VBAC - How to have a natural birth after a previous caesarean section


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This presentation give you useful information as to how to achieve a natural birth following a previous c-section. For more information on this and useful audio recordings helping you to prepare naturally visit our website.
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VBAC - How to have a natural birth after a previous caesarean section

  1. 1. VBAC? How you can still have a natural birth even when you have had a Caesarean before presented by ... Jackie, Vanessa and Janay
  2. 2. Do you want a VBAC? Vaginal Birth after Caesarean The national average UK Caesarean rate is currently sitting at 23.5% (that’s approximately 175,000 c-sections a year). The vast majority of these175,000 women enter into their first pregnancy wanting to birth naturally only to find that when birth has taken an unexpected turn – they were advised they had no other option than to have a caesarean. After having a Caesarean, many mothers pregnant with their second or third child find themselves wondering if the possibility of having their baby naturally has eluded them forever. While it is true that for a small number of women, particularly those under medical care, a caesarean is the best option. It is still possible for most women to have a natural birth second time around. There are some perceived risks in having a natural birth after a Caesarean however with careful preparation you can confidently give birth naturally.
  3. 3. Lack of knowledge can create fear Many women enter into their first birth not knowing how to properly prepare their mind as well as their body for childbirth. Traditional antenatal classes focus on practicalities and physical preparation. Mums-to-be entered birth still anxious, tense and ultimately experience higher levels of pain unnecessarily as a result. Pain relief given can slow or stall the birth process, leaving mum feeling out of control of her body. Intervention then is often required and for many, c-section is the end result. Mum is left disappointed, in many cases feeling a failure and wondering what she could have done differently. Women who have had a previous caesarean section are often recommended that they automatically rebook for another one when they become pregnant again – because of ‘risks’ of tearing or haemorrhaging for example. In short – it is stated it would be the ‘safest’ for mum and baby and from the fear of the perceived consequences many mums simply agree. Women will take on board this advice as the ONLY option available to them (usually because it is recommended by consultant/ midwife/professional) and fail to explore other options.
  4. 4. ‘If you do the same thing as the last birth you are likely to get a similar result’ – V Turner Mothers and their birth partners, often through fear, blindly follow the path of the previous birth. Mother are left feeling inadequate emotionally and physically – a sense that they could have done more The medical establishment continues to advocate the risks of natural birth rather than advantages after a previous caesarean. This leads to… Lack of exploration that it is possible to birth naturally after c- section Unnecessary fear and sometimes guilt through pregnancy Longer post natal recovery – average of 6 weeks following operation Higher instance of post natal depression Higher instance of respiratory difficulties in newborn infants
  5. 5. What will this give me? Learning how to spend a few minutes a day throughout this next pregnancy relaxing and preparing emotionally as well as physically - the effects are evident and clinically proven: Hypnotically prepared births had shorter stage 1 labours less medication higher Apgar scores more spontaneous deliveries than control births a positive perception of birth post natally faster post natal recovery babies adjust and feed better
  6. 6. Here is why you should talk to us if you are thinking about a VBAC ... We specialise in preparing you for your day of labour and will teach you easy, no-nonsense ways to enjoy a natural birth this time around. We show you how to create an enjoyable pregnancy and childbirth experience We can show your birth partner how to play an integral role during labour We show you how to feel in control and confident on the day of labour Easier breastfeeding We show you how to gain rapid post natal health and wellbeing Both Mum & baby are calm and content
  7. 7. Interested in giving this baby the best start? We can recommend a range of easy to listen to CD’s or downloads to help you prepare emotionally as well as physically Secrets of Confident Childbirth Book helping you create a pregnancy and birth to celebrate Courses available online or face to face for you and your birth partner to attend Online support available
  8. 8. Get in touch ... The Birth Specialists web | thebirthspecialists.com for your FREE relaxation download twitter | twitter.com/birthsecrets…follow us phone | 0800 848 8745 / +44 (0) 1926 316 401