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Personal learning environments


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Here is a short presentation I'm giving today at a colloquium for innovative teaching and learning practices.

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Personal learning environments

  1. 1. personal learning environments michael rowe department of physiotherapy university of the western
  2. 2. “its a miracle that curiositysurvives formal education” einstein
  3. 3. the internet is both spatial,and chronological gelernter (2010)
  4. 4. < rss >< xml >
  5. 5. subscribestreamfollowfeed
  6. 6. “a new communication paradigm isbeing constructed through communityinteraction and participation, whichenables the formation of looselyconnected groups with relative ease” wesch (2009)
  7. 7. aggregate
  8. 8. filter
  9. 9. remix
  10. 10. share
  11. 11. knowledge in the PLEdynamicpersonally constructedsoft boundaries knowledge in the LMSorganised around topicslearning to do staticsymmetrical relationships authority-basedpersonalised content hard boundariesaccess is open organised around classes learning about asymmetrical relationships homogeneous content access is gated
  12. 12. information overload
  13. 13. thank you