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Free fit astm results


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Free fit astm results

  1. 1. Test Name                            FreeFit Test Spec Definition of Test Static Load Limit (psi) Passes                         Measures long term indentation recovery ASTM F-970 properties 2,000 psi Residual Indentation Passes                         Measures short term indentation recovery ASTM F-1914 properties None Greater than 6% (.010") Static Coefficient of Friction Average Results 0.8              Measures slip resistance on both wet and ASTM C-1028 dry surfaces Exeeds ADA Guidelines at 0.6  Abrasion Resistance  Passes                         ASTM D-3884 Measures wear performance or durability 23,500 cycles Critical Radiant Flux Measures flamability ASTM E-648 Class I Specification for Solid Vinyl Floor Tile ASTM F-1700 Passes Measures performance characteristics Thickness Passes                         ASTM F-F386-11 Measures thickness of the product (.002") Squareness Passes                         ASTM F-2055-10 Measures actual dimensions - squareness (.003") Squareness Measures actual dimensions - ASTM F-2055-00 Passes length and width FlexibilityMeaures the ability of the product to resist Passes                         ASTM F-137 cracking, breaking or other permanent No Breaks (over 1" mandrel) deformitiesDimensional Stability @ 180° F    Measures the ability of the floor to retain its original  dimensions after exposure to heat          Passes                         FreeFit has also been tested to 0° F and  ASTM F-2199 (.002") results showed superior dimensional  stability Chemical Resistance                      Measures the susceptibility of the floor to   ASTM F-925 Passes change when exposed to chemical  reagents Resistance to HeatMeasures the amount of color change when ASTM F-1514 Passessubjected to an elevated termperture over a period of time Resistance to Light Measures the products ability to resist ASTM F-1515 Passes discoloration from light
  2. 2. Specific Optical Density                    Passes                         Measures the density of smoke and its  ASTM E‐662 < 450 relationship to visiblity Lead & Heavy Metal Content              Passes                         Measure Content of Lead and Heavy  ASTM F‐963‐08 Metals None DetectedIIC (Impact Insulation Class)           Measures  the sound transmitted through the floor‐ ASTM E‐989 Results Pending ceiling assembly into the room below       STC (Sound Transmission Class)      ASTM E‐90            Measures the decibel reduction in noise  Results Pending ASTM E‐413 that a floor can provide Smoke Generation & Flame Spread      Provides a comparative measure of surface  flame spread and smoke density to a  ASTM E‐84 Results Pendingsample of select red oak and fiber ‐ cement  board surface under specific fire exposure  conditions IMO Testing                              Under requirements established by the  International Maritime Organization, the  US Coast Guard and other Maritime  IMO Results Pending Governing Bodies, materials used as  interior finishes on maritime vessels must  be tested for surface flammability  performance