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The Bold Academy

  1. 1. bold Brand Sponsorship OpportunitiesboldT H E B O L D AC A D E M Y T H E B O L D AC A D E M Y The bold academy A real-life school for superheroes We take high-potential millennials who are poised for greatness and give them the clarity, the skills, and the push to trade their street clothes for capes.
  2. 2. boldT H E B O L D AC A D E M Y why should you care? we are illuminating We exist to address one of the biggest and most tumultuous need Millennial states of our generation—the desire to engage our passions, find fulfillment, and create meaning in our lives and work ambitions Facilitated by Millennials for Millennials, The Bold Academy presents an unparalleled opportunity for major brands to meet, engage with, and understand the Millennial consumer. dreams and As a sponsor, we’ll expose your brand to over 1.3 million purpose-driven individuals through Bold TV*, associate you with our mission of passion, purpose, and meaning, and you’ll receive desires an Insights Deck providing a goldmine of insights into the deep emotional drivers of the Millennial Generation. *See specific Sponsorship Opportunities, end of this deck.
  3. 3. boldT H E B O L D AC A D E M Y why we exist “The two most important days in your life are the day you’re born and the day you find out why.” - mark twain It takes some people 10, 20, or 30 years to figure out why they exist on this earth, which is Mark Twain why the world’s biggest problems go unsolved. knows what’s up. We’re in the business of accelerating potential, discovering superpowers, and making world-changing ambitions a reality. WE BELIEVE KNOWING WHY YOU EXIST IS THE KEY TO UNLEASHING YOUR GIFTS ON THE WORLD.
  4. 4. boldT H E B O L D AC A D E M Y what we do The Bold Academy is a four-week accelerator for the doers of our generation. This July, 30 “Bolders” will live under one roof in Boulder, Colorado to unearth their reason for being, break through their biggest barriers, craft an action plan for their way of reshaping the world, and join a powerful community of peers and mentors who will support and hold them accountable. how we do it guided introspection entrepreneurial & world-class coaching challenges and mentorship skill-building workshops holistic wellness They’ll leave knowing their superpower and how to use it for good
  5. 5. boldT H E B O L D AC A D E M Y who are these 30 bolders? Driven, passionate, capable, and hungry to make a difference. They’ve won Olympic medals. They watch TED talks obsessively. They’re online influencers and content creators. They’ve written best-sellers, performed Maori war dances, and survived the threat of kidnapping in Pakistan. They 15 gents 15 ladies are working with VC firms like 500 Startups, they’ve lobbied politicians at the world’s largest climate conference, aged and they publish regularly in Fast Company. 20 – 32 passionate about solving college debt sparking viral and creating a world with the lindy hop empowering more music & play social change slam poetry & African development women & children They’re ready to lead the BOLD generation
  6. 6. bold We are inspired entrepreneurs and life catalysts fighting to unleash passion, purpose, and meaning in the lives of the Millennial GenerationT H E B O L D AC A D E M Y Amber Rae // Co-creator & Motivational Force of Nature Former Chief Evangelist of Seth Godin’s Domino Project // Developed marketing campaigns for Apple, Dove, Frito-Lay // Founder of NightOwls, // FastCompany Writer // Speaker, Passion Catalyst. nathaniel koloc // Co-creator & Operational Strategist Unreasonable Institute and Starting Bloc Fellow // Co-founder of ReWork: connecting exceptional professionals with world-changing companies. antonio neves // Experience Director & Award-winning Business Journalist Correspondent of NBC-produced business show “Cool Runnings” // Founder, THINQACTION // Speaker, experienced coach and motivator. dana pearlman // Academy Director & Authentic Leadership Artist Specialist in deep facilitation and strategic leadership // Founder of The Lotus, leadership consultancy focused on creating a just, resilient, and thriving world. ryan allis // Entrepreneur-in-Residence & Tech entrepreneur and investor Co-founded iContact at age 19, acquired for $169M in Feb 2012 // Chairman of HumanityFund, a venture fund investing in world-changing entrepreneurs.
  7. 7. boldT H E B O L D AC A D E M Y we are seriously bold. We have worked for, collaborated with, and launched some of the world’s most innovative and influential companies. As a result, we’ve been widely featured in online, TV, and print media.
  8. 8. boldT H E B O L D AC A D E M Y where we’re going over the next 5 years The most actionable movement of our time, eventually helping millions of people we aim to become accelerate the timeline of their own greatness. forward thinking & world changing today we’re partners who want to connect authentically looking for with the Bold Generation as they learn to unleash their potential on the world.
