The Bridge Groups Artists show IMAGINATION at MoMa


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The Bridge Group Artists began twenty-three years ago under the direction of Judith Raskin Rosenthal, ATR. Many of the artists began with very little or no formal training. Eventually the group attracted individuals with some art education or experience. All have come to understand that the desire to create is in itself an expression of mental wellness and that—as artists—there is always room for growth. Over the past year, MoMA's Department of Education and The Bridge’s Art Department participated in their sixth annual extended partnership.

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The Bridge Groups Artists show IMAGINATION at MoMa

  1. 1. BRIDGE GROUP ARTISTS EXHIBITIONIMAGINATION The Edward John Noble Education Center at MoMA: October 4 ─ 30, 2011The Bridge Gallery 300: Nov. 15 ─ Dec. 13, 2011
  2. 2. We dedicate this catalog to The Museum of Modern Art’s Community and Access Programs. Through theexhibitions, discussions and critiques during the MoMA partnership, The Bridge Group Artists’ desire to create hasincreased, as did their self-esteem. The sessions were life-changing. Thank you Francesca Rosenberg, CarrieMcGee and Gordon Sasaki for always going beyond the ordinary and exceeding our expectations.We also dedicate the catalog and exhibitions to three organizations that have contributed time and resources topromote the art and expand the horizons of the artists:  Thank you to the Educational Foundation of America for recognizing the importance of the work of The Bridge Group Artists. You have enabled them to keep growing, painting and exploring new artistic horizons because of your continuous support.  Thank you to the Peter Jay Sharp Foundation for your generous grant.  Thank you to Ricoh Americas Corporation for your generous contribution of printing the 2011 Bridge/MoMA Exhibition Catalog. AcknowledgmentsWe appreciate the continuous support of The Bridge Board of Directors, Executive Director Dr. Peter Beitchman(who has encouraged our artists since the program’s inception 23 years ago), Deputy Director Dr. RobertYankowitz, PROS Director Sharon Gold, Director of Housing Development Carole Gordon and Director ofDevelopment Ann Hyatt THANK YOU  Elena Olivo, Photographer, for photographing The Bridge Group Artists work for 2011 exhibitions including catalog, invitation and slide show additions.  Bo Okuyan, Metro Framart, for framing “Imagination” and your generosity to our group over the years.  Joshua Shenk of Arts In Mind for your recognition and support of The Bridge Group Artists.  Pearl Paint Manager Dinah Alderman Rengel and Lee Nolan for your help and generous discounts for art supplies.  Alex Banks, Bridge Director of Maintenance and staff Charles Melella, Rawle Holas and Conrad Nichols for your invaluable help on all our art exhibitions.  Robert Moore, ultimate volunteer, whose generous nature and appreciation of The Bridge Group Artists has made the printing of our 2011 catalog possible.  Ro Lohin of the Lohin Geduld Gallery for inviting our artists to her gallery to see all new exhibitions and for inspiring them through seeing and discussing art.  Denise Gutierrez, Bridge Executive Assistant, who coordinated and put together all facets of the 2011 catalog.  Erica Ciporen, Social Media Specialist, for your help in promoting Bridge Group Artists through social media.  Anthony Tozza, Director of MIS, and Charles Mak for all the help you have given us.Front CoverNEW ENGLAND LANDSCAPEBy Robert KaplanCollage: Acrylic on Canvas
  3. 3. EGYPT ─ 2011By Christopher Zavelo Watercolor on Paper
  4. 4. IMAGINATION “I close my eyes in order to see.” -Paul GauguinThe Bridge Group Artists began twenty-three years ago under the direction of Judith Raskin Rosenthal, ATR. Many of theartists began with very little or no formal training. Eventually the group attracted individuals with some art education orexperience. All have come to understand that the desire to create is in itself an expression of mental wellness and that—asartists—there is always room for growth.Over the past year, MoMAs Department of Education and The Bridge’s Art Department participated in their sixth annualextended partnership. Through this unique collaboration, artists from The Bridge and their art therapist met with MoMAeducators to explore new ideas and approaches to art at the Museum. Through guided tours and independent visits, theGroup learned about the perspectives and techniques of a variety of artists. Back at their studio at The Bridge, the artistscreated a new body of work informed by their experiences.IMAGINATION was chosen as the theme of this year’s partnership. Imagination can be defined as “the act or power offorming a mental image of something not present to the senses or never before wholly perceived in reality.” Putting theseimages on paper, on canvas or in clay provides a way for artists to understand and express themselves. At MoMA, webegan by looking at some of the earliest works in the Collection to see how artists were championing imagination overreality and depicting their individual experiences of the world. Through two special exhibitions, German Expressionism: TheGraphic Impulse and Impressions