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Technology Of Celebration


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Leverage small wins to achieve big success!

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Technology Of Celebration

  1. 1. THE TECHNOLOGY OF CELEBRATION™How Paying Attention to Small Wins Fuels Big Success
  2. 2. Executives and entrepreneurs tend to swing for the fence, andoften only claim success when the ball goes out of the park.
  3. 3. But what creates big wins is usually an accumulation of smallvictories over time.Without a way to celebrate small victories, the pursuit of long-termgoals can feel like a trudge. In a slow economy, when funds are hardto find, when sales are even harder, when your goal seems to movefarther away with every step, even the most confident executive canstart to feel a little discouraged.
  4. 4. That’s why celebration is so important in business.So important, in fact, we believe it deserves its own technology. Kim Sawyer, Executive Coach and President of theWealth Source®, has developed a simple system called The Technology of Celebration™.Celebration is an acknowledgment and appreciation of value. Ourprocess leverages the value of celebrating small wins in achieving bigsuccess.
  5. 5. Here’s how it works:Set up a spreadsheet with the following headings: Date Value It Adds WIN to Others Share What It Adds to My Life How It Makes the World Better What Qualities Enabled It
  6. 6. Under “WIN,” enter a concise statement that expresses the essenceof your accomplishment in words that have impact for you. Forexample, imagine you are trying to acquire a new company, a longand uncertain process. But today you completed a thorough strategicreview that verified their financial statements. That’s a win! “Finished reviewing acquisition financials”
  7. 7. In the second column, you might describe how it added to yourlife by confirming your instincts that this acquisition is a good deal,strengthening your negotiating position and bringing you a step closerto your vision. Besides, it feels good! “Validated my insticts that the acquisition is a good deal”
  8. 8. Next, you could note that your win adds value to your partnersand employees by giving them greater confidence in you and theacquisition – and that perhaps it gives your spouse and family moreincreased hope for more prosperity and security. “Moves the company one step closer to a higher level of prosperity, and gives my family some relief from the stress”
  9. 9. Then be bold and allow yourself a bit of healthy grandiosity by writingthat the win makes the world a little better by creating new wealthand opportunity. No win is insignificant; it always has distant rippleeffects that you may never know about. “Creates value for customers and shareholders; enables us to fulfill our mission”
  10. 10. The next column is where you get to inventory the capabilitiesand qualities that have been revealed by the win. This knowledgeabout yourself is pivotal to your further success. In this case, it mightdemonstrate your expertise in business finance and your rigorousattention to detail. “Experience, leadership ability, negotiation skills, financial acumen, patience, perserverance”
  11. 11. Finally, when you share your win with someone else, you make thecelebration tangible and emotionally impactful. Remember that asuccess shared is doubled, while a struggle shared is halved. Who you shared your win with
  12. 12. The Technology of Celebration™ is jet fuel for your success, and is evenmore powerful when used with your teams and organizations. Theenergy generated by small victories fuels the achievement of big ones.theWealthSource® presents this powerful technique in keynoteaddresses, custom workshops and individual coaching sessions. Tolearn more about The Technology of Celebration™, or to schedule akeynote address, a complimentary one-hour coaching session, or aninterview with Kim Sawyer, call theWealthSource® at 832-298-0143. P.O. Box 22775 Houston, Texas 77227