ted Krasnesky, Pepper Construction Company Taylor, Noble & Wickersham LLP David Lehrer, Center for the Built Environment, UC RD06: GREEN SCHOOLS THAT TEACH: WHOLE-SCHOOL OR06: SUSTAINABLE CAMPUS AND ECO-DISTRICT YL06: EXPERIENCING SUSTAINABILITY: WHERE ART GR06: BENCHMARKING & PERFORMANCE EVALUATION B k l REVOLUTIONIZING THE GREEN AESTHETIC – HOW BL06: PL06: THE GREEN WORKFORCE: IS THE CONSTRUCTION SL06: RICHARDSVILLE ELEMENTARY: THE FIRST NET SUSTAINABILITY PLANNING: WHAT’S NEXT? AND METRICS MEET LEED SCHOOLS (BELS II): EVIDENCE-BASED SUSTAINABILITY IS RESHAPING THE DESIGN PROCESS IN INDUSTRY READY FOR WHAT’S NEXT? ZERO ENERGY SCHOOL IN THE U.S. Katharine Leigh, Colorado State University (M); Stephanie Jerry Yudelson, Yudelson Associates (M); Brodie Bain, Rich Franko, Mithun; Ned Kahn, Ned Kahn Studios PERFORMANCE AND DESIGN GUIDLEINES ARCHITECTURE SCHOOLS Harvey Bernstein, McGraw-Hill Construction (M); Elizabeth Mark Ryles, M+G Architects, Ohio Valley Education 6. EDUCATION Barr, Institute for the Built Environment, Colorado State Mithun; Naomi Cole, Portland Sustainability Institute; Tom Ihab Elzeyadi, University of Oregon (M); Robert Hull, The Susan Szenasy, Metropolis Magazine (M); Daniel Kaplan, Heider, Skanska; Donald Whyte, National Center for Cooperative (M); Kenneth Seibert, CMTA, Inc., Engineering University; Brian Dunbar, Institute for the Built Puttman, Puttman Infrastructure Miller Hull Partnership; William Leddy, LEDDY MAYTUM FXFOWLE ARCHITECTS; Dan Rockhill, Rockhill & Construction Education & Research Consultants; Kenneth Stanfield, Sherman-Carter-Barnhart Environment, Colorado State University STACY Architects Associates; Sarah Sachs, Buro Happold Engineers RD07: FROM RUST BELT TO GREEN BELT - MAKING THE OR07: REDEFINING SUSTAINABLE REDEVELOPMENT: YL07: BIOMIMICRY IN NEW YORK STATE’S INDUSTRIAL GR07: Implementing Next Generation Cradle to Cradle: BL07: URBAN DEVELOPMENT MEETS THE NEW PL07: RE-MEMBERING: REGENERATIVE DESIGN AND THE SL07: SOLUTIONS FOR HEALTHY CITIES: RESILIENCY MIDWEST SUSTAINABLE TWO INNOVATIVE NEIGHBORHOODS SECTOR Policy & Practice AGRICULTURE IN CALIFORNIAS SOLANO COUNTY AND PATTERNS OF LIVING SYSTEMS AND REGENERATION John Dybvig, Blue Green Alliance (M); Phil Enquist, Tommy Linstroth, Trident Sustainability Group; James Siobhan Watson, Terrapin Bright Green (M); Nick Beck, The David Johnson, William McDonough + Partners (M); David CHINAS YANGTZE DELTA Scot Horst, USGBC (M); John Boecker, 7group, LLC; Bill Lois Vitt Sale, Wight & Company (M); Elias Cattan, Taller13 7. REVITALIZATION Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP; Shawn Hesse, emersion Meyer, Opsis Architecture; James Santana, Pringle Creek Biomimicry Guild; Mark Kerbel, REGEN Energy; Miriam Pye, Nieh, Shui On Development Limited; David Orr, Oberlin Ellen Lou, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP (M); Amie Reed, The Alliance for Regeneration Arquitectura Regenerativa; Ronald Mayes, Simpson DESIGN; Marja Winters, City of Detroit Community New York State Energy Research and Development College; Steven Zornetzer, NASA HQ MacPhee, Cultivate; Bry Sarte, Sherwood Design Engineers Gumpertz & Heger Inc. (SGH); Delfin Montañana, Authority Bio.Logica.Urbana; Leonard Morse-Fortier, Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Inc. (SGH) RD08: MULTI-VARIATE STUDY OF STORMWATER BMPS OR08: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT WATERSENSE YL08: GREEN TRANSIT & COMMUNITY ENERGY GR08: ECOSYSTEM SERVICES AND THE NEXT BL08: WASTEWATER AS A SOURCE FOR RENEWABLE PL08: INFRASTRUCTURE FOR SUSTAINABLE SL08: PERFORMANCE OF DECENTRALIZED Jim Schuessler, BNIM (M); Dr. Phil Barnes, Kansas State FOR LEED 2012, INSIDE AND OUT! PLANNING: TOOLS FOR PLANNERS, LEADERS AND GENERATION OF SUSTAINABLE SITE DESIGN ENERGY IN MALMÖ, SWEDEN COMMUNITIES WASTEWATER REUSE SYSTEMS FOR GREEN BUILDING University; David Dods, URS Corporation Rebecca Novis, Energy Inspectors (M); Carol Roberts, CITIZENS Meg Calkins, Ball State University; Heather Venhaus, Hakan Knutsson, Sustainable Business Hub; Tomas Clark Bisel, WSP Flack + Kurtz (M); Daniel Nall, WSP Flack PROJECTS IN NORTH AMERICA AND AUSTRALIA 8. INFRASTRUCTURE Energy Inspectors; Jonah Schein, U.S. Environmental Projjal Dutta, NY State Metropolitan Transportation Heather Venhaus Consulting Kåberger, Swedish Energy Agency; Katarina Pelin, Malmo + Kurtz; Peter Sharratt, WSP Energy and Environment Colin Fisher, Aquacell (M); Eric Lohan, Living Machine Protection Agency Authority (M); Richard Macintosh, Halsall Associates Ltd; Stad Systems; Pete Munoz, Natural Systems International; Geoff Christof Spieler, Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris Salthouse, Orenco Systems, Inc. County RD09: INTEGRATING BALTIMORE’S SUSTAINABILITY OR09: SUSTAINABLE BUILDING LAW UPDATE YL09: FEDERAL, STATE, LOCAL GOVERNMENT – WHO IS GR09: DEMONSTRATING STEWARDSHIP – SUSTAINABLE BL09: IMPLEMENTING COMMERCIAL BUILDING RATING PL09: STANDARD PRACTICE, IGCC, CALGREEN & LEED - SL09: MAKING THE COMMERCIAL BUILDING TAX MASTER PLAN AND GREEN BUILDING POLICY J h Ballance, American Institute of Architects; Richard Joshua B ll A i I tit t f A hit t Ri h d BEST SUITED TO INCENTIVIZE AND REGULATE GREEN BUILDING POLICY FOR PUBLIC PROJECTS AND DISCLOSURE POLICY PERSPECTIVES FROM POLICY: UNDERSTANDING THE KNOWLEDGE GAP FACING THE DEDUCTION EFFECTIVE FOR BOTH RETROFITS AND NEW Peter Doo, Doo Consulting LLC (M); Michael Braverman, Sobelsohn, Moses & Singer LLP BUILDING AND WHAT ARE THE COSTS? Sandra Mallory, Seattle Planning & Development (M); Alisa GOVERNMENT, INDUSTRY AND GREEN BUILDING CHALLENGES AHEAD CONSTRUCTION 9. POLICY Baltimore City; Kim Schaefer, Terra Logos Eco Les Lo Baugh, Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck (M); Kane, City of Portland Bureau of Planning and Andrew Burr, Institute for Market Transformation (M); Lane Bill Worthen, AIA (M); Jessyca Henderson, AIA; Karol Duane Desiderio, The Real Estate Roundtable; Byran Architecture; Sarah Zaleski, U.S. Department of Energy Kathleen Smith, Davis Langdon, Inc.; Wes Sullens, Sustainability; David Ramslie, City of Vancouver Burt, U.S. Green Building Council; Laurie Kerr, Mayors Kaiser, USGBC Howard, USGBC; Meg Waltner, Natural Resources Defense StopWaste.Org (Alameda County, CA JPA); Carolynne Office, City of New York; Allan Skodowski, Transwestern Council White, Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck RD10: HEALTHY PEOPLE, HEALTHY PLANET: A NEW OR10: BIOPHILIC DESIGN: DAYLIGHTING BIAS AND YL10: THE ACTIVE DESIGN GUIDELINES - PROMOTING GR10: WHY RESEARCH MATTERS: NEW APPROACHES TO BL10: MASTERING HEALTHY BUILDING MATERIALS: PL10: GETTING THE TOXICS OUT: LEEDING THE WAY TO SL10: RAISING THE BAR IN THE HEALTHCARE SECTOR: VISION FOR SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY CLINICS IN OTHER LESSONS FROM THE STUDY OF HUMAN PHYSICAL ACTIVITY AND HEALTH IN DESIGN MEASURE GREEN BUILDING AND WORKERS’ HEALTH, TOOLS FOR SUCCESS SAFER MATERIALS DIAGNOSING WHATS NEXT BOLIVIA RESPONSE TO NATURE IN THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT Karen Lee, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene STRESS AND PRODUCTIVITY George Salah, Google (M); Eden Brukman, International Penny Bonda, EcoImpact (M); Steve Baer, PE