from South Africa: 1965 to Now, we explored the ways in which artists from differentcountries—and different centuries—commented on their social, political and private worlds through their art. In Picasso:Guitars 1912-1914, we examined and discussed Picasso’s material and structural experimentation.Inspired by the techniques and approaches of the artists whose work they viewed at the Museum, the Bridge artists pushedthemselves into new territory. They were encouraged to take their best work and push it further, to mine their imaginationsand try new techniques. Their subject matter ranged from New York City to India to an imagined aerial view of Springfield—home of The Simpsons—and beyond, to animals and abstractions. Some began using color in a non-representationalmanner. Leaves were purple, lips were green and eyes red. Materials and tools were used imaginatively as well. One artistbegan repeatedly tracing the rim of a paper cup in order to form shells, snakes and abstract compositions. Another spoke ofovercoming fears and being inspired by the newfound freedom that came with being aesthetically daring. Everyone explorednew ground.We admire and would like to thank them, for it is their talent and dedication that make this collaboration a success.Carrie McGee, and Gordon Sasaki, The Museum of Modern ArtJudith Raskin Rosenthal, The Bridge
  5. 5. After visiting Picasso: Guitars 1912-1914 at MoMA, artist Chris Zavelo created this work based on his memory of observing visitors in the exhibition. PICASSO AT MOMA By Christopher Zavelo Watercolor on Paper
  6. 6. VAMPIRE BITEBy Glenn GrancioAcrylic on Canvas
  7. 7. HARRY POTTERBy Glenn GrancioAcrylic on Board
  8. 8. SPRINGFIELD ─ HOME OF THE SIMPSONS By Ira Brewer Graphite on Paper
  9. 9. MY MENU OF CHOICE By Ira Brewer Acrylic on Canvas
  10. 10. THE COOP-SELF PORTRAIT IN BLUE By Scott Zwiren Graphite on Paper
  11. 11. THE PEACOCKBy Scott Zwiren Mixed Media
  12. 12. THE STOREBy Francisco Ortiz Markers on Paper
  13. 13. THE SLAVE AND THE SHARK By Francisco Ortiz Markers on Paper
  14. 14. UNTITILED By Jennifer Gilliam Mixed MediaIn MemoriamThese pages depict two of Jennifer’s many art styles, which ranged from realism to abstraction. She was wonderfullyinnovative, experimenting with food coloring, glitter, wood, glass and wire, along with traditional art materials. She was alsoa skilled jewelry designer, and her jewelry was featured in a trendy Upper West Side boutique. The MoMA partnership wasa highlight in her life. After coming to MoMA she decided to go back to art school to refresh her drawing skills. Recently, shewas featured in NY Portraits, a book about talented New York artists with disabilities by Gordon Sasaki. The book shows abeautiful photograph of Jennifer accompanied by a text that describes her close relationship with her daughter, Quentin.The group appreciated her talent, intellect and her interest in other people. I will always remember her generous spirit, aswell as her extraordinary talent. We all miss her. Judith Raskin-Rosenthal and the Bridge Group Artists
  15. 15. SELF PORTRAITBy Jennifer Gilliam Mixed Media
  16. 16. OPEN MARKET IN INDIA By Serguei Lanqetot Collage –Mixed Media
  17. 17. SELF PORTRAITBy Serguei Lanquetot Graphite on Paper
  18. 18. GIRL IN BLUEBy James SneedAcrylic on Board
  19. 19. PICASSO DESIGN By James Sneed Acrylic on Board
  20. 20. TYRANASAURUS By Michael BlamoTwisties Tissues and Acrylic
  21. 21. NEW YORK CITY ─ WEST 103 ST. By Michael Blamo Watercolor on Paper
  22. 22. LAUNDRY DAYBy Patricia Doherty Oil on Canvas
  23. 23. PANTONE – MASK (Wearable Art) By Patricia DohertyPlastic Clay, Feathers, and Leather
  24. 24. SHELLS By Rosalia SilvaCups - Graphite on Paper
  25. 25. FLOWERS AND SNAKE By Rosalia SilvaCups - Graphite on Paper
  26. 26. STUDY OF A MANBy Robert KaplanAcrylic on Canvas
  27. 27. HEMINGWAYBy Robert KaplanAcrylic on Canvas
  28. 28. LITTLE VILLAGE By James SneedGraphite on Paper
  29. 29. THE GORILLABy Francisco Ortiz Markers on Paper
  30. 30. WHITE RACCOON MEDITATION By Glenn Grancio Acrylic on Canvas
  31. 31. Bridge Group Artists Past and PresentIra Brewer Robert KaplanLouis MichelleSuzannah Hadron CherylHelen BerniceVibart Toussaint LisaNathan Berman Joseph MelendezGreg Dologlou Wordell AlexanderJames Sneed Jill FriedmanDiana Helayne ButlerVictor Hernandez Calvin FraleyJennifer Gilliam Isidro AstacioCarmen Scott ZwirenCara Leslie Yvonne A. BlancoAdrienne Wilson Dillon RicketsJudith K. Bouck Jayce KimLinda Mayer Shirley HodgesEloise Robinson John DensonEdria WolfGwendolyn Simms Quimet RodriguezSerguei Lanquetot Madelyn PadillaRita Iashaieva Peter BrownCasey Tillman Amburse WhitePatricia Doherty Christopher GaskinCaroline Blount Kimberly CeasarFrancisco Ortiz Rosalie ClintonGlenn Grancio Olvis CiprianValda Maida Amy BerlinMarcia Glover Michael BlamoChristopher Zavelo Rosalia Silva Lauren Voorhaus Back Cover BIRDS EYE HEART By Patricia Doherty Oil on Canvas
  32. 32. The Bridge’s mission is to change lives by offering help, hope and opportunity to the most vulnerable in ourcommunity through mental health and substance abuse treatment, housing, vocational training and jobplacement, healthcare, education and creative arts therapy. 248 West 108th Street New York, NY 10025 212-663-3000