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PAS68 Street Furniture


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Published in: Technology, Business
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PAS68 Street Furniture

  1. 1. Beautiful streetscapes; high-level security Government offices Sporting venues Airports Utilities’ storage Banks Shopping centres Cash-handling facilities Munitions’ storage (02) 9425 3000
  2. 2. What makes our PAS68 street furniture the best? Boylan SafetyFlex Our competitors: Is made of specially-formulated spring steel. Often heavily over-engineered, with a large mass of steel, in and out of the ground. Uses less steel and is therefore amazingly cost Stops the vehicle impact with a large mass – competitive against other products. fighting force with force. The spring steel works like a suspension spring – on impact, it absorbs the kinetic energy and transfers Most often are expensive, unsightly and costly that energy back into the attacking vehicle. to install. Slim-line design makes for stylish and beautiful street furniture. Requires a shallow footing of only 400mm. Bike rack Planter system Bench seat system Planter system HEAD OFFICE 3rd Floor, Suite 7 (02) 9425 3000 448 Pacific Highway Artarmon NSW 2064