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Ethographic opportunity analysis 2011(delcore&mullooly)


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In brief, here are the Steps:
–1. Find a routine, taken-for-granted task/service/product,
–2. “Hang out” and “thickly describe” it in a notebook,
–3. In a one page pitch, suggest some sort of innovation that will add value.

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Ethographic opportunity analysis 2011(delcore&mullooly)

  1. 1. SweetChocolate
  2. 2. Henry Ford’sAssembly Line
  3. 3. Shushi in US
  4. 4. Sugar Beets in 1870s
  5. 5. Japanese AutomotiveAdministration
  6. 6. SweetChocolate
  7. 7. Master ofInnovation asimprovementof an existing good
  8. 8. The Macintosh Interface
  9. 9. Apple is a Software Company (Jobs) The Ipod’s Itunes Store
  10. 10. Apple is a Software Company (Jobs) The Iphone’s App Store
  11. 11. Apple is a Software Company (Jobs) The Ipad’s App Store
  12. 12. How can youfind theseopportunities?
  13. 13. The AnthroGuy Himself Professor Hank Delcore
  14. 14. Observe, analyze, suggest, butdo not be vague with yoursuggestion.
  15. 15. Final Quiz:Can younotice anyOpportunitiesin thefollowing…
  16. 16. Final Quiz:How abouthere?
  17. 17. T hanks for your Time