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Can You Afford not to Have the Latest Mobile Technology?


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Can You Afford not to Have the Latest Mobile Technology?

  1. 1. Can You Afford not to Have the Latest Mobile Technology?
  2. 2. Text For some people their smart phone is their only computer, with this trend more pronounced in Asia. Photo by: Yutaka. F.
  3. 3. Text Who needs business cards anymore when you can just bump phones? Photo by: Derek K. Miller
  4. 4. Text Splitting a business meal and everyone needs a copy of the itemized bill?... Photo by: Philip C.
  5. 5. Text you can just use an app like Evernote to take a photo of the bill and file and categorize it. No more missing receipts! Photo by: Theunquietlibrarian
  6. 6. Text Why pay full price for a book when you can download it for less? Photo by: Gorekun
  7. 7. Text Still paying for long distance? Skype for Free! Photo by: Shareski
  8. 8. Text With stock alerts and smart phones we can finally buy and sell stocks on the go. Photo by: YoTu
  9. 9. Text The death of the stand alone GPS unit. Photo by: Yutaka Tsutano
  10. 10. Text Looking for the cheapest price on a product? Scan the barcode and get instant prices from competing merchants. Photo by: Robert Burdock
  11. 11. Text Remember spending money on pay phones? They are now almost extinct. Photo by: Phydeaux460
  12. 12. Text What kind of impression would using an older phone give to your business associates? Photo by: Mickyj
  13. 13. Text Still spending money on travel? Photo by: davipt
  14. 14. Text You can save a fortune with video-conferencing. Photo by: EIU
  15. 15. Text Find out where your friends are and get special deals sent to your phone. Photo by: atputasbazes
  16. 16. Text Text messages are now even an important fundraising tool. Photo by: Beverly & Pack
  17. 17. Text There are so many useful things you can do on smart phones that data usage now uses more bandwidth than actual phone calls. Photo by: VideoSEOTips
  18. 18. Text Do you remember when we had secretaries?... Photo by: anaxolotl
  19. 19. Text ...Now we use our phones as mobile offices and digital secretaries. Photo by: trioffer_image
  20. 20. Text Do you remember when you had to have a fax machine?... Photo by: Cary Lee
  21. 21. Text ...Now our smart phones are mobile fax machines. Photo by: empowermm
  22. 22. Text Jenny puts on a brave face but secretly worries why Microsoft has not responded to the resume she sent by telegram weeks ago. Photo by: Beastie!
  23. 23. Text Smart phones and Ipads are huge hits with children so the next generation will give inner meaning to the term Digital Native. Photo by: Ioupiote
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