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Kit list v3

  1. 1. The Ice Run – Kit List As the old Nordic saying goes:“Det finns inget sådant som dåligt väder, bara dåliga kläder”“There is no such thing as bad weather , only bad clothing”
  2. 2. The Ice Run – Kit List Ice WarriorWE ARE A ONE-STOP-WAREHOUSE FOR ANYTHING TO DOWITH LIVING, TRAVELLING OR WORKING IN THE WORLD’S MOST EXTREME ENVIRONMENTS. We kit, clothe and equip. Anything from underpants to industrial dry suits; pocket knives to GoPros; GPS to EPIRB’s; batteries to aviation fuel; bivouacks to cabooses; off-road vehicles to snowmobiles.WE SPECIFY, SOURCE AND SUPPLY EVERYTHING FOR ANY EVENT, ANYWHERE AND ANYHOW.The next few slides will present you with an idea of the kit you will need for the Ice Run, use in conjunction with the Excel booking form
  3. 3. The Ice Run – Kit List • Neck and HeadA lot of warmth can EDZ – Yeti Fleece ME – Powerstretch MHW – Domebe lost through the Neck Warmer balaclava Perignonhead, as it can bemuch harder toinsulate from the + +cold. Made from a double Close fitting This hat has a greatA neck fleece and sided shaggy fleece, balaclava for sub blend of Polartecbalaclava with better heat zero conditions Thermal Pro fleece,combination will retention than and Goreensure no parts of Polar tech fabric for normal polar fleece. WindStopper lining,your neck or head comfort and warmth, Although they look that creates ais exposed to the Schoeller ear bulky the fabric is “shield” to block outcold. Beware of any guards for extra very fine and the wind and cold.gaps and exposed warmth with compressible. Ideal for wearingskin. ergonomic design keeping your head for improved fit. warm when the helmet is off.
  4. 4. The Ice Run – Kit List • Body – Fleece + Base LayerMade from either MHW – Monkey Smartwool – NTS SubZero – Factor 2wool or synthetic Jacket light 195 zip t long sleeve zip neckfibres dependingon budget orpreference. We + orrecommend one ofthese. All are long An essential part of the Zip T features a 14” The long body length layering system, this front Zipper and drop in combination with asleeved and should warm fleece made of tail bottom hem for drop back prevents anybe worn directly high-pile Monkey Phur increased coverage cold spots duringagainst your body. for great thermal and ideal when leaning activity. Set-in sleevesA zip neck will efficiency and warmth forwards on a bike. and contoured bodyallow you to vent to weight ratio. Zip Made of 100% Merino panels provide aheat quickly should pockets at hands and tailored fit that start to get hot chest. increases wicking efficiency and thermalor sweat. Also makes a great efficiency. pillow at night. 94% Polyester.
  5. 5. The Ice Run – Kit List • Legs – Base LayerMade from either SubZero– Factor 2 SubZero – Merino Smartwool – NTSwool or synthetic Bloo John Bloo John Midweight Bottomfibres dependingon budget orpreference. Werecommend one ofthese. All are full These are standard As with the Factor 2, Made from the thermal Long Johns. these are a fairly heaviest NTS fabriclength long john. They have a high standard pair of Long they have, they areDepending on your waist, which helps Johns, though made of probably the best basepersonal hygiene keep all your skin Merino wool, and layer legs available,preference you may covered and kidneys without any seams for and used by hardcoreprefer to get two warm, especially when total comfort next to ski patrollers that knowsets. leaning forward. skin. they will be camping out. Great during the Comes with a fly… Unisex design only day, and just as good bonus for men only on 94% Merino Wool at keeping you warm in this one. your bag at night. 94% Polyester 100% Merino wool
  6. 6. The Ice Run – Kit List • Outer ShellGiven that you will Bergans – Arctic ME – Kongur MRT Jacketbe travelling at high Expedition + Karakorum Pantsspeeds on amotorbike windchillwill be an importantconsideration. Anyof these are great Developed and tested for The Kongur MRT Jacket is fully expeditions where the right wind and waterproof, is tried,windproof and tested and trusted by clothing means survival, itwaterproof outer provides total wind, waterproof mountaineers the world over,shells. Loose fitting and breathable protection. and for good reason. Againwith good elasticity Made with Dermizax, it wicks generous hood and pockets, asthese shells can moisture away by allowing well as a long cut to protect theusually be worn perspiration vapour to dissipate thighs. Combined with theover or under your through the shell, whilst Karakorum pants that have a retaining it’s waterproof heat trapping high backed waist,insulating layer. and stretch panels in the knees properties. Good at maintaining body heat generated, with and seat that provide protection ventilation zips to allow you to from the wind and freedom of release unwanted heat. movement.
