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The 7 Secrets That Drive Video Marketing


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How to advertise and brand effectively using online video marketing: optimization, social media, productions tips and scripting guidelines for video marketers and small businesses.

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The 7 Secrets That Drive Video Marketing

  1. 1. 7 Powerful Secrets That Drive Video Marketing L. Scott Harrell VideoEntrepreneur Magazine
  2. 2. The 7 Powerful Secrets That Drive Video Marketing The 7 Powerful Secrets That Drive Video Marketing… and 61 Other Reasons I Can Think of Why Your Business Will Go Up in FlamesWithoutThem. Whether you’re trying to promote videos for your business, a company you work for, or are simply a freelance video marketing professional, it is extremely important to promote the videos you share online in order to make sure the maximum number of people see it. A lot of video entrepreneurs out there today make money through their video ventures, and it is not by accident that their videos go viral overnight. Here are seven video marketing tips to ensure your videos gain moreviews,likesandcommentsforfree: CREATE A VIBRANT PRESENCE ON A VIDEO PORTAL OR SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM When you create an online pro le, make sure it is interesting, professional, and informative. Having a proper online pro le is paramount, and it is even better to maintain one across various platforms. The most popular video portal today is YouTube, though Facebook appears to be catching up very quickly. You can create a channel, share your videos, get feedback through comments and even make money on YouTube . You can also upload videos through dozens of other popular video hosting services like, Vimeo, Metacafe, LiveLeak, Flickr and, soon, Twitter. The7PowerfulSecretsThatDriveVideoMarketing
  3. 3. The 7 Powerful Secrets That Drive Video Marketing USE SEO FRIENDLY TITLE AND DESCRIPTION When uploading a video, make sure the title and description of your video is optimized and SEO friendly so that your videos show higher up in search engines like YouTube and Google. Keywords are the phrases that your target market would search the most and this would lead them directly to your video, getting you more views from the right audience. EMBED THE VIDEO DIRECTLY ONTO YOUR WEBSITE OR BLOG If you already have a website or a blog page that has a user following, you should be embedding the video directly there via a native video player and taking advantage of your traf c to amplify your video marketing. Alternatively, you can upload your video to YouTube and use their embed code so that your customers can watch the video directly on your blog or webpage but use YouTube’s bandwidth and server resources. GO FOR NATIVE UPLOADS RATHER THAN CROSS CHANNEL LINKING While it is always a great idea to promote your videos through other platforms, it is always better to directly upload the video rather than linking “cross channel”, because native videos get more views, likes, comments and garner more engagement from your audience and users of a speci c social network. On platforms that allow you to directly upload a video, always go for a native upload to improve your overall video marketing. ADD VIDEO TAGS FOR MAXIMUM EFFECT Adding tags to your video is also a great way to maximize viewership. More people will nd their way to your videos, especially if you tag popular terms or brands that feature in them. The7PowerfulSecretsThatDriveVideoMarketing
  4. 4. The 7 Powerful Secrets That Drive Video Marketing VIDEO MARKETING 101: USE A CALL TO ACTION IN YOUR VIDEOS Use a call to action for asking your audience to LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT, and RATE your videos at the end of the video! It helps encourage more activity. One of the most fundamental tenets of marketing, not just video marketing, requires that you ask your customer, client, prospect, etc. to do something after seeing and advertisement or they won’t do anything at all. When your viewers like, share, or comment on the video, it shows up on more newsfeeds and gets more views. VIDEO PROMOTION BEGINS AT HOME When you initially upload your video, be sure to share it among your immediate circle of friends, family, followers, and fans. As I’ve said before, more likes get more views, and you need to build your likes quickly in the rst few days it is online to make sure it is popular. Plus, people who already like you are more likely to share the video as well, which prompts others to watch it, too. Following these seven simple video marketing tips will certainly set off your video business and get your company videos the exposure they need in order to be an effective part of your overall marketing strategy. Your video efforts should not go wasted, and a great video should not suffer because it has not been promoted properly. Make sure to do everything in your power to market your video venture, and get the most out of your campaign! The7PowerfulSecretsThatDriveVideoMarketing
  5. 5. The 7 Powerful Secrets That Drive Video Marketing The 7 Most Important Rules of Advertising with Video Advertising with video is potentially the most powerful marketing method on the Internet today but many small business owners shy away from video marketing because they either don’t understand the bene ts or they simply don’t know how to make videos. I can fully understand their hesitation; no one wants to invest time, effort and money into something only to see it fail. Countless times, those without the time or expertise who have tried advertising with video have watched their campaigns op because the team behind them didn’t have the resources or knowledge to make them work. This is where the video professionals of can help! Marketing is just like ying a plane – you need to know how to take off, stay in the air and make it all land. By hiring a video creator, you take the guesswork out the technical aspects of advertising with video. All you have to know are the fundamentals of video marketing to be able to clearly communicate your vision and desired outcome. This involves being aware of the video marketing strategies and best practices that can lead to campaign success. The7MostImportantRulesofAdvertisingwithVideo Without incorporating these seven video marketing considerations you’re probably just throwing your money away: The7PowerfulSecretsThatDriveVideoMarketing
  6. 6. The 7 Powerful Secrets That Drive Video Marketing KEEP YOUR AUDIENCE IN MIND One basic question to ask yourself before creating a marketing video is, “Who is going to watch this?” Maybe the better question is, “Who do I want to watch this video?” Depending on the answer to this question, the tone and purpose of your video can be drastically different. For instance, you wouldn’t market to a Millennial the same way you’d market to a 40+ businessperson, would you? Your demographic decides your tone, and you have to stick with this tone all the way through your video. KEEP YOUR VIDEO ADVERTISEMENT SHORT It’s never a good idea to bore your audience with a video they have to “sit through” instead of “watch.” Videos made with marketing in mind should be short and attention grabbing. Audiences typically have a short attention span, so aim for videos that are no more than two minutes. Socialbakers, a software and analytics company, did a study that found that the perfect length for Facebook advertising videos is 22 seconds. Of course, you might need more room than a 22 second commercial, but remember – it’s a marketing video, not a biopic. SIMPLIFY YOUR VIDEO MARKETING MESSAGE You may have a lot you want to say in a video, but remember to edit, edit, edit before you even open your video software. Your script and concept should focus on a single purpose to keep things streamlined and super simple for your audience to digest and retain. Remember these three words – inform, educate, entertain. AUDIO ABOVE VIDEO The7PowerfulSecretsThatDriveVideoMarketing
  7. 7. The 7 Powerful Secrets That Drive Video Marketing While you may be working on a marketing video, your audio is where you’ll really appeal to your audience, or drive them away. It has been said time and time again that audio is as important, if not more important, than the quality of the video. A crisp, easily-understood audio track is the cherry on top of your video ice cream sundae. NEVER LEAVE OUT THE CALL TO ACTION (CTA) A call to action is what tells your audience what they need to do next, and it’s a very important part of any marketing strategy. Your video shouldn’t leave your audience wondering how to engage with you –it’s your job to tell them directly. A call to action must always include business contact information. If you have a preferred contact channel, such as a Twitter or Facebook, include that in the video, as well as in the video’s written description if you are hosting your video on YouTube or Vimeo, and feature these accounts prominently in your video. AlwaysThink ofSearchEngineOptimization(SEO) SEO and advertising with video goes hand in hand, even though you may think they don’t. Unless you optimize your video and its description for Google’s search algorithms, your marketing strategies won’t go much further than your own social reach because they won’t be found in Google Search. Short,Sweet,Repeat Instead of creating one long video your audience can watch once and forget about, consider making a series of shorter, topical clips. A series of advertising videos have a better chance of going viral, or at the very least you are increasing your odds by creating multiple videos that all lead back to your product or service. The bite-sized format also works well with social media and the general attention span of an online audience. The7PowerfulSecretsThatDriveVideoMarketing
  8. 8. The 7 Powerful Secrets That Drive Video Marketing The 8 Professional Secrets of Writing Successful Sales Video Scripts Video is a powerful medium and the best way for a video entrepreneur to tell a compelling story about their business in a short span of time. However, before you even begin to design some great animations to lure in your customers, it is crucial to write a killer script that is compelling enough to drive sales and convert customers rather than just putting them to sleep. Writing successful sales video scripts is the secret sauce that drives video marketing. Here are a 8 concepts to think about when writing successful sales video scripts or explainer video scripts summarizedfrom this video: 1. THE FIRST RULE OF WRITING SUCCESSFUL SALES VIDEO SCRIPTS: KEEP IT SHORT! It is important for your sales video to be short – around 60 seconds is ideal – as this helps keep the attention of the audience. An unnecessarily long video can start to drag, and your customers will begin to phase out. You may feel you need to pack a video with all your cool products, but it is always better to use the 40/60 rule. This rule basically states that you use 40% of the time to talk about your best products and services, and the other 60% to talk about your business and tell a compelling story about it to keep your audience captivated. 2. START WITH WHO AND WHAT The7PowerfulSecretsThatDriveVideoMarketing
  9. 9. The 7 Powerful Secrets That Drive Video Marketing Right at the beginning of the video, you need to make it clear who you are and what you’re selling. Anyone clicking on your video will be searching for something and without beating about the bush you end to tell them straight out that they’ve come to the right place. You can also put your message, the purpose of the video, in the rst 30 seconds; just summarize it into one sentence and put it in. 3. GET PERSONAL You need to come across as more than just a business or brand in this video, you must become a person that the audience can relate to, so you need to come to their level and talk to them directly. For this, it is good to use a more conversational nature; using “you” and “your” in the video addresses the audience directly. Don’t talk down to them and don’t go over their head either, but instead become their friend. You should also try to keep your script casual, like an actual discuss between two friends rather than a memorized script. 4. TELL A STORY A great structure to shoot for your video is to tell a story! This captivates your audience and makes them anticipate the ending. You can start by stating a problem you have, which can be any problem your customers may have that your product or service solves. You then go onto mention the possible implications of this problem on the customer’s’ life and wellbeing. This creates a certain mood by stacking the emotional power, and your customer gets more and more upset while he or she is relating to your video. That is when you bring in hope by introducing a solution to the problem that your product provides. You can explain how it all works and how your product will help remove the problem. You then end with results, telling the customer what happened after the product was used and how your life got better. The7PowerfulSecretsThatDriveVideoMarketing
  10. 10. The 7 Powerful Secrets That Drive Video Marketing This keeps your content lively and holds the attention of the audience. Other ways to tell stories is to talk about your company’s background and founding history; the passion and love that goes into the business, a real life best story about a previous client; what makes you unique and how your business helps the community and its people. 5. FIND YOUR VOICE In order to nd a voice or a tone while writing successful sales video scripts, you need to know your customers well. You need to know their personalities, their likes and dislikes, their income levels, where they live and work and how they dress. This way you can talk to them at their level, whether that’s classroom style explanations or colorful childlike stories. Depending on your audience, you can choose the tempo, tone of narrator’s voice, background music and the actual wordings of the script. When telling a story you can choose the characters according to what your customers look like. 6. USE HUMOR WISELY Humor is a good way to keep the audience’s attention and add a few quick respites from all the information, but it should be used wisely to be effective. This should not show up randomly or in a disconnected way, and shouldn’t break the tempo you’re building, as it may actually distract the customers from the main issue. It is always better to use humor in the visual content rather than the script. 7. PACE YOURSELF The average human can speak 200-250 words a minute in normal conversation, but in a video it is better to make room for pauses for effect and a generally understandable and clear pace so keep your dialogue between 125-150 words a minute. Keep in mind while writing the sales video script that your audience should be able to understand you so don’t rush through the dialogue. The7PowerfulSecretsThatDriveVideoMarketing
  11. 11. The 7 Powerful Secrets That Drive Video Marketing 8. END WITH CALL-TO-ACTION One of the hard and fast rules of advertising with video is that you must include a call to action (CTA). You have to to tell the viewer what to do next. Do not assume that they’ll know what to do. At the end of the video you can get a little sales- pitchy and add a call-to-action which will get your audience to do whatever it is your video aims to make them do, whether it is liking your page, subscribing to your channel, calling to place an order or visiting your store or website. This should be deliberate and direct and is what will convert customers. With these 8 tips you can create more compelling and effective sales or explainer videos about your business, and make more money through your video business by converting more customers with killer sales videos. Writing successful sales video scripts is a skill that can be learned with just a bit of patience, practice and perseverance. The7PowerfulSecretsThatDriveVideoMarketing
  12. 12. The 7 Powerful Secrets That Drive Video Marketing Making an Online Video Commercial: 5 Easy Steps to Success There are a few things to be kept in mind when making a TV commercial; you have only a limited amount of time to effectively grab attention and get the message through. These 5 easy steps outlined below will ensure your commercials are well-executed and highly effective: STEP 1: DECIDE TO WHOM YOU ARE TALKING When making a TV commercial it is important to rst decide who your target audience is, and then talk directly to them. If your script is talking to everyone, you will end up being relevant to no one. Remember, 80% of your business typically comes from only 20% of your customers; these are your best customers. You need to have a clear image of them, know who they are, what their tastes are, what they look like, what their whole persona is; you can even give them a name. The script for the ad that you write should represent and re ect this customer, it should match their image and should be something they can understand and relate to. STEP 2: DEFINE WHO YOU ARE Next, you need to gure out exactly what makes you special, and why your customers should care about you. For this, a great tool to use is laddering. The7PowerfulSecretsThatDriveVideoMarketing
  13. 13. The 7 Powerful Secrets That Drive Video Marketing Start with asking yourself what you are best at. For example you’re a plastic surgeon, so maybe what you’re best at is making plastic surgery affordable; this will be a good starting point, the first rung of the ladder. Then you ask yourself why that is important. The answer to that can be that you make plastic surgery accessible to the masses. Now you’ve moved up the ladder, as you have something that makes you a little more unique. Now ask yourself why THAT really matters, and how it makes you special. You may come up with the answer that plastic surgery makes people feel good and enhances self-esteem. This is better and a bit more emotional. This brings you to the highest point of the ladder, and you realize your reason for existence is to make more people feel good about themselves. This is a bit more speci c, and creates a connection between your business and the target audience, and is something that will get you a sale. STEP 3: FIGURE OUT YOUR BRAND’S PERSONALITY Now that you know what you’re going to say, it is time to decide how you’re going to say it. You need to make it: Compelling Exciting Unforgettable For this you need a device, and this can be anything from a catchy phrase to a piece of music or jingle, or a visual animation. The important thing is, it should be absolutely consistent with your brand and message. So if in the previous example the message is about making people feel good about themselves, this should be re ected in the music and visuals; they should be uplifting and empowering. Also make sure that each part of the message from visual to the music should complement each other and the message. It should be coherent and any part should not undermine the rest. The7PowerfulSecretsThatDriveVideoMarketing
