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Introduction to Web Analytics


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A basic introduction to Web Analytics given to the M1 students in Digital Marketing at ECS Brussels

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Introduction to Web Analytics

  1. 1. Web AnalyticsECS Brussels - September 2012
  2. 2. Hello, my name is David Hachez @theafter
  3. 3. Definitions Basics Uses
  4. 4. toolbox
  5. 5. Manage Content Gather Insight Exchange YOU publishers bookmarks analytics communication community image storage data streams projects blog sounds knowledge communities crowdsourcing location videos information networks infrastructure personal data live stream reputation v-office Capital Creation Curation Control Collaboration social media dashboard - beta versionThe After
  6. 6. Manage Content Gather Insight Exchange Google account Twitter Delicious Google Analytics Skype FB account Flavors, CheckThis StumbleUpon FB insights Socialcast,Yammer OpenID, Linkedin Prezly Pinterest Tcounter,Woopra Google+ Flickr, Picasa Evernote RescueTime,Beebole FB pages/groups BaseCamp Dropbox AddThis, Linkedin Zoho projects Prezy Issuu ClickTale,Seevolution Slideshare DialogFeed Crowdspring Blogger, WP Soundcloud Knowledge Plaza Getsatisfaction, ODesk, Mindmeister Posterous,Tumblr MySpace Docstoc SocialBro GhostBloggers Youtube Storify Google Apps 4square Hootsuite Vimeo Wiki Zoho Gowalla CoTweet,Twitspark Dailymotion Netvibes, Office365 Livestream Klout, Ubervu, Memolane, Dipity ContactOffice uStream Bringshare, Attentio, Whoopaa Acrobat Qik (mobile) Sproutsocial Capital Creation Curation Control Collaboration social media dashboard - beta versionThe After
  7. 7. Analytics
  8. 8. on site
  9. 9. off site
  10. 10. others
  11. 11.
  12. 12.
  13. 13. The 1 mio € question
  14. 14. The Big Picture source:
  15. 15. Thanks