Brand Manual portfolio 2012


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Brand Manual portfolio 2012

  1. 1. Manual Works2012
  2. 2. Here are some branding andservice design stories that we’vehad the privilege to tell overthe past years
  3. 3. Re-launcing the world’sleading roaming SIM cardTravelSim has about 3 million customers worldwide. However,hardly anybody knows that this kind of service even exists.
  4. 4. Our task was to make the simple idea of savingup to 85% on international calls using their SIMcard more accessible - and more believable.
  5. 5. Besides a clear visual identity that also meantcleaningup the language of the service, focusingonly on the core benefit. Travel. Talk. Save.
  6. 6. Park by phone, easily!ParkNOW! is a leader in cell phone parking in the US.It is also branching out to other payment situationsoutside of parking.
  7. 7. Brand Manual developed the visual identity and the userlogic behind the mobile app interface. We’re also adoptingthe identity for use on 77 different format parking meters,internationalizing the material and ensuring that thepromise easiest to use remains valid.
  8. 8. Yes, we aint got no bananas!NoBananas is a Scandinavian brand created byBrand Manual for seasonal sale of strawberriesfrom freestanding modular stands.
  9. 9. The objective of branding was to distinguish the outletsfrom other, mostly anonymous stands. Customers havenow a pretty good idea where they got the goodstrawberries from.
  10. 10. Keeping self organized, well organizedBack in 2007, our partner Markko designed a logo for the Estonianclean up event Teeme ära! (Lets do it!). The event turned out to bea successful format and was adopted by many countries worldwide.
  11. 11. By 2011 the movement had matured into an organization.It had grown geographically, but now also covered manyother activities, besides the initial environmental concern.And it needed to clean up its brand.So we made a toolbox that everyone can use.
  12. 12. Finally, we created a visualisation of Lets Do It!organizational goals and activities. We wish thatall their plans come true.
  13. 13. Re-positioning IT for the futureByteLife is an IT company specialized on guaranteeingbusiness continuity. We were engaged by ByteLife toupgrade the visual identity.
  14. 14. The discussion about the visual identity lead to a re-positioning ofByteLife, with a clear definition of quality for companies with missioncritical data services. We developed a value statement for ByteLife,that says We cover force majeure, – an absolute guarantee ofbusiness continuity in data systems handled by ByteLife.
  15. 15. Identifying the Top BrandRegio is the leading mapmaker in Estonia. Albeit synonymous withorientation, it needed better identification – receiving occasionalnegative feedback for competing cartographers faulty maps.
  16. 16. We drew them a new, more recognizable logo. However,the core of our solution was to base Regios identity ontheir iconic road atlas – and apply it consistently acrossall Regio materials, whether printed or digital.
  17. 17. The bottle is the storyAn Estonian beer for sale everywhere but Estonia.The Viru trademark is owned by Baltic Beer Co (London) Ltd andis positioned to the wealthy consumer segment across the globe.
  18. 18. Our task was to anchor the brand firmly in an Estonian story thatis believable abroad, while still being true to the domestic public.Besides designing the bottle we created the Viru legend –we stuck to the facts, as well as preconceptions.
  19. 19. Viru is on sale in luxury hotels, top restaurants and bars in the UK andWestern Europe. In recent years it has been expanding into US,Canada, South Korea. Viru is a globalizing beer brand and we’re proudto have been able influence its growth.
  20. 20. Normal prices.Prisma: re-positioning of a hypermarketPrisma differs from other hypermarkets by shunning in-store promotions,having very wide aisles, no euro-pallet displays and fast check-outs.However, it’s communication was all about prices - like every other vendor..
  21. 21. Shop attendant’s pocket bookBrand Manual was first engaged to do a thorough brand audit ofthe organization and make long-term strategic recommendations.According to the report, the primary focus of communicationwas to employees. And that’s what we started with.
  22. 22. We apologize for the convenience.The internal campaign was followed by mass-media, whichfocused on the purchasing process and product availability.Prisma has reduced the importance of price arguments incommunication, focusing instead on its uniqueness andcustomer benefits.
  23. 23. Warsaw Business GardenIKEA’s owners are building a new business park on thesite of a former cherry orchard in Warsaw.
  24. 24. It will offer hotel, retail and office space to companies thatappreciate environmentally responsible architecture and attitude.Our job was to map the business park’s strengths and to createa visual identity. The ideological platform is now used to promoteand identify the park.
  25. 25. ThymeRoseA concept of an erotic shop for women only - a placeto get to know ones sexuality, enjoy oneself, to dressup in sensual lingerie. Live, love learn.
  26. 26. A store where the lewdness of the sex shop was abandoned infavor of eroticism, class and the realization, that learning to lovelife and loving are all good things.We came up with the name, prepared the basic brand identityalong with the service concept and a few applications.
  27. 27. TaxiPalStranger in a strange land? You don’t know where to go andyou’ve no idea where you are? How do you get a taxi?No worries, help is on the way with TaxiPal.
  28. 28. This location based service (LBS) will help you get where you wantto go. TaxiPal was last year’s NAVTEQ LBS Challenge Grand Prixwinner. The service is now available across Europe.We helped find a name for the service, developed the identity andthe UI design, and gave a input on the software’s usability.
  29. 29. There are some custom-madeinstruments that help us and ourclients to find what really makestheir products tick.Manual Tools
  30. 30. Branding ABCBranding ABC is an one-day course that helps you understand the brandingprocess and why it is necessary. It describes how to create, build and growyour brand to earn greater profit. You’ll learn to ask the right questions ofyour company, product and service – to build it systematically further on..
  31. 31. Brand Map / DiscoveryThis is how we do it – first find all the product’s or services touchpointswith a consumer, define their strengths, inconsistencies and opportunities.The task is to create a common grid of parts that all work for thecommon goal – distinctive brand perception.
  32. 32. Time LineWhen starting a branding project we don’t take it as a cosmetic exercise.This timeline done for one of our clients shows that a branding process– or rebranding – needs consistency and a good plan. We figure out theroad map and set checkpoints along the way.
  33. 33. So, what it is that we do?Brand Manual helps define the competitive advantage of companies andtheir products. We express this through a better product, service, identity,staff training or future scenario which makes our clients productsunderstandable and desirable to their target audience.It may be realised in service product concepts, user interfaces,identities, packages as well as training company top managementand staff.And that’s exactly what Brand Manual does.
  34. 34. thinking. branding. design.
  35. 35. 2012 Brand Manual