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Classified Surveys Review


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Classified Surveys Review

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Classified Surveys Review

  1. 1. Classified Surveys ReviewBrian Naennals is a computer engineer that hasproduced a digital product analysis script. Thesoftware program was created to crawl the weblooking for information on Clickbank merchandise andcreate a statistical assessment. The aim is to make iteasy for readers to decide whether or not they shouldget the product.One of Brians most recent evaluations has been onClassified Surveys. This system was launched on 9thJanuary, 2008 and it has various interesting statisticslinked to it. One example is, the website has for salethe following: Classified Surveys - $49.95Classified Surveys Special Offer - $39.95. It has an Earned Per Sale stat of 22.3665, aweighted sales rank of 71.67 and a projected refundrate for Classified Surveys at $49.95 of 1.04%. Itsgravity is 0.925554.
  2. 2. The script was designed by Brian to process andevaluate this information. It explains what thosefigures mean and why they are all significant. He alsouses them to provide an estimation of whetherClassified Surveys warrants getting.The most crucial of the aforementioned statistics interms of producing an evaluation is definitely theapproximated refund rate for Classified Surveys at$49.95. While the stat is liable to inaccuracy (asexplained on Brians web site, it remains neverthelessone of the best signals available. A lot of refundsusually means a bad product. In the ClassifiedSurveys review the robot evaluates the rate of 1.04%: