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The Authentication Times Issue 36


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Welcome to the 36th edition of The Authentication Times.
Last month, two unfortunate hooch tragedy in Assam, Uttar Pradesh & Uttarakhand in India claimed over 250 lives. These unfortunate incidents raise serious concerns over policy and review of correct implementation of technologies in fighting illicit trade.
The current edition is focused on this issue. Experts have shared their opinion on issue of counterfeiting in detailed such as when it started, why it is increasing, who are involved in this, where it takes place and what can be done to counter it. The issue highlights the correct usage of Anti-Counterfeiting technologies and need of combination of physical Authentication with traceability.
The advancement in technology must be used with purpose. If we do not integrate both digital and non-digital (physical and sensory) authentication methods into our approach, then we risk wasting the major investments that are made in track and trace.
We must address illicit trade as an integral part of tax reform and overall tobacco & liquor control, and this is the right time for Government to change their approach towards it. The same is recommended by World Bank in its latest guidance report, title “Confronting Tobacco Illicit Trade: A Global Review of Country Experiences”.
The edition also addressed article on Making your Serialization Program Successful, short report on Cannabis, industry, member and association recent activity news.
We hope you will found this edition informative and interesting and as always, we look forward to receiving your feedback.

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