Maths in food


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Maths in food

  1. 1. L/O/G/O
  2. 2. Mathematics an ancient subject known as ‘Math’ can be foundeverywhere and in everything. Such example we commonlyknow is ‘FOOD’. Maths is related food in any way we couldthink of and can do of . The connection of food and Mathsstarts when we are a small child. If you may still remember thedays of childhood the teaching of teachers using colorful gemsto teach us Maths. So in this presentation you will see somefacts which relates Maths and food together.
  3. 3. 1. Symmetry In Food Items2. Ratio In Food Items3. Pi (Used In Pie )4. Pizza (Pi × z × z × a)5. Salads (Pyramid)6. Balanced Diet (Proportion)
  4. 4. CHILDHOOD ADULTHOOD OLD AGEBubblegum fractionsare a great activity •Used in recipes bywhere you teach the •To learn the balance chefs andkids about fractions housewives for in their diets toby using 2 different taking the remain healthy andcolors of bubblegum. measurement and disease free byTo teach the kids how proportion of following specificto find the ingredients consumption of fooddenominator theylearn to count all ofthe bubble gum.
  5. 5. 1.KIWI Symmetry:- If we observe its pattern of its seeds and the gap between the seeds forms an symmetrical shape1 2. APPLE Symmetry:- Apple with an 2 interesting shape is symmetrical with 2 symmetrical lines. 3 3. RAJMA:-Rajma with kidney shaped figure is symmetrical if cut from center though it doesn’t have any vertices4 4. PINEAPPLE Symmetry:-Pineapple is an fruit which has all its parts symmetrical including its leaves and the inner part.
  6. 6. 1First example of ratio an food is the mass and weight of theitem . The mass and weight of an item has a specific ratiofor example the mass of mango is in a ratio of 1 : 2 2Second ratio in an item is in its shape. If we may haveobserved the shape of an item it is exactly same . Forexample mango will always form same shape not a squareor any other . 3Third ratio of items is present in the quantity of product orin a fruit its pulp is in a specific ratio like in mango it is of 3:5
  7. 7. Due to heavy weight or illness u may have heard of balanced diet. But have u all everthought that how a diet is created? A diet that too consumption of food is created withthe help of mathematics. Which is used to determine the proportion of food items it can be seen with the help of diagram here . The Quantity The Medicine The Interval of time DIET The Items To Consume The ratio of consumption Items Not To Consume
  8. 8. An interesting fact the pi isthe only maths conceptthat has the same name infood known as pie. In thispicture the symbol and thevalue of pi imprinted overthe actual eating pie
  9. 9. A salad pyramid youmust heard about .But the thing youwould have not heardis that it is created byusing maths chefs useratio and many otherconcepts to create asingle salad pyramid
  10. 10. •6 Grain Group servings•2 Servings from the Fruit Group•3 Vegetable Group servings•2 Meat Group servings•3 Servings from the Milk Group
  11. 11. Time to eat 100 grams (3.5oz) of milk chocolate: 5-10 minutesCalories in 100 grams of milk chocolate: 520Time to walk off chocolate calories: 1hour, 58 minutesTime to eat 100 grams of peanuts: 5-10 minutesCalories in 100 grams of peanuts: 622Fat in 100 grams of peanuts: 49 gramsRecommended daily fat intake: 40 grams (approx.)Time to walk off peanut calories: 2 hours, 21 minutesTime to eat 100 grams of strawberries: 3-5 minutesCalories in 100 grams of strawberries: 28Time to walk off strawberry calories: 6 minutes
  12. 12. Time to eat 100 gram of dried apricot: 5-10 minutesCalories in 100 grams of dried apricot: 240Sugar in 100 grams of dried apricot: 42 gramsSugar in a (60gr) Mars Bar: 43 gramsTime to walk off dried apricot calories: 55 minutesTime to eat 100 grams of fresh apricot: 3-5 minutesCalories in 100 grams of fresh apricot: 45Sugar in 100 grams of fresh apricot: 8 gramsTime to walk off fresh apricot calories: 10 minutesTime to drink 250 ml (cup) regular milk cappuccino: 5-10minutesCalories in 250 ml cappuccino: 180Time to walk off cappuccino calories: 41 minutes
  13. 13. Most recipes deal with quantities:Number represent quantities to use:Often quantities are written in fraction form oras mixed numbers:You have to know temperature for oven settings:You have to know time for duration of cooking
  14. 14. 1. Pizza base 1. 2 pizza tray2. Tomato paste 2. Cheese grater3. Cheese 3. Kitchen knife4. Sausage 4. Cutting board5. 4 eggs 5. Measuring cups6. 1 green capsicum 6. Spoons pizza7. 1 red capsicum cutter8. Medium onion9. Can of pineapple
  15. 15. We are making 2 pizzas so we need to divide ouringredients½ Went to one group making a ham and cheese pizza½ Went to other group making a ham and pineapple pizza
  16. 16. Prepare the pizza base by spreading paste over it Slice ½ the onion Put the sliced onion on the pizza base Cut each slice of ham into 6 equal part And place it on pizza
  17. 17. Slice the capsicum And spread it over Pizza base Divide the cheese into ¾ part into one group Three different member of each group grates ⅓ of cheese.The pineapple group divides each pineapple ring in to 16 equal part
  18. 18. Wisk the two egg separately and pour over pizza Spread the prepared cheese on the top Cook pizza in 180`C For ⅓ hoursRemove from the oven and cut it with pizza cutter
  19. 19. L/O/G/O