  14. 14. The 7 Powerful Secrets That Drive Video Marketing STEP 4: MAKE AN OFFER Every ad should end on a “Call to Action” something that compels the audience to get up and buy the product. They may not do this right away but they may make the decision to. If the message is the soul of the advertisement, the offer is the engine; it drives people into action. The offer can be a deal you’re offering, an offer for a consultation or a simple call for more information. When making an online video advertisement, the call to action is everything! The best offers, however, are those that propose an irresistible value proposition. It is important to place a value on whatever you offer. If it’s a free consultation, for example, go into specifics about how long the consultation is and what its value is. For example, “call us now for a free consultation” is not as effective as “call us now for a free 30 minute consultation, a $100 value”. Also, try to phrase this in a way that you brand the offer and make it memorable, so that whenever anyone hears it, they instantly know it’s you. STEP 5: MAKING AN ONLINE VIDEO ADVERTISEMENT Now that you have everything else, it’s time for the most important part of the process – making the commercial. First of all you need to decide how long your spot will be, is it a 15 second, 30 second, 60 second or more than that? The best way to decide is to think about how long you need to say what you need to say. If you have a complicated product with lot of facts, and information to educate the audience such as a car insurance, you may need longer. On the other hand, if your product is already well known and quite simple, for example pizza, you just need to tell them why yours is better, make an offer and that’s it, so keep it short. The7PowerfulSecretsThatDriveVideoMarketing
  15. 15. The 7 Powerful Secrets That Drive Video Marketing You can use a lot of online tools to create your commercial by mixing your existing assets with those provided by the online agent to make an effective ad. You can also nd various video industry professionals in the online marketplace who can help you with script writing, voice overs, editing, production, and whatever else you may need, all at an affordable price. So now you have all you need for making a TV commercial, or an online commercial for that matter, and effectively get your message across. All that’s left to do is for you to make your offer and sell your product! The7PowerfulSecretsThatDriveVideoMarketing
  16. 16. The 7 Powerful Secrets That Drive Video Marketing Video Marketing is Now a Fundamental Part of Search Engine Marketing Video marketing is a fundamental tool for virtually any search engine marketing campaign. It is a quick and easy way to get your message across and also keep your website’s bounce rate low. Video marketing is critical in link-building. It is the new way to make money online. Video marketing might just be the proper tool for your small business enterprise. It is de nitely a powerful way to increase website traffic. Corporate video production is among the most truly effective promotional techniques. Another bene t to video marketing is the fact that videos are now ranking highly within Google search engine results pages. Additionally, video search results appear with an image of the video, so choose your video image thumbnails wisely! There are many important factors which make marketing with video so powerful. Before you even begin recording you should choose who you want your target market to be from video marketing. So, if you aim to use video marketing as your own strategy in promoting your company, it’s crucial to begin thinking about how you will be optimizing your own videos to match your ideal audience! It’s not easy to undertake video marketing. In case you have no idea where to start with internet video marketing, you can always employ a freelance video expert from to help you. Some facts about the utilization of video marketing you ought to know are listed below. Although it has become popular, it has a long way to go! The7PowerfulSecretsThatDriveVideoMarketing
  17. 17. The 7 Powerful Secrets That Drive Video Marketing Keep in mind: Twitter with video promotion is probably the most effective combination of complementary technology ever invented. Pick a video you would like to post to your own blog. When you start using internet video marketing you have to first decide where you are going to use it. Something to keep in mind before getting started with video marketing: unlike article marketing, unless you are going to use mobile phone based video apps like Instagram, Vine or Facebook live to market, video can require a bit more of an upfront investment if you plan on going it alone. The video equipment required to produce a high quality video can be expensive. However, it is an investment in your business in which you can can see a high return on that investment rather quickly. The entire reason behind internet video marketing is to establish and reinforce your brand quickly and ef ciently; it’s de nitely the most powerful way to promote your own personal brand as well. The point is there are many diverse factors which work together to make video marketing beyond the reach of the typical individual or small business owner. Small businesses too can gain advantage of video marketing due to its low price. In the world of business, brainstorming is most commonly done in groups. Yes this does take time, but it’s a normal element of building a quality video for marketing purposes. Bringing in the ideas of multiple people will result in a more engaging video once the product is completed. To be successful, you should surround yourself as well as learn from successful business people. There’s absolutely no awful idea while brainstorming, but every idea must be on target. This offers loads of opportunity. The7PowerfulSecretsThatDriveVideoMarketing
  18. 18. The 7 Powerful Secrets That Drive Video Marketing The business offers a vast range of web marketing services. Multi-level marketing is actually a fabulous way to begin earning today. While much of this micro video promotion is relatively new, there isn’t much information regarding established best practices but there is information about marketers using all these tools as well as their successful campaigns. If you don’t currently utilize online video to promote your business, you’re losing out big time. By using strong video marketing techniques it is possible to reignite interest in your site and distinctly boost your brand. This informative article is for all those small small business owners that want to use online video marketing to secure more customers for their small company. In this article I’m going to teach you the way to utilize video marketing the appropriate way, to help your company, not harm it. VideoMarketingExplained YouTube channels are exactly the same. Newsletters rich in content are an excellent strategy to include discounts and specials. In regards to video marketing, it’s vital to tag your videos properly so as to make it simpler to nd in the various search engines. You don’t have to look or sound as professional as a TV broadcaster to utilize market with video effectively. You ought to think about your own broadcast message, with the aim of growing information from their response for their interests. People prefer to hear your message along with your message might help somebody else. It’s an extremely strong medium that lots of marketers are nowadays using to literally catapult their online businesses into success. The only thing your viewers will want is honesty from you. In case you are only releasing sales pitches, you’ll lose your audience. The7PowerfulSecretsThatDriveVideoMarketing
