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How to Keep Your Horses Healthy


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Tips to prevent your horse from getting sick in the stables, while at events and while traveling.

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How to Keep Your Horses Healthy

  1. 1. How to Keep Your HORSES HEALTHY IN THE STABLES • Eliminate pools or puddles of standing water. • Use fly traps or pesticides. • Empty and thoroughly clean out water troughs at least weekly. • Keep feed in closed, vermin-proof bins. • Maintain an isolation area in the stable for sick animals, and quarantine sick horses in that space until they are well. • Install footbaths at the entrance and exit of the quarantine area. • Keep weeds and tall grass around stables trimmed to discourage rodents and other pests from nesting there. WHILE AT EVENTS • Never borrow another owner’s equipment; always use your own. • Wash and dry your hands thoroughly after touching other horses. • Watch for signs of illness in your horses for a week after returning from an event. • Never allow your horse to use a communal water trough. • Keep your horses from having direct contact with other horses. • Always record your horses’ activities and movements during the event. WHILE TRAVELING • Clean manure out of the trailer at each stop and hose it out after each trip. • Depending on the conditions and temperatures, adjust vents/ windows to eliminate stagnant air and excessive heat or cold, and to prevent exhaust fumes from accumulating. • Provide ample water to prevent dehydration. Here are some tips to prevent your horses from getting sick