  7. 7. The Ice Run – Kit List • Hands - LinersUse all 3 of these in Hestra – Polartec Hestra – ME – RedLine Mittcombination. Liners Power Dry Windstopper Glacierare great forkeeping your handsprotected whilst + +doing fiddly jobs. A thin, breathable and Classic, fleece, all- ideal for ventures toGloves for a moisture-transporting around glove that slips the coldest corners ofbalance between easily into your pocket the globe, the Redline liner. Primarily used aswarmth and a base liner for gloves and can be used for all Mitt uses adexterity, and the in cold conditions. As a kinds of tasks requiring combination of efficientMitts as added stand alone they are moderate dexterity. Primaloft insulationinsulation when ideal for protecting you Should be combined throughout and 93/7,riding the bike or from the wind and with any supple liners 700+ fill power down direct contact with and/or worn inside a on the back of hand forsitting in the side metal when working on shell mitten. supreme frost-bitecar battling warmth. the bike.
  8. 8. The Ice Run – Kit List • Feet – Boots + SocksA tough job to Sorel – Glacier Sorel – 1964 PAC Smartwool – Extrabalance the need heavy Mountaineeringfor warmth and theability to use thepedals on the bike. and / or +The Glacier boot is Certified to -70c, this Certified to -40c, this This sock has extra-the warmest boot durable, weather- waterproof boot heavy full cushioning,by far, however can features a supple full- which keeps your feet defying boot isbe very bulky. One designed for keeping grain leather upper, full warm and dry.pair for the person feet warm, dry and Seam-sealed They use treatedsitting in the side protected in deep snow waterproof construction merino wool for an itchcar can be a good and extreme cold. It and removable 9mm free, shrink resistantway to warm has a wind resistant washable felt inner sock with moisture and water proof outer boot, making it great wicking, odourfreezing toes. shell with built in gater for keeping feet warm reducing, anti-microbial to keep your feet dry, a and dry, and still properties, to keep non slip sole to keep provide flexibility for your feet comfortable you on your feet and a operating pedals on and healthy 13mm ThermoPlus felt the bike. inner boot.
  9. 9. The Ice Run – Kit List TentA good tent is a Hilliberg – Nammatj MHW – Hoopster MHW – Trango 3large butworthwhileinvestment. Thesetents have beenproven to work well Tried, tested and The Hoopster™ is a The winterin difficult trusted. This robust all- simple, rugged four- mountaineeringconditions, are person ,four-season standard for over a season, all-roundermade of very strong pitches quickly and shelter designed for decade, Trango™materials, and are easily, can be taken trekkers who want a tents are extremelyquick to put up. down and moved dry bombproof place to refined shelters for two, quickly, offers a cook, eat, sleep. Its three and four people. remarkably large traditional round shape Featuring DAC NSL amount of room and deflects relentless poles combined with exceptional strength, winds; its floorless our four-pole design and is still lighter than design allows it to be and including our most other tents in its set up high for patented tension shelf class. maximum ventilation or for added strength, in hunkered-down Trango™ tents excel in mode to weather the the toughest conditions worst storm
  10. 10. The Ice Run – Kit List SleepingSynthetic or Down, Thermarest - MHW – Ghost (-40) MHW – Lamina (-30)a good quality Ridgerestsleeping bag willmean all thedifference if you are + orsleeping under This mattress boasts a Designed to take on A warm synthetic bag,canvas. heat-reflecting extreme conditions and the Lamina™ -30 isCombined with a Insulated with 800 fill designed to lock out aluminized surface,Thermarest mat adding to the down, sealed for frigid temperatures withand a platypus effectiveness of heat- warmth with an compressible, loftybottle full of hot trapping valleys and ergonomic collar, and ThermicMicrowater to stay warm soft, supportive ridges sporting a comfortable insulation. Offsetand be able to resulting in an increase foot box, these quilting and welded in warmth expedition bags make construction eliminatesleep a great choice in cold spots and a face extreme conditions gasket and tailored hood seal in warmth. Synthetic fill insulates even when wet.