  19. 19. The 7 Powerful Secrets That Drive Video Marketing The 4 “Must-Haves” of Getting Video Ranked on the First Page of Google Getting video ranked on the the rst page of Google is obviously the goal for anyone using video content and video marketing in their overall business or sales strategy. You’ve probably heard it before, “If you are not on the 1st page of Google, you’re not going to be found.” It’s probably true. Think about it, when was the last time you searched past the rst page of search results? If you’re serious about getting video ranked and found then you rst need to upload your video where everyone else is watching video and that means you’re likely going to host your explainer or marketing video on YouTube, and that’s definitely a good idea. YouTube gets more than one billion unique users a month: that’s a huge audience and many times more video views than even Facebook is getting. While sites like Vimeo and DailyMotion also exist, they certainly aren’t the go-to video streaming service on the Internet. That’s YouTube’s throne, and it will like sit atop it for years to come. The7PowerfulSecretsThatDriveVideoMarketing
  20. 20. The 7 Powerful Secrets That Drive Video Marketing When you upload your video to YouTube, don’t forget to make sure that it is optimized for search; search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of doing all of the right things to make sure the search engines can nd, understand and properly index your content. This is a critical step in your marketing strategy, and yet it’s one that often gets forgotten. Because YouTube isn’t home to long-form written copy and blog posts, SEO goes out the window. However, where there is text, there is still the ability to optimize your videos for search. Even if you aren’t hosting your video on YouTube, consider optimizing the website or the page where you embed your video. This helps getting video ranked in Google as well as your website. it and your website rank better in Google’s algorithm overall. #1. CONTENT IS KING… MAKE GREAT VIDEOS! The best tip you will ever be given about getting video ranked on the rst page of Google is to focus on content. No matter how much SEO effort you put into a video, videos that aren’t worth watching won’t rank very well because no one will watch the video all the way through, share it, like it, comment on it or subscribe to your channel or vlog to see more of your videos. Total video views may be the most important factor in achieving 1st page results. Google repeatedly mentions user experience when it discusses how it ranks content. High quality content is content that gets views and gives people a reason to share it. The more traf c and social signals a video generates, the higher that video will rank in Google’s search results. Also, creating high quality content means that it’s more likely to get shared by other social media users and website owners. #2. TITLES, TAGS AND TITLES The7PowerfulSecretsThatDriveVideoMarketing
  21. 21. The 7 Powerful Secrets That Drive Video Marketing Search engine rankings are primarily decided by text-based variables. Write great video titles, research and tag your video with the correct keywords and write a compelling description. Video content can’t be “read” in the traditional sense, but Google can index and understand the text associated with your videos. Creating a compelling, keyword-rich title is the most important factor in getting video ranked, but tags are a close second. If you don’t tag your YouTube video, then it won’t rank well – it’s that simple. Because tags make videos more discoverable, they relate directly to a video’s search engine ranking. Some have suggested that the video’s description in YouTube may be more more important than the video itself when strictly speaking about search engine optimization. #3. CLOSED CAPTIONS Remember how your video content can’t be “read” by Google? This is true, but only partially. If there is dialogue or text-based animation in your video you must upload a closed caption le to your video if you are serious about getting video ranked on the rst page of Google search results. Search engines CAN and DO index the closed captioning files you can upload to YouTube with your video. Videos with captions rank higher because they make video content more accessible to the hearing impaired, viewers who speak a language different than the dialogue in the video and those viewers who are in an environment in which they cannot hear the audio track of the videos they’re watching. Again, optional closed captioning probably provides a better overall user experience and Google says that makes them happy. #4. YOUTUBE VIDEO VIEWS AND “WATCH TIME” Bounce rates greatly affect a website’s search engine rankings, but did you know YouTube has their own version of this variable? YouTube utilizes this metric by prioritizing videos that lead to longer viewing sessions over those that receive more clicks. When users stay longer, your video’s search engine ranking improves. The7PowerfulSecretsThatDriveVideoMarketing
  22. 22. The 7 Powerful Secrets That Drive Video Marketing Watch time is the result of the previous three Video SEO “must-haves.” You increase your watch time by creating quality content that is relevant to the title that is then liked and shared. You make videos discoverable by properly tagging the video, writing a detailed video description and captioning your videos. You can also include video annotations and calls to action that keep them on YouTube, like linking to another video in a series that you’ve posted. These are a few simple, but crucial, ways you can improve your video’s YouTube and search engine rankings. Creating great videos is most important but keep in mind that all text you create online has the capability of being spidered and indexed by Google, too. No matter where or how your videos are hosted, getting video ranked highly in search engines is also dependent on the words you surround and associate your video with. The7PowerfulSecretsThatDriveVideoMarketing
