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The Future of Wearable Technology


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The Future of Wearable Technology

  2. 2. HYPOTHESISMillenials expect wearable technology that is fashionable,multifunctional, augments digital and real life experience andconnects their multi-media lifestyle
  4. 4. FORCETECHNOLOGY-Millenials are a generation oftechnology multi-taskers & cram10:45 hours of multimedia in to7:38 hours each day (KaiserFamily Foundation’s GenerationM2 survey)-”Over half (53%) of 16- to 22-year-olds said they would rathergive up their sense of smell thangive up their technology.”(McCann World Group)-Millenials expect their workplaceto take advantage of andembrace technology.-14 million wearable deviceswere shipped in 2011; by 2016wearable tech will represent aminimum revenue opportunity of$6 billion (IMS research report)
  5. 5. FORCESINGULARITY-”The event when the rate oftechnological change becomeshuman surpassing”-Blurring of man and machine-Computers are getting faster(Singularity: Kurzweil on 2045,TIME magazine)-IBM super computer Watsondefeated two Jeopardychampions in February 2011-Singularity is expected by2045 (Kurzweil)-”The quality of artificialintelligence created will beabout a billion times the sumof all the human intelligencethat exists today.” (Kurzweil)
  6. 6. FORCEECONOMICS-Experiencing inflation tominimize debt burden-1.5% of World GDP is madeof products that half in priceevery 18 months-Constant pressure to createnew and improved productsevery few months to occupyprime price points-Inflation causes revenues oftech companies to rise &their earnings-per-share tosurge-The biggest beneficiaries ofinflation are tech companiesand those tied to them.(The Impact of Computing)
  7. 7. ADIDAS MICOACH HEART-RATE MONITORAND FORCES of technology, singularity, and economics. Fulfills consumer desireDriven by SUPERNOVA SPORTS BRAfor multi-functional wearable technology. Recognizes consumer health consciousness& perceived social status living fit lifestyle. Integrates and enhances real life experiencethrough technology. CODES: Health/Wellness , Networking/Community
  8. 8. 3RD SPACE FPS GAMING VESTDriven by FORCES of technology, singularity, and economics. Allows you to “feelwhat you’ve been missing. Incorporates technology to give consumer a moreauthentic role playing experience. Amplifies gaming intensity. CODES:Fantasy/Escapism, Networking/Community
  9. 9. THE ‘LIKE-A-HUG’ FACEBOOK JACKETDriven by FORCES of technology, singularity, and economics. Allows user to feelwarmth, encouragement, support or love we feel when they receive hugs. Response todesire for more authentic and deeper relationships that technology often distracts from.CODES: Networking/Community
  10. 10. INTERAXON MUSE HEADBANDDriven by FORCES of technology, singularity, and economics. Example of mind controllingtechnology that can be used to focus your mind, train your brain, improve thought control,and used to control apps and play games. Response to consumer desire for technologyintegration and multitasking from a single device. CODES: Community/Networking,Escapism/Fantasy
  11. 11. SUBCULTUREPOST-GEEK-Not concerned with labelsbeing barriers to theirinterests-Highly connected withlifelong exposure to multiplecommunication and mediatechnologies-Openly embracesphilosophies and aestheticsfrom a multitude of culture-Early adopter of technology-Loves gadgets-Appreciates design,function, utility, heritage &transparency-Educated, college graduate
  12. 12. OPPORTUNITYAUGMENTED APPARELTo enhance the alwaysconnected millenialsexperience wearabletechnology needs to be:-Interactive-Stylish-Comfortable-Cross functionalMillenials are budgetconscious and looking forVALUE. If wearabletechnology cansimultaneously meet theseneeds consumers feel theyare getting more bang fortheir buck
  13. 13. CLIENTCARHARTTFounded 1889 by Hamilton Carhart. Headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan. Focus on work wearwith a high standard of excellence. Notorious for creating an innovative overall garment forrailroad workers. A brand that stood the test of time. Have cotton production, denim mills &apparel facilities across USA, Canada, and Europe. Global premium work wear brand with richheritage of developing rugged apparel for workers on and off the job.
  14. 14. TREND INSIGHTSAUGMENTED WORK WEAR-Millenials are alwaysconnected and desire apparelthat integrates with theirmultiple technologies.-Carhartt was founded with afocus on workwear, but we areno longer working on therailroad but working withtechnology.-Focus on wearabletechnology that augments ourwork experience, desire forpleasure & ease, encouragesnetworking, and supports anactive lifestyle.-Organize multitasking in to asingular interface-Acknowledge growing desirefor authentic experience andinteractions