  11. 11. The Ice Run – Kit List Stoves and cookingIf you need to cook MSR – XGK MSR – Annual Firesteel 2.0up some food Maintenance Kitwhilst outdoorsthese stoves aretried and tested and +will work in the Everything you need to Magnesium firestarter,extreme cold. They For over 30 years, perform field repairs on when lighters freeze MSRs XGK has beenwill run on any fuel your stove and matches get wet the worlds mostand produce a high reliable extreme-pressure flame that condition stove, Expedition Foods Pot and utensilswill provide the dependably burning aheat needed to boil greater variety of liquidwater or cook in fuels than any stove onextreme low the market. The XGK High calorie freeze Good sized pot for has a proven record oftemperatures dried meals. Just add boiling water in, and being capable of water. Have at least some utensils for eating delivering hot food and water in the most one full meal per day extreme conditions per person minimum
  12. 12. The Ice Run – Kit List • Water storageThere is increased Thermax - Hercules Nalgen – Tritan Platypus water bottlerisk of dehydrationin extreme cold dueto the lack ofmoisture in the air. + +Here are various This is a strong, tough, Nalgene Tritan bottles These are light, easy towater containers to rugged Thermos flask are made from fill, and hold liquid veryhelp you keep Eastman Tritan TM co- well. Can be used as a with a large cup.hydrated and warm. Featuring a stainless polyester and are not secondary but largerWe would steel inner core, only virtually source of water whenrecommend taking TherMax vacuum , and unbreakable but also camping of each. a hard polymer outer. leak proof and do not Great when filled with Will keep your drink make your drink taste hot water from the warm for approximately of plastic. stove to make an 24 hours. Keep inside your effective hot water A hot drink is an insulating layer to bottle to put in your effective way of prevent water from sleeping bag at night. warming up. freezing.
  13. 13. The Ice Run – Kit List • Other kit Ortlieb – Big Zip Blizzard – Goggles Compass & Map Case Emergency blanketLarge rucksack, with Good pair of Anti Fog Combine with map tofull length zip. Will hold Provides good warmth double layer lenses complete the set andeverything you need and weather Goggles. Better face make sure you’reand keep it all protection, in an coverage than glasses heading the right waywaterproof emergencyExped – 4 Dry bags First Aid Kit Head Torch Sewing Kit Toiletries bag Personal first Aid Kit, Good Quality head4 sizes and 4 colours for everyone should have torch, to see in the dark Lip Salveeasy kit identification. a complete kit before and keep your hands setting off. free to tinker or set up camp
  14. 14. The Ice Run – Kit List Next StepsIf you wish to discuss the above presentation or associated Kit list, contact us. Jim McNeill will consult directly with you before you go into this extreme environment.We can discuss the gear you already have and what you will need in addition, and work out the best options based on your budget.When you are happy with your choice of kit then we will cost it and get the gear to you, whether this be at your current location or directly to Ibrit.Our clients include BBC, ITV, IMG Media, Civil Aviation Authority, European Aviation Safety Agency, British Schools Exploration Society, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Zodiak Media, Sony Paramount, Marvel Studios, etc.Our latest productions include: Frozen Planet, Human Planet, Last Explorers, Natural World, Captain America, Trans World Sport, etc.In the last year our kit has counted polar bears, filmed penguins, tested helicopters, reached both north and south poles, climbed Everest, found mammoths in Siberia and kept celebrities safe and happy