  23. 23. The 7 Powerful Secrets That Drive Video Marketing How Do I Get My Videos to Rank Higher on Google? The 9 Secrets of Video SEO Are you trying to get your videos to rank higher on Google Search? You’re not alone. Everyone else is working hard to get their videos to rank higher on Google, YouTube and anywhere else they can upload, market and promote their videos, too. The good news is that if you do these nine things before uploading your video, you’re already way ahead of everyone else because very few video content creators think about video search engine optimization (SEO) early enough. You probably already know what a powerful tool video is for promoting your business, but you can’t fully take advantage of it without proper exposure through rankings on Google and YouTube. As a video content creator or video marketer, if you don’t optimize your videos they will not be seen and you will not get desirable results from your marketing campaign. Check out this great video from the Sold with Video YouTube Channel on how to get videos to rank higher on Google and YouTube, then we’ll summarize what you’ve watched below. Here are our video SEO professional’s 9 necessary steps to get videos videos to rank higher on Google SearchandYouTube: The7PowerfulSecretsThatDriveVideoMarketing
  24. 24. The 7 Powerful Secrets That Drive Video Marketing STEP 1: FIND THE PERFECT KEYWORDS The biggest mistake most video content creators make is making videos on any topic that pops into their heads. The proper way to go about making effective marketing videos is to base video production on the things that people are actually searching for. You can begin to generate ideas about popular topics through the Google’s Keyword Planner(formerly the Google Keyword Tool) instead of making random and uneducated guesses; if you do not have an Adsense account then there are other keyword research tools available online. STEP 2: INCORPORATE KEYWORDS INTO YOUR SCRIPT Once you have your keywords, it’s time to add them in your video script, and this should happen a number of times depending on the length of your video. Make sure you don’t just cram them in and list a bunch of keywords but place them to ow with your script so it appears natural. Google and several other video hosting platforms are already making huge gains in transcribing and translating the audio in video content! Make sure your audio is of suf cient quality in order to take advantage of these new advances in video technology. STEP 3: USE YOUR KEYWORD IN YOUR VIDEO FILE’S NAME The next thing to do is upload your video, but make sure your lename has your keyword in it. This tells Google and YouTube what your video is all about, and helps immensely getting videos to rank higher on Google and YouTube search because lenames and URLs are sources of information these search engines look at when indexing content. STEP 4: TITLE AND DESCRIPTION The7PowerfulSecretsThatDriveVideoMarketing
  25. 25. The 7 Powerful Secrets That Drive Video Marketing Your title should begin with your main keyword, and you can add in a secondary keyword, a longtail keyword or a bit more information about your video. It really helps search engines to have a lot of text associated with your video to crawl, which is why it is crucial to have a proper description for your video, too. The title should be no more than 55 or 56 characters long if the entire title is going to appear in Google Search. The video description in YouTube should be at least 200 words and can go up to 400 words – remember, the more the better. Make sure this description includes your main keyword and all of your secondary keywords and longtail keywords in a natural manner that makes sense to a human reader. Also make sure to add a link to your website or landing page at the beginning of the description as this definitely helps drive traffic to your website. Pro tip: You must add the “http://” before your website’s domain name in order to make it a live, “clickable” link on YouTube. STEP 5: ADD YOUR TAGS Adding tags to your video during the upload process is an important part of getting videos to rank higher on Google – especially YouTube. Tag your videos smartly. Too many tags can give Google and YouTube mixed signals and make dif cult to make sense of what your video is actually about. Some video SEO specialists have said that all you need to include are your main keywords and your channel name (the latter helps group all your videos together in the related videos section) while others said to max out the number of characters and tags allowed. We’ll let you be the judge. STEP 6: ADD A TRANSCRIPT The7PowerfulSecretsThatDriveVideoMarketing
  26. 26. The 7 Powerful Secrets That Drive Video Marketing This is a word-for-word transcript of the audio in your video and can be uploaded under the “captions” tab of your video usually as a .srt le. This step is extremely important and it is recommended that you do not skip uploading your own transcript file. As I mentioned before, YouTube and other video hosting platforms are already implementing automatic voice recognition and transcription because it helps it helps them determine exactly what your video is about in order to index it for search. Have you ever seen voice recognition results??? It’s usually not entirely accurate so don’t leave anything to chance. Have the audio in your video accurately transcribed for reliable results! It doesn’t take very long and can always be outsourced to a video transcriptionist if you don’t have the time or ability. STEP 7: BUILDING YOUR CHANNEL AND USING PLAYLISTS The rst six steps of getting your videos to rank higher on Google Search, YouTube and other video search engines all involve uploading your video the right way. As important as these foundational steps are they will only provide you an initial boost in video ranking but that boost will eventually come to an end. Our video optimization steps #7 through #9 is the “real secret sauce” that will provide, long-term and consistent results and will give you the edge over other video marketers trying to rank their videos with similar keywords and content. Arguably the most important step in the video SEO process is building your YouTube channel’s popularity and creating, or curating, your videos into playlists; the better your entire YouTube channel is optimized around your keywords, the higher your videos will naturally rank. A healthy, active and optimized YouTube channel: The7PowerfulSecretsThatDriveVideoMarketing
