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This is the small deck that I created for The North Face, as a mock client. Based on the research, this is what I\'ve found. Enjoy!

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  • The Innocent, REI I chose REI as The Innocent archetype because they impose visions of authenticity with hope, honesty through simplicity, wholeness in security. Their nature as a co-op provides them a perception of belonging within a group, and stability of individuality through a means to explore the world. The Regular Guy(s), L.L. Bean and Eddie Bauer L.L. Bean and Eddie Bauer both currently reflect the Regular Guy archetype. However, Eddie Bauer may be slowly moving more centered along the belonging/independent axis with their unveiling of a new brand of high-end outdoor gear. Both are comfortable brands with a concentration on belonging, and the virtues of being ordinary. The Caregiver, Patagonia With their focus not being on profit, but their products, Patagonia best represents the Caregiver archetype. Their essence is in creating great clothing and gear that, through purchasing, will return in corporate generosity from Patagonia to those who may require it. Seen as the Steward of the industry, it’s no surprise that this brand has one of the highest delegations of loyal followers. The Ruler, Columbia It’s not that they are powerful. It’s that they avidly dedicate themselves to being everywhere possible. Leading the way though stable designs that have been tested through time, Columbia provides a sense of both community and individuality to the wearer and is a leader in the category as a whole. The Hero, Outdoor Research Find it, build it, try it, test it, sell it. OR is dedicated to finding new and better ways to do just about everything in terms of the outdoors. Using real people as barometers of their products, OR finds themselves protecting the innocent from poor design, and helping them survive the wilderness through new or improved gear. The Sage, Arc’Teryx Focused on using only the highest end materials, crafted by the best artisans, Arc’Teryx finds itself as The Sage. Independence and Stability meet to find the perceptual high-end of outdoor clothing. A luxury to wear, the brand is worn by their sponsored or their high-end consumers. The Liberator, Marmot The underdog of mid-high end outdoor gear, Marmot will set you free. Once you take a chance with Marmot, you will not go back. Their brand, via YouTube, presents you with the Truth about outdoor gear, and how Marmot will help you conquer your fears. The Outlaw, Mountain Hardware Hardcore change evangelists, Mountain Hardware provides it’s consumers with the ability to retain independence and change without sacrificing performance. Seen as the brand to get you to the next stage, the revolution of your outdoor experience will take place. It’s not that rules are meant to be broken with Mountain Hardware, it’s that they just don’t recognize rules - other than survival. The Explorer, The North Face The Explorer. Never Stop Exploring is the motto, and it’s evident in their image. Their focus is not on their products, but where they help you get. The North Face believes that you can do it, even if you’ll never try. Carrying the image of ruggedness and independence through simplicity of provisions The Explorer can help you find what you’re looking for - even if it’s across the street, not up a mountain.
  • Tnf Small Deck

    1. 1. The North Face <ul><li>Strategic Analysis - Overview </li></ul>
    2. 2. The North Face <ul><li>Competitive Landscape </li></ul>
    3. 3. Strength High brand recognition and solidified leader in category Utilizing Facebook to connect with local retail users Broad product selection Opportunity Retail providing controlled touch-points for the brand Providing new media tools for customers Youth market still developing Social outreach through new media continuing to grow Weakness Size can sometimes hurt (large corporation perception versus “the little guys”) Sustainability of TNF not seen/publicized as much as other companies Products sold at competitive locations Threats Overall category declining Consumer spending down Season ending, winter season is strong season situation
    4. 4. competition Belonging Independence Stability Change The Innocent The Regular Guy The Caregiver The Ruler The Sage The Explorer The Rebel The Outlaw The Liberator The Magician The Hero The Jester The Creator
    5. 5. competition The North Face REI Columbia Marmot Arc’Teryx Patagonia Mountain Hardware Outdoor Research Eddie Bauer L.L. Bean Headquarters St. Laurant, Quebec, CA Seattle, WA Portland, OR Santa Rosa, CA North Vancouver, BC, CA Ventura, CA Richmond, CA Seattle, WA Bellview, WA Freeport, ME Held Public, subsidiary Private Public Public Private, subsidiary Private, subsidiary Public, subsidiary Private Private Private Year Founded 1968 1938 1938 1974 1991 1973 1993 1983 1920 1912 Employees 500 10,000 3,136 120 400 300 160 100 9000 5,400 Annual Sales $2,742M $1005M $1,244 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a $1023M $1500M Products Apparel, Outdoor equipment Apparel, Outdoor equipment Apparel Apparel, Outdoor equipment Apparel, Outdoor equipment Apparel, Outdoor equipment Apparel, Outdoor equipment Apparel, Outdoor equipment Apparel, Outdoor equipment Apparel AOR Factory Design Labs BBDO Borders Perrin Norrander / White Horse **unknown** Unlimited Vision *none* in-house Borders Perrin Norrander/ White Horse **unknown** Mullen Idea City MEDIA SPENDING $12m $27m $32m **unknown** **unknown** **unknown** **unknown** **unknown** **unknown** $40m Positioning/Distrobution Focused on four categories: outdoor, action sports, performance athletics and youth, retail General outdoors, retail. Co-op provides community, as well as REI Adventures providing group tours Mid-level performance outdoor clothing, retail. 