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Making Choices the Godly Way by Deacon Michael Ebong


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Deacon Michael Ebong admonished the brethren on the importance of making godly choices such as: what to do for a living? Whom to marry? Where to live? What Car to buy? What Clothes to wear? Coming to Church today? etc.

Based on the case study of the choices made by Lot, we are advised to be selfless, patient and considerate with one another.

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Making Choices the Godly Way by Deacon Michael Ebong

  1. 1. by Bro. Michael EBONG Making Choices the godly Way CHURCH OF CHRIST, SANGOTEDO
  2. 2. • Life is simply a function of our Choices and Decisions: – What to do for a living – Whom to marry – Where to live – What Car to buy – What Clothes to wear – Coming to Church today – Etc. Introduction
  3. 3. • Over the ages, men and women who worshipped God have had to make decisions which either made or marred their lives: – Abraham – Moses – David • 2 Sam. 11:1-2 – Jeremiah – Paul – Barnabas • Acts 15:36-41 – Timothy – Etc. Introduction
  4. 4. • Gen. 13:1-18 • Lessons from the Separation: – When faced with difficult situations: • Take the Initiative in resolving conflicts • Let others have first Choice, even if it means our not getting what we want • Put Family Peace above Personal Desires Case Study
  5. 5. • Options to the Separation: – Abraham and Lot were surrounded by hostile neighbours: • It could be better for them to bound together • Rivalries, arguments and disagreements among believers can be destructive in 3 ways: – They damage goodwill, trust and peace – the foundation of good human relations – They hamper progress toward important goals – They make us self-centred rather than group- centred • John 17:21 Case Study
  6. 6. • Lot’s character is revealed by his choices: – He took the best share of the land even though it meant living near Sodom, a city known for its sin – He was greedy, wanting the best for himself, without thinking about his Uncle Abraham’s needs or what was Equitable and Fair Case Study
  7. 7. • When faced by Choices: – Do we put Jesus Christ into the Equation? – Do we consider the Needs of others? – Do we consider what is Equitable and Fair? Case Study
  8. 8. • Making Choices like Lot did: – Leads to Problems like Lot suffered • If we do not make Choices in God’s direction, the only available option is to make Choices in the wrong direction – Lot lived among and was influenced by the people of Sodom – Later committed Incest with his Daughters: • Gen. 19:30=36 Case Study
  9. 9. • Good pasture and available water seemed like a wise choice to Lot at first • But he failed to recognize that wicked Sodom could provide temptations for him and his family members • When God is in your Business, even the dry land can become fertile – Abraham had to rescue Lot (Gen 14:1-16) • ‘Have you chosen to live and work in a Sodom?’ • How do you make the great Choices in your Life? Case Study
  10. 10. ThankYou