  27. 27. The 7 Powerful Secrets That Drive Video Marketing Gets more REAL views by people interested in your video content Gets more REAL likes Gets more REAL subscribers to your YouTube channel Gets more REAL comments on your videos Attracts quality backlinks from a variety of sources, which leads to traf c AND higher rankings! Every single one of these acts of engagement is absolutely CRITICAL to getting your videos to rank higher on Google videos. As a rule, the larger and more active a YouTube channel is the higher and easier their videos get ranked as Google and YouTube because a) search engines CRAVE new content and highly reward sites that regularly produce new content to crawl and b) engagement numbers are consequentially higher which search engines then credit the source as credible and rank higher in search results. The next part of getting videos to rank higher on YouTube is to build playlists; all you need to do is create and name a YouTube channel playlist using your main keyword and include your related videos in the list. YouTube will give more consideration to a video that is in a playlist it thinks is related to your main keyword. STEP 8: GETTING MORE SOCIAL SIGNALS Things like Twitter mentions, Facebook shares, Google +1s, and pins on Pinterest create “social signals” that are quickly becoming an important part of an overall video SEO strategy to get videos to rank higher on Google and YouTube, especially with all the latest search engine algorithm changes going on these days. The7PowerfulSecretsThatDriveVideoMarketing
  28. 28. The 7 Powerful Secrets That Drive Video Marketing The best way to get these important social signals is simply upload your videos or share links to where your video is hosted or embedded on your social media pro les and encourage people to like and share the video or social posts to maximize the amount of social signals related to your video content. Another great way to use social media signals effectively is to use gorilla viral video marketing techniques. STEP 9: GET BACKLINKS AND VIDEO EMBEDS The more websites you have linking to your video or embedding your video, the more powerful your video will become. However, you do need to be careful while doing this; spammy backlinks and building too many backlinks too quickly can back re. Try to promote a natural mix of backlinks to your videos from diverse sources like: Video Embeds Social Bookmarks Article Marketing “Web 2.0” Sources WIKIs You can also throw in some document sharing sites like, too. Don’t forget, dozens of freelance video marketing specialists are ready and available to assist you here at if you need help with any of the following: Backlinks & Bookmarking Script & Writing Translation & Transcription Uploading & Distribution Views, Subscribers & Comments Other Marketing Services The7PowerfulSecretsThatDriveVideoMarketing
  29. 29. The 7 Powerful Secrets That Drive Video Marketing If you are serious about getting your videos to rank higher on Google and YouTube, following these nine steps before ever uploading your video is critical. It may be a lot to take in but if you get into the habit of following these steps through to the end with every video your produce or promote, you can achieve success in getting higher rankings and boosting your video marketing results. Let me leave you with this nal search engine optimization tip RULE… and it’s the one SEO principle that should guide everything else you consider: The key to achieving high search engine rankings is to remember that the search engine is primarily concerned with returning a good experience to its user. Be good to their customers and the search engines will lean in your favor. It’s really that simple. The7PowerfulSecretsThatDriveVideoMarketing
  30. 30. The 7 Powerful Secrets That Drive Video Marketing The 3 Unexpected Bene ts of Video Marketing for Your Business If you are thinking about adding interactive videos to your marketing strategy, bravo! You have made the right decision. The use of videos as a marketing tool is becoming increasingly popular and for good reason. Beyond the obvious bene ts of video marketing, like the search engine optimization (SEO) bene ts of video, easy delivery of your marketing message, increased customer retention, etc., nothing can boost a customer’s awareness and recall more effectively than a well- produced video. But, did you realize that there are additional tangible bene ts your business can experience in addition to mere customer awareness? Bene ts of Video Marketing – 3 Unexpected Reasons to MarketourBusinesswithVideos GET MORE SOCIAL SHARES These days, social media is critical to nearly every business. The key to getting your brand name out there is to continually attract new followers, and the best way you can do that is by offering them something creative and unique. One of the unexpected bene ts of video marketing is video’s ability to attract the attention of a broad and diverse audience. However, in order to do so, your video must receive an adequate amount of social shares. Social shares and engagement are a key ingredient in the overall process of getting your videos to rank higher in search engines like YouTube and Google. Videos, unlike static messages, are always a better choice when it comes to earning social shares. They are more lively, engaging and memorable that merely reading words. To help ensure your video gets shared multiple times, you must create a video that the audience actually wants to watch. The7PowerfulSecretsThatDriveVideoMarketing
  31. 31. The 7 Powerful Secrets That Drive Video Marketing One of the fastest ways of receiving social shares is by using humor. Humor is a universal emotion that not only helps break the ice with your viewers, but it can instantly relax them and increase their reception of your message. Additionally, humorous videos makes the audience feel that they haven’t wasted their time because, if nothing else, it made them laugh. If you have taken the time to create a solid video, it will be shared, and you will enjoy more attention and conversions because of it. IMPROVE YOUR LANDING PAGE Let’s be honest, you maintain your website with one goal in mind – to convert a visitor into a customer. Therefore, the majority of the content on your website probably ends with a call to action. While a call to action is an extremely ef cient way of converting new visitors, you can substantially increase your conversion rate by using a video on your landing page rather than written text. A colorful, entertaining video is more persuasive since it is a passive engagement medium, which means a new visitor is able to get your message without having to put too much effort into it. For maximum impact, con gure the video to begin playing as soon as your visitors land on your page. Think about it! Would you rather spend 2 or 3 minutes watching an entertaining video or have to slog through 15-20 minutes reading static text to get the same message? I think you will agree that using a video on your landing page is a much stronger call to action than traditional text. EXPRESS YOURSELF The7PowerfulSecretsThatDriveVideoMarketing
