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Eagle Eye


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Eagle Eye

  1. 1. Remote monitoring solutions24/7 real time vision and dataMultiple sensor options – water, soil, motion etcNo power, no wiresMonitor multiple sites from your laptop or PCHuge logistics and labour cost savingsCutting-edge technology delivered simplyDesigned in Australia for Australian conditions (02) 9425 3000 Craig Rush - 0437 359 990
  2. 2. Remote Monitoring Vision Remote vision for fixed or mobile surveillance (including VMS boards)  Crucial tool for the management of climatic or fast-changing events.  We run all the hardware and software at our end.  All you need is a computer and a web browser.  Archived vision and data, plus all device settings.  Integration with your API available on request.  Most advanced technology available in Australia today. CASE STUDY — Leichhardt Hwy, QueenslandBOYLAN Eagle Eye proved invaluable to authorities grappling with an ever-changingsituation during the 2011 Queensland floods emergency.Clear images - beamed back in real time via the Telstra G mobile phone network –enabled staff to monitor remote parts of the state to determine potential risks and theappropriate course of action. Vision with Sensors Would you like vision with that? NEED sensoring equipment and vision? Not a problem … the Eagle Eye system can offer weather and environmental sensors, visibility sensors, motion sensing and a range of additional inputs. Linking wirelessly to the Eagle Eye cameras, sensors can be located up to 250 metres from the camera installation and provide real-time data across the system. Read more about our sensors on the next page.
  3. 3. Remote Monitoring Sensors Soil Water Content Soil Water Potential  Crucial tool for road building and  Thermal Matric Sensor (ICT229) maintenance. measures soil water potential.  MP406 soil moisture probes are  Used in conjunction with the MP406, permanently buried in the soil profile to it can also provide an effective slope provide continuous in situ monitoring of monitoring solution, determining soil water content and movement. potential geotechnical problems and  Commonly installed on slopes with slope failure. soil water potential sensors as a soil  Custom calibration enables moisture and soil suction data logging precise soil water potential system. measurement from -10 to 4000 kPa (saturated to very dry soil conditions). Soil Salinity Rainfall Monitoring  ICT5000 sensors measure the soil  Measures rainfall intensity and solution conductivity and enable amount. continuous in situ field monitoring of soil  Durable and highly-accurate salinity. pluviometer delivers real-time readings.  High accuracy at selected depths  Robust stainless-steel design. over a long period of time. Data Response Packages:Economy Data Pack – up to 1 Gig of access per Heavy Industrial Data Pack – More than 3 Gigs of accessmonth. Economy pack users typically check on their per a few times a day live and collect images from If you need to interact with a remote site most days,one or two pre-set positions on an hourly basis. and for longer periods, then this is the package for you. Typically, users are on and off live viewing during theIndustrial Data Pack – up to 3 Gigs of access per day and running pre-set image capture outside their livemonth. This pack suits those users who need to viewing periods.spend a couple of hours a day viewing their remote Users with VMS boards that are monitoring heavy trafficlocation live or collecting images frequently from and flows would require the Heavy Industrial Data Pack.their pre-sets.
  4. 4. Security — vision and sensors CASE STUDY Crucial tool for managing security inremote locations where no power orwired connectivity is available. Records movement and patterns ofactivity at worksites, depots and otherremote locations. THIS site plan shows a roadway through a depot with a storage container and fuel tanks. With an Eagle Eye base station with sensors, the site is managed 24/7 by remote Can be configured to provide real- operatives who can log when vehicles travel through thetime alerts for critical areas, such as area and whether the fuel tank or storage container hasfuel and machinery dumps. been approached. Infrared Motion Sensor Magnetic Probe Sensor * Real-time notification of Buried under or alongside movement a road, the sensor will notify the Eagle Eye base * Activation of sensor will station of a vehicle’s direct the camera to pan, approach. tilt and zoom to capture images * Solar-powered; wireless operation Pressure Tube Sensor Wireless Receiver For fast deployments or Provides a connection short-term situations where between the Eagle Eye vehicle movement sensing camera and the sensor is required. locations. HEAD OFFICE 3rd Floor, Suite 7 448 Pacific Highway (02) 9425 3000 Artarmon NSW 2064