  9. 9. boldT H E B O L D AC A D E M Y We’re bringing our story to the world. The Bold Academy is an opportunity to integrate your brand into an immersive experience unlike any other. Our audience of Bolders—at the Academy and beyond—is inspired by companies who give a damn. If you care deeply about meeting the needs of this generation, we’re excited to introduce you to this audience by sharing our insights and weaving your brand into our programming. be bold with us
  10. 10. boldT H E B O L D AC A D E M Y sponsorship breakdown 75k 30k 15k 50k 10k exclusive headlining supporting custom insights Insights included! Insights included! Insights included! Starts at 50k Exclusive Deck
  11. 11. boldT H E B O L D AC A D E M Y insights 10k The Millennial consumer is an enigma, their behaviors reflecting a constantly problem revolving carousel of need states and desires. Your brand recognizes their importance and craves authentic insights into the motivations of this consumer. The Bold Academy is uniquely facilitated BY MILLENNIALS FOR MILLENNIALS, directly addressing a critical need state—the desire to engage our passions, find fulfillment, and create meaning in our lives and work. This need is changing consumption habits, shaping our entry into the work force, and restructuring the fundamental terms of our interaction with corporations. Millennial Insights Deck At the end of the Bold Academy, we will provide you with an Insights Deck synthesizing our most powerful insights into the inner landscapes solution of 35 Millennials. Addressing the Millennial perspective on the nature of work, ambition, and personal fulfillment, the deck will include observations, quantitative and qualitative analysis, and recommendations on engaging with this demographic, as well as media and personal reflections from the Bold Academy’s participants and facilitators. The Bottom Line For brands seeking to better understand, engage, and meet the needs of Millennial consumers, the Bold Academy Insights Deck will provide an invaluable perspective into the emotional drivers behind the most important generation of the 21st Century.
  12. 12. boldT H E B O L D AC A D E M Y exclusive 75k one avail able Content that highlights your brand and engages viewers is expensive, difficult, and time-consuming to produce, but you know it’s important. You’re looking to problem align your brand with web video content that not only makes influencers feel good but stirs them to action too. Sponsor Being Bold BOLD TV is a reality series documenting the journey and transformation of 30 Bolders through high-impact business leaders, mentors, and guided experiences. The 4-week experience will be packaged into short webisodes and combined with resources designed to spread and spark action. Exposure to Over 1MM doers Be the Exclusive Sponsor for the worldwide distribution of BOLD TV, a 10- part web video series set to be released over Sept - Nov 2012 on – with a monthly viewership of 350,000 and over 1.3MM total purpose-driven readers. From Oprah to media guru Seth Godin, Positively Positive’s 105 partners and contributors are leading authors, bloggers, motivational speakers, doctors, athletes, yogis, and award-winning journalists, artists and musicians – a catalogue of top influencers in entrepreneurship, life acceleration, happiness, and purpose. solution Featured at the beginning of every episode As the sole sponsor of this series, we’ll feature your logo and an acknowledgment at the beginning of every episode. Logo on our Sponsors page We’ll feature your logo on, our flagship site where facilitators and participants will post daily lessons, tips, and actionable resources on “How to Be Bold” - enabling readers to participate empathically in the Bold Academy experience. With daily Tweets, weekly articles on Positively Positive sharing stories and lessons from the Academy, twice-weekly Hey Amber Rae posts, and twice-monthly articles on Fast Company, a drumbeat of content reaching up to 2.8MM readers will drive consistent traffic to Insights Deck You’ll also receive the full material of our proprietary Millennial Insights Deck.
  13. 13. boldT H E B O L D AC A D E M Y headlining four avail able 30k For a great brand with an inspiring “why” at your core, product and ad placement problem isn’t enough to thoroughly communicate your story. You want to integrate the story of your brand into the very curriculum that sparks transformation. Share your story We’ll weave the message behind your brand, product, or service into the narrative of our experience and customize a 24-hour “Apprentice-style” challenge based on your brand objectives. This event will be a key feature on BOLD TV. Curriculum Co-Creation Does your brand have a story to tell and lessons to teach the Bolders? We’ll work with you to incorporate it into a segment of our curriculum and the story of the experience. Exposure to Over 1MM doers The story and experience of your brand will be solution captured on a segment of BOLD TV, airing online to an estimated 1.3MM purpose-driven viewers on Logo on our Sponsors page We’ll feature your logo on our flagship site, with traffic driven by Bold Academy content that will reach up to 2.8MM readers. Insights Deck You’ll also receive the full material of our proprietary Millennial Insights Deck.
  14. 14. bold supportingT H E B O L D AC A D E M Y 15k five avail able You want to go beyond gaining insights about the Bold Generation—you problem want exposure and brand association as well. The Bold Manor Sponsor the 22-bedroom house we’ll be living in, catalyzing our community. The Bold Adventure Sponsor and outfit our 2-day retreat into the wilderness at the height of the programming. he Bold Bash Sponsor our celebration at the end of the month, where we invite the T community and mentors to honor the Bolders and all they’ve achieved options Keep us fit Sponsor our athletic and wellness activities, from yoga to ropes courses to rock climbing. Keep us fueled Outfit the kitchen with local, organic, and healthy eats. Help us take flight Cover our transportation costs. Exclusive Sponsorship You’ll gain exclusive sponsorship and recognition in our marketing materials and online content around making a specific aspect of the Bold Academy experience happen. Logo on our Sponsors page We’ll feature your logo on our flagship site solutions for all, with traffic driven by Bold Academy content that will reach up to 2.8MM readers. Insights Deck You’ll also receive the full material of our proprietary Millennial Insights Deck.
  15. 15. boldT H E B O L D AC A D E M Y custom limited avail abilit y 50k We’re here to create a bolder, better, more deeply fulfilled world. If our vision aligns with your brand but you don’t see what you’re looking for—let’s talk. Creativity and shared value is our jam.
  16. 16. boldT H E B O L D AC A D E M Y bold looks amber rae good on you let’s talk. email call 415.602.8721 tweet @heyamberrae