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Simon Mercer, Microsoft, pour la journée e-health 2013


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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Simon Mercer, Microsoft, pour la journée e-health 2013

  1. 1. •••••••••••••
  2. 2. Expand thestate of the artacross thebreadthof computingRapidlytransferinnovativetechnologiesintoMicrosoftproductsEnsure thatMicrosoftproducts have afuture
  3. 3. Microsoft Research Global PresenceINDIAFuse LabsXCGResearch ConnectionsStation QSILICON VALLEY NEW YORK CITYATL EuropeATL IsraelATL CairoASIACAMBRIDGEREDMONDNEW ENGLAND
  4. 4. •••
  5. 5. •••The SenseCam projectPrototype (2003) Research product (2009) Product (2012)
  6. 6. INTERACTIVE IDENTITY BADGENorman Pohl, Steve Hodges, John Helmes, Nic Villar, TimPaekBelt-worn identity badge with embedded LCD displaythat senses movement of retractable string attachment toallow lightweight, single-hand access to information.OMNITOUCHChris Harrison, Hrvoje Benko, Andy WilsonUses a camera/projector system mounted onthe shoulder to seamlessly appropriatesurfaces around the user as interactivedisplays.MOODWINGSAsta Roseway, Paul Johns, Patrick Therien, MaryCzerwinskiTakes input from affective monitoring devices andphysically actuates butterfly wings to signify moodssuch as stress or happiness.BIONIC CONTACT LENSBabak Parviz, Brian Otis, Desney Tan, et al.Uses electronics embedded in a contact lens to project avirtual display directly on the retina. Can also measurechemical content in the tears (e.g. to continuously senseglucose levels).MOUTH-COMPUTER INTERFACEScott Saponas, Desney Tan, Daniel Kelley, BabakParvizUses optical sensors built into a dental retainer tomeasure tongue gestures for interaction andpotentially for correcting speech impediments.HUMANTENNAGabe Cohn, Dan Morris, Shwetak Patel, Desney Tan, etal.Uses static electric field sensing and body as antennato detect when user has touched walls and to inferwhole body gestures, all with zero environmentalinstrumentation.MUSCLE-COMPUTER INTERFACEScott Saponas, Dan Morris, Desney Tan, et al.Uses electromyography (EMG) to sensemuscular activity on forearm and infer fingergestures without instrumenting hand or wrist.SKINPUTChris Harrison, Dan Morris, Desney TanUses bio-acoustic sensing to localize fingertaps on the skin. Augmented with a pico-projector, can provide direct manipulation,graphical user interface on the hand, arm, orbody.ARMBAND COMMUNICATIONRan Gilad-Bachrach, Gerald DeJean, Trang Thai, AstaRosewayUses electric fields to turn arm into confinedcommunication channel that does not require wire. Canalso allow secure communication between people whenthey touch.DIGITSDavid Kim, Otmar Hilliges, Shahram Izadi, et al.Uses infrared illumination/camera system on wrist,coupled with biomechanical model of hand, to senseand reconstruct high-resolution finger gestures.Wearables @SEPTIMUGuobin Shen, Feng Zhao, John Stankovic, et al.Uses an IMU, IR sensor, and microphone embedded inearphones to detect heart rate, activity level, headgestures, and context. Can be used to control games ormusic playback.SENSECAMSteve Hodges, Ken Wood, Abi Sellen, et al.Wearable camera that automatically capturesphotos. Useful in aiding people with memory loss,logging dietary intake, measuring environmentalcontext, etc.
  7. 7. •••Build your own device: .NET Gadgeteer
  8. 8. ModularHardwareSoftwareToolsPhysicalDesignThe .NET Gadgeteer Platform
  9. 9. ModularHardwareSoftwareToolsPhysicalDesignThe .NET Gadgeteer Platform
  10. 10. Modular hardware: mainboards
  11. 11. Modules: sensors
  12. 12. Modules: communication
  13. 13. Modules: display and user input
  14. 14. Modules: power and actuation
  15. 15. Modules: storage and audio
  16. 16. Modules: extensibility
  17. 17. Sockets have types, which specifytheir electronic interface capabilities
  18. 18. Connecting a module to a mainboard
  19. 19. ModularHardwareSoftwareToolsPhysicalDesignThe .NET Gadgeteer Platform
  20. 20. Based on the .NET Micro Framework: Subset of .NET Programming in C# and Visual Basic Interactive debugging.NET Gadgeteer adds: Gadgeteer Core Libraries Visual Studio Graphical Designer Framework for mainboard and module driversSoftware tools
  21. 21. Starting a new .NET Gadgeteer project
  22. 22. ModularHardwareSoftwareToolsPhysicalDesignThe .NET Gadgeteer Platform
  23. 23. Laser-cut enclosure (arcade game)
  24. 24. 3D-printed enclosure
  25. 25.
  26. 26. Identifying Genetic Causes of Disease
  28. 28. Factored SpectrallyTransformed Linear Mixed Models•••••nature | methods September 2011nature | methods June 2012FaST-LMMpreviousstate ofthe art
  29. 29. ••••
  30. 30. •••
  31. 31. ••••••Acquisition Annotation Collaboration
  32. 32. •••• Annotation Collaboration
  33. 33. ••••• Annotation Collaboration
  34. 34. Questions?
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