2 retail outlets, otherwise wholesale, with Pro sponsorship and direct sales High performance outdoor gear through technological innovations and highest caliber components, wholesale wholesale, catalog. Focused on Word of Mouth and profit coming as a low priority High performance outdoor gear, wholesale Small, dedicated to the right solution, it has to work or we won’t make it, wholesale retail, catalog. Very old company that provides legendary products and support retail, catalog. Proud to guarantee everything forever, no matter what. Brand Personality Anyone can go outdoors, and do what they want Socially conscious, “the underdog” Built well, priced well. Legendary. We’re with you till the end. Wherever you go. Extreme technology at the extreme high end Human. Kind. Thoughtful. “I Give Back”. Reassuring. Only the best, built for the adventurer not the casual climber Research through testing, designed by adventure Classic outdoors. We back it up, forever. Outdoors is our soul, quality products guaranteed Message Never Stop Exploring®. Gear Up for the Great Outdoors Tested Tough Marmot for Life The Finest Products Possible Committed to the Core Performance Elevated Designed by Adventure Original Expedition Outfitters Guaranteed. You Have Our Word. Other Notes Owned by VF Corporation, huge in-store POP presence, except at REI locations, newer retail stores built for the brand, not for sales Co-op foundation builds loyalty through membership. Dues ($25 for life) account for over $1m in annual revenue First to license Gore-Tex Parent Company is Amer Sports of Finland Parent Company is Lost Arrow, no ad agency of record, only print ads (when needed) in non-mainstream magazines, no outdoor or tv. counting on word of mouth Owned by Columbia Lab Rat program encourages/facilitates trials of new equipment by customers who provide feedback on performance. Also, has lifetime guarantee on all products
    6. 6. High dollar value big purchases +$1,000/yr Many options for high-end gear (tent and parka purchasers) “ I live in the outdoors” TNF is popular because the products work. Period. The Extremists are the high end users, the ones that spend thousands on tents.They may be what the others aspire to be Value Barrier Comm. Objective Medium dollar value Consistent purchases, $500/yr Choosing for fashion and going outside. Price is comparatively higher “ I like the outdoors” TNF will help when you eventually want to go outside and play The casualists are the brand loyalists. They Choose TNF because they rely on TNF. THey are Not the outdoor zealots, but the casual adventurers Low dollar value occasional purchases $200/yr Choosing for fashion and the IDEA of going outside. Image choice, not price based, “ why go outside?” TNF will help if you do eventually want to go outside and play, or at least make you look like it The Wishers are those who choose to portray their ruggedness spirit even with their school bag. More urban and younger than the rest, not sold on outside yet Why? Tent every 2 years,parka every 3 years, 10 other items throughout the year Coat every 3 years, 5 other items throughout the year No tents, no Parkas, just backpacks, sweatshirts, maybe 3 y/r consumer
    7. 7. The North Face <ul><li>Brand Architecture </li></ul>action
    8. 8. Brand Promise Backpacks, Coats, Clothing, Tents, other outdoor gear Survive Life’s Roughest Challenges Excited for change, and the next challenge. It could be school, it could be life, it could be outdoors. They are the movers, the shakers, and the difference makers. Confidence comes from experience. TNF will help you survive every experience. The North Face provides confidence through any element The North Face, named after the harshest side of a mountain, is based on the principle of letting you experience it, learn from it and explore beyond it. TNF provides gear for the outdoors, and the every day that will help you show your adventurous spirit, but also let the external forces of the world know that you’re ready for any challenge. action Brand Foundation Brand Champion Consumer Insight Key Benefit Why Benefit is Believable Product(s) Assets Red Half domes Delivers Ruggedness Protection Style always Strong Reliable Outgoing
    9. 9. The North Face <ul><li>Creative Brief </li></ul>creative
    10. 10. What’s Wrong? Who are we Trying to Reach? What do they need us to say or do? What action can we communicate? Where is the conversation? How do we know we Can do something? Mandatories The North Face is a leader in the world of outdoor gear, but not everyone goes outside yet. People who think the idea of the outsides is engaging, but don’t participate often. They need more protection from classmates than rain. Younger by nature, they take on every day challenges and need the confidence to do so successfully. We’re looking for the 16-28 aged man, and woman. Help me get outside, help me conquer my fears. We’ve got your back. Whether it’s in a classroom or on the side of a mountain. It’s a social topic. Through social and traditional means, specifically to engage and inform. Through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube instructional videos, targeted print ads in other-than- outdoor magazines as well as outdoor advertising. The half-domes. Red is important. By analyzing the competitive landscape, realizing the potential sales of this category of casual user and creating an opportunity for them to go beyond casual user into the category of adventurer. How do we know we did something? By engaged customers through online media; fans, followers, subscribers and readers. By sales increases in our target demographic, and relative expanding market of our more casual gear. action
    11. 11. The North Face <ul><li>Media Plan </li></ul>arena
    12. 12. arena Urban Adventures
    13. 13. arena Traditionally Untraditional
    14. 14. arena Socially Savvy
    15. 15. Questions