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  1. 1. FOLLOWERS, LIKES, FANS AND BRANDS How to understand forms of social media language that impact your brand. Presented by Michael and Patty Clawson Big Fish Creations
  3. 3. SOCIAL MEDIASocial media is media for social interaction, using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques, utilizing web and mobile based delivery. Source:
  4. 4. KEY WORD:Social Interaction
  5. 5. PRIVATE vs PUBLIC•There is a fine line between the two.•Assume, most everything you post is public.•If you wouldn’t say something in public, don’t say it online.
  6. 6. STATISTICALLY SPEAKING• Facebook = One billion users.• Twitter = 580 million users.• One million websites have integrated with Facebook.• New social channels pop-up everywhere. Instagram, Pinterest, Klout, Google+, Tumblr, etc.
  8. 8. BE HEARD. BE SEEN.•Brand awareness is key.• Know your customers, and understand why they would follow or like you online.• Be present, active, and participate.• Today’s customers want a 2-way conversation.• Educate your customer on who you are and what you offer.• Tell your story. Engage the conversation.
  9. 9. MINIMIZE AUTOMATION•Avoid using a service that automatically makes posts at a specific time. •Timed posts can backfire. •Automation transforms your social interaction into an answering machine.
  10. 10. CASE STUDY - RADIOHEAD Source: Read More
  11. 11. MINIMIZE AUTOMATION•Avoid using a service that posts to multiple channels at the same time. •Audience can differ in each channel. •Character limitations in different platforms means messages truncate while crossing channels.•If you must automate, choose less characters and link to more content.
  12. 12. LISTEN AND PARTICIPATE•Set time aside to monitor and interact with your channels.•Set up notifications on your mobile device to inform you of interactions.•Fulfillment should be ASAP, but don’t wake up in the middle of the night to do it. Unless it’s a crisis management issue, or a million dollar sale.
  14. 14. CASE STUDY - NESTLÉ Read More
  15. 15. CASE STUDY - NESTLÉ• Nestlé requested the video be removed from their Facebook feed because it violated their trademark.• This further angered Greenpeace supporters who began to repost Nestlé’s logo in a negative manner, and push the ban on the brand.• Nestlé was slow to respond, (2 weeks) via a “We will fix this in 2015” letter.• A lesson learned for brands in social media.
  16. 16. TROLLS AND SPAMMERS• Don’t feed them!• Watch your social channels daily.• Pay attention to your alerts.• Report and block spammers.• Be aware that an unhappy customer may appear to be a spammer.• Don’t over-react.• Be professional. Be nice.• Worse case: take it offline - Email or personal messages.• With a strong brand, your fans may help.
  17. 17. ENGAGE AND ADAPT• Become your brand’s evangelist.• Leverage positive content related to your brand.• Repost. Retweet. Reiterate.• Be true to your brand and its message.• Listen, monitor, and adapt.• Act accordingly.• Seize the opportunity.
  18. 18. CASE STUDY - OREO Read More
  19. 19. FOCUS CHANNELS• Before you choose a social media channel, determine your objective.• The nature of the channel will determine the content that goes into it.• Engage. Put your message in the channel(s).• Measure the results.
  20. 20. FOCUS CHANNEL• Facebook is the largest social media network.• Facebook pages are powerful for brands.• Metrics and reporting functions for success: • Page Insights. • Likes. • Reposts. • Page and post reach.
  21. 21. FOCUS CHANNEL• Twitter offers real-time interaction with your brand.• Faster messaging.• Metrics and reporting functions for success: • Followers. • Retweets. • @replies and interaction.
  22. 22. FOCUS CHANNEL• Yelp is reputation management.• Crowd sourced reviews of your brand.• Metrics and reporting functions for success: • Reviews. • Stars. • Participation. • Referrals.
  23. 23. FOCUS CHANNEL• Linkedin networks your brand.• Find leads.• Metrics and reporting functions for success: • Connections. • Discussions and participation. • Referrals.
  24. 24. FOCUS CHANNEL• YouTube visually broadcasts your brands message.• Largest video sharing social community.• Metrics and reporting functions for success: • Video views. • Video reviews. • Stars. • Channel subscribers.
  25. 25. OTHER FOCUS CHANNELS• Photo sharing.• Slide sharing.• Blogging.• Pinning.• Check-ins• Etc.
  26. 26. DOES ROI REALLY MATTER?• Yes. Track the success of your social media campaign, and determine how it directly correlates to your sales.• Numbers are not the only measurement of success.• The Takeaway . . . • Social media engages your brand. • Social media builds loyalty and trust. • Social media opens up a line of communication. • Social media is part of your marketing mix. • The value of this? • Priceless.
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