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Welcome to thebuddinggourmet, the best and perfect place to get full knowledge about Indian Recipes and Indian Food, do not forget to contact us for any further information. We are here to help you to the best.

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Indian recipes

  1. 1. Indian RecipesEnjoy the wonder of Indian recipesIndia is perfect place, where large variety of dishes are available. India is ruled by manyrulers of different culture. Dish changes in India with states. India is developing as aninternational recipe centre. Indian cuisines are appreciated by connoisseurs the world wide, with the main reason is the presence of spicy Indian recipes. Indian Recipes changed over a period into a wide variety of food ranging from two-minute snacks to complex recipes. In India there is a huge difference in geographic and climatic conditions. These differences result difference in recipes.Indian Recipes require usage of spices like turmeric, black cardamom, red chilli, cuminand herbs like basil, curry leaves and mint which can be used together or separately.There is a vast variety of Indian Recipes that can broadly be classified into four parts on the basis of geographical location: The North Indian cuisine, which comes from lands of Rajasthan, Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh. This type of food is heavily composed by the use of spices and oil in the preparation. North Indian states cuisines are mainly wheatbased. East Indian food, which is known for its sweet dishes.Such cuisines are of West Bengal, Orissa and Assam. Thiscuisine makes extensive use of poppy seeds and rice in thepreparation of recipes. Indian Recipes are perfectcomposition of various varieties.Western Indian cuisine which is found in the cuisines ofGujarat, Maharashtra and surrounding areas. WesternIndian Food can vary a lot as this sub cuisine covers avast area which ranges from coastal areas to hillyareas. Western Indian cuisine uses ingredients rangingfrom bajra, jowar and rice to bananas, potatoes andeven fish and poultry. Seafood is extremely common inwestern India. Western India has long range costal area. Areas of Maharashtra andGujarat has a long range costal area.
  2. 2. South India food is the culinary styles emerging states like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka,Kerala and Madras. The use of rice, coconut and fish, staples can be seen throughout thekitchen of South India. Although the ingredients are almost the same income for southernIndia, the method of preparation varies considerably, even between states. HyderabadiBiryani is prepared of meat and rice. Hyderabadi Biryani is extremely popular throughoutthe world. Biryani is brought to india during mughal regime. Biryani is also prepared tosome other areas such as Lucknow, Kerala and old Delhi with different compositions ofspices.Indian culture is one of well known system throughout the world. Government has alsopromoted various Indian dishes so as to attract tourist. Indian dishes are also a reasonbehind a large number of tourists every year. India is one of the largest producer of wheatand rice. Most of the dishes in India are wheat or rice based. Fish is must have componentin west bengal and south Indian states. Dishes vary as the state changes in india.There are an infinite variety of Indian Recipes, from starters like samosas to chicken orlamb curry served with boiled rice or roti. India is the perfect place for dish lovers, wheredish changes with state. Thus, we can say that India is home to a variety of dishes.About the Author:-Welcome to thebuddinggourmet, the best and perfect place to get full knowledge aboutIndian Recipes, do not forget to contact us for any further information. We are here tohelp you to the best.