Five Winds; Benjamin Shepherd, Atelier Ten (M); Mara Baum, HOK; 10. HEALTH Liz Ogbu, Public Architecture (M); Marian Keeler, Simon & Vivian Loftness, Carnegie Mellon University (M); Bill (M); Joyce Lee, NYC Department of Design and Judith Heerwagen, US General Services Administration Living Building Institute; Geoff Gosling, DIRTT Mary Davidge, Mary Davidge Associates; Tom Lent, Steven Guttmann, Guttmann & Blaevoet Consulting Associates, Inc.; Rupal Sanghvi, HealthxDesign Browning, Terrapin Bright Green; Ihab Elzeyadi, University Construction; Bret Mantyk, Atelier Ten (M); Whitney Gray, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health; Environmental Solutions Ltd; Kirsten Ritchie, Gensler Healthy Building Network Engineers; Christina Vernon, Cleveland Clinic of Oregon Angela Loder, Department of Geography and Centre for Environment, University of Toronto RD11: ENABLING CREATIVE ENERGY ANALYSIS FROM OR11: CAN WE HAVE OUR CAKE AND EAT IT TOO? YL11: THE NEXT FRONTIER IN ENERGY EFFICIENCY – GR11: ADVANCING ENERGY SIMULATION TOOLS FOR BL11: GREEN DATA CENTERS IN THEORY AND PRACTICE: PL11: HOW SOLAR COMPANIES CAN ACCELERATE SL11: MAKING BETTER DECISIONS: ARCHITECT-DRIVEN INITIAL CONCEPT MODEL TO DETAILED SYSTEM DESIGN BALANCING ENERGY EFFICIENCY AND OCCUPANT PLUG LOAD MANAGEMENT SAVES ENERGY AND DESIGN AND RETROFIT OPTIMIZATION: THE LEED AND EMERGING GREEN BUILDING STANDARDS FOR IMPLEMENTATION AND ADD VALUE TO COMMERICAL EARLY-DESIGN ENERGY MODELING Kevin Settlemyre, Sustainable IQ (M); Chris Cronin, Google COMFORT ENGAGES TENANTS ENERGYPLUS GUI DEVELOPMENT DATA CENTERS PROPERTIES Stephen Selkowitz, LBNL (M); kjell anderson, callison; 11. ENERGY Sketchup; Nicholas Long, NREL; Amir Roth, US Department Sahar Abbaszadeh, CTG Energetics, Inc. (M); Dan Int-Hout, Rob Watson, EcoTech International (M); Michael Deane, Richard See, Digital Alchemy (M); Matt Biesterveld, Trane; Jonathan Weiss, KlingStubbins (M); Bill Kosik, HP Robert Krugel, Smart Energy Capital (M); David Gralnik, Maurya McClintock, McClintock Facade Consulting of Energy Krueger; Gwelen Paliaga, Taylor Engineering; Linda Turner Construction Company; Bryan Garcia, Yale Center Erin McConahey, Arup; Jocelyn Millette, Hydro Quebec Enterprise Business; Michael Schwarz, KlingStubbins Jones Lang LaSalle; Miles McDonald, Voltaire Power Sorrento, Sorrento Consulting, LLC. for Business and the Environment; Heidi Perry, ThinkEco, Company Inc. RD12: ACHIEVING MARKET RATE ZERO EMISSIONS OR12: PERSISTENTLY PLATINUM YL12: DO GREEN BUILDINGS STILL MAKE DOLLARS AND GR12: THE ECONOMICS OF GREEN BUILDING BL12: GOING BEYOND THE ENVELOPE: LARGE-SCALE PL12: The Retrofit Triangle - Monetizing Green Building SL12: SUSTAINABLE RESIDENTIAL DEVELOPMENT - OFFICE BUILDINGS – WHAT WILL IT TAKE? Jim Collins, Austin Energy (M); Jeff Black, CCRD Partners; SENSE - THE NEXT EXPECTATIONS Nils Kok, UC Berkeley (M); Norm Miller, University of San LEED COMMERCIAL INTERIORS CERTIFICATION Efficiency Gains by Linking Technology, Operations and PRESERVING THE PROJECT RETURN Mary Ann Lazarus, HOK (M); David Eijadi, The Weidt Bruce Kester, CCRD Partners; Phil Risner, Seton Network Dave Pogue, CBRE (M); Kevin Kampschroer, US General Diego; Peter Morris, Davis Langdon Christian Gunter, Bentall Kennedy (M); Elaine Aye, Green Finance Shauna Coffey, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu; Mark Culwell, 12. VALUE Group; John Jennings, Northwest Energy Efficiency Facilities Services Administration; Donna Laquidara-Carr, McGraw- Building Services; Gabe Kompkoff, Bentall Kennedy; Will David Hodgins, Clinton Climate Initiative, Building Energy UDR; Sadie