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Professional Makeup Kits


Published on is an expert cosmetics store offering name mark proficient dramatic cosmetics at low cost.

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Professional Makeup Kits

  1. 1. The Atrical Avenue
  2. 2. Cinema Secrets  Cinema Secrets Professional Brush Cleaner 16 Oz Bottle  $30.00  The most requested makeup brush cleaner on the market, ours is known for its rich blue color and vanilla
  3. 3. Rubie’s Costume  Bald Cap Latex Flesh & Dark Skin Head Theater Stage Halloween Mask Wig Clown  $5.75
  4. 4. Special Effects  SPECIAL EFFECTS HAIR DYE 4 Oz  $12.36
  5. 5. True Tape  2oz Invisibond White Lace Wig & Toupee Glue Invisi Bond  $13.69  Invisi-bond is a water- based pressure- sensitive adhesive that goes on white and dries to a clear, matte, finish. Virtually odorless, Invisi- Bond can be brushed or gently squeezed onto the bonding surface.
  6. 6. Vapon  VAPON LACE FX 1/2" X 3 YARDS TAPE FOR WIG TOUPEE  $5.59  CurveLace wigs offer a special challenge for adhesion to the scalp. The fine nature and porosity of the wig base material does not have a large enough surface area for proper adhesion.
  7. 7. Walker Tape Co.  New Walker Lace Front Support Blue Liner Tape 1" Roll 12 Yard Wig Toupee  $18.98  Lace Front Support/Blue Liner: Top seller in the permanent wear line. Famous for its dull finish. A must have for any shop owner.
  8. 8. Wild Growth  2 X Twin Pack Of Wild Growth Olive  $42.99  For Real Thicker and Longer Hair Growth.Effective even with only a few Drops to the scalp. Detangles Kinks with lasting manageability/softness. Gives Hair Body, Bounce Sway and Shimmer.
  9. 9. Wizafir  Halloween Costume Ear Tips Elf Fairy Hobbit Spock Mehron Spirit Gum Remover Kit  $17.89
  10. 10. Contact Us  Email :  Tele : 317-222-3552(M-F 9:00am- 5:pm)  Website :