McKeown, Community Partnership Alliance; Bill Valentine, HOK Hill Construction; Charles Tu, University of San Diego Parker, Trammell Crow Company Efficiency Retrofit Program (M); Aniruddha Deodhar, Autodesk; James Finlay, Wells Fargo Bank NA; Daniele Horton, Thomas Properties Group RD13: PASSIVHAUS: BRINGING GERMAN ENERGY DESIGN OR13: LDB: BUILDING CASE STUDY IN HIGH YL13: OREGON SUSTAINABILITY CENTER: A TRIPLE NET GR13: TRANSPARENCY IN THE SERVICE OF BL13: GETTING DOWN AND STAYING DOWN: PL13: THE ROAD TO ZERO IMPACTS SL13: HOSPITAL CONFIGURATION AND SYSTEMS HOME TO LEED PERFORMANCE, INTEGRATED, BIOMIMETIC DESIGN IN ZERO BUILDING SUSTAINABILITY: ADDRESSING THE MARKET DEMAND TARGETING, ACHIEVING AND MAINTAINING NET ZERO Stan Rhodes, Scientific Certification Systems (M); Dan INTEGRATION FOR REDUCED ENERGY USE y y, ( ); Bronwyn Barry, Quantum Builders (M); Ross Elliott,, , SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL , g p ( ); y Dennis Wilde, Gerding Edlen Development (M); Kyle FOR GLASS BUILDINGS p , ( ); y, ; Janet Stephenson, Sellen (M); Robert Buckley, aecom; g y , p Burgoyne, State of California Department of General g , ( ); , Andre Kroeger, Fraser Health (M); Paul Marmion, Stantec13. HIGH PERFORMANCE PROJECTS Homesol Building Solutions; H Prudence Ferreira, Integral Kenneth Drucker, HOK (M); Thomas Knittel, HOK; Taryn Andersen, GBD Architects; Steve Clem, Skanska; Lisa John Hannum, Israel Berger & Associates, LLC (M); James Stephen Carpenter, Enermodal Engineering, Inc. Services; Keith Killpack, Scientific Certification Systems Consulting; Raymond Pradinuk, Stantec; Charles Alan Impact Inc. Mead, Biomimicry Group; Carolina Simon, VR Strategies Petterson, SERA Architects Brew, Rocky Mountain Institute; Eric Duchon, Cushman & Short, University of Cambridge Consultants Wakefield, Inc.; Bill Logan, Israel Berger & Associates, LLC. RD14: CANADIAN BUILDING COMMISSIONING-HOW OR14: CIVICACTION TRANSFORMS ORGANIZATIONS YL14: CANADA LEADS THE WAY WITH CODES FOR MORE GR14: A ROADMAP FOR CLIMATE ACTION: STRATEGIES, BL14: Evergreen Brick Works: Heritage Industrial PL14: KNOW BEFORE YOU BUILD: PREDICTING CARBON SL14: THE GREEN REVOLUTION OF THE CENTRAL DOES IT IMPACT YOUR IGLOO? John Tory, Greater Toronto CivicAction Alliance (M); Cara AFFORDABLE, RENEWABLE WOOD MID-RISE GREEN TOOLS AND RESULTS Brownfield and LEED Platinum (candidate) Converted PROFILES OF LARGE-SCALE, MIXED-USE DEVELOPMENTS BUSINESS DISTRICT (CBD) OF TORONTO Andrew Cunningham, EllisDon Services Inc (M); Robert Clairman, Ontario Power Generation; Cameron Fowler, BMO DESIGN BUILDINGS Chris OBrien, American University (M); Dr. Nancy Knight, into Environmental Community Centre Seth Schultz, Clinton Foundation (M); Eric Miller, University Lisa Bate, B+H Architects / CaGBC Board of Directors (M); 14. BEST OF CANADA Marshall, Halcrow Yolles; Michael Tiffe, TAB Mechanical Inc. Financial Group; Linda Mantia, Royal Bank of Canada Dr. Russ Thomas, National Reserch Council of Canada (M); University of B.C.; Joanne Perdue, University of Calgary Robert Plitt, Evergreen brick Works (M); Michael Leckman, of Toronto; Dan Stone, Waterfront Toronto; Albert Wei, Arup Douglas Birkenshaw, B+H Architects; John Lowden, The Michael Green, McFarlane Green Biggar Architecture + DEC Arch, Diamond Schmitt Architects; Joe Lobko, OAA Mitchell Partnership Inc. Design; Sukh Johal, Canadian Wood Council FRAIC , du Toit Allsopp Hillier; Douglas Webber, Halsall Associates Limited 15. MASTER SERIES RD15: To be announced OR15: To be announced YL15: To be announced GR15: To be announced BL15: To be announced PL15: To be announced SL15: To be announced