  32. 32. The 7 Powerful Secrets That Drive Video Marketing Whenever visitors stumble upon a website, one of the rst things they try to gure out is what your business is all about. You can write a thousand words that they can sit and read on your About Us page. However, using a video on your homepage is a much friendlier and more engaging way of introducing yourself to your viewers. At the end of the day, the fast paced world in which we live today means that there is just no time to stop and read a long description about a company to which they may have no connection. One of the many bene ts of video marketing is the ability to quickly and creatively deliver your message while your audience is still paying attention. A smart, informative and even cheeky video can be just the thing you need to market your business to an increasingly impatient crowd. As you can see, there are numerous reasons why the use of videos is taking the marketing industry by storm. These days, videos are much more than just an entertaining way to spend a few minutes. If you follow the following proven principles of advertising, the bene ts of video marketing are tangible, immediate and measurable… The7PowerfulSecretsThatDriveVideoMarketing
  33. 33. The 7 Powerful Secrets That Drive Video Marketing 3 Ideas to Kick-start Small Business Video Marketing Creativity I have news for you: creative small business video marketing ideas don’t have to look, sound and smell like video advertising! The explosion of social media means that businesses now know a lot more about their customers. It also means that businesses both large and small are under pressure to make that great rst impression with their clients. Using videos in your marketing strategy could be the smartest thing a business owner can do for the promotion of their brand. The following are three super creative small business video marketing ideas that brands are using videos to promote their business: USING TWITTER If you’re business is already on Twitter, good for you. Have a cookie! Now, would be a good time to follow on Twitter , too. What happens when one of your followers on Twitter asks you a question? Your write back a reply and try to be as courteous and informative as possible. Right? That’s good, it works well, and leaves everybody happy (hopefully!). If it just struck you that something’s missing, that’s because it is. More and more companies are using social media and videos in unexpected ways to double their response rate and make a real connection with their followers. The7PowerfulSecretsThatDriveVideoMarketing
  34. 34. The 7 Powerful Secrets That Drive Video Marketing While most companies think of Twitter as a text-based platform, one of ways of shaking things up is by sending video replies to your followers on Twitter. Rather than just responding to tweets with plain text, create a video that informative and engaging to keep your Twitterers coming back for more. UNSUBSCRIBING ARE WE?! So, your client punched the unsubscribe button on one of your daily / weekly e- mails that they receive from your business. Whether they’re not interested anymore, disgruntled or have moved on like a bad relationship. No matter what your client’s reason to leave might be, most companies would just ‘take it like a man’ and accept defeat. Well, not some brands. The ability to re-engage users who have hit the unsubscribe button on your site is an art, and most companies prefer to use plain text to ask their soon-to-be-ex clients why they’ve decided to leave. More and more brands have started to shake things up a bit by using videos instead. For instance, Groupon uses a video that allows unsubscribers to “punish” the person who is sending them emails they do not need. Once you click on the punish button, another person appears in the video scolding Derrick and even throws a glass of water on his face. At the end of this quirky video, unsubscribers get a chance to show some pity on poor Derrick and re-subscribe to Groupon’s emails. Now that’s genius! CREATE A WACKY VIDEO Who says video marketing has to be serious. While you can use video SEOand the latest conversion tactics to get more people to subscribe to your service, the fact of the matter is that everybody needs to have some fun in their lives as well. Using a business video to show off your fun side allows your customers to take their shoes off, relax and enjoy a video which is informative, engaging and has a ton of personality. The7PowerfulSecretsThatDriveVideoMarketing
  35. 35. The 7 Powerful Secrets That Drive Video Marketing How to Use Vine & Instagram Videos to Market Your Business In the age of social media, many businesses have found new and exciting ways to tap into technology and make their businesses go viral. One of the latest and best ways to do this is through Instagram videos and Vine videos. These services only give you a 6 second to 15 second window to capture a viewer’s attention. The clips are easily watchable and shareable which makes it possible for people to remember. Also, the fact that you get to reach millions of Vine and Instagram users is a great plus. You just have to plan out your video and “GTTP” –get to the point – fast. Here are a few ways you can use Instagram and Vine videos to market your business: CREATE A VINE AND INSTAGRAM VIDEOS TO TEASE AN UPCOMING PRODUCT Such a short span of time is perfect for teasing the audience about your latest products. Just show them enough to create interest but cut it short of actually revealing the product. This can be done in a variety of creative ways that would surely create a buzz. Rolling Stones magazine does this every month to slowly unveil the celebrity to feature on the cover of the next issue, building curiosity among its fans so they will continue to return. BMW has been doing this for years, look at the video in the section below. They show their fans “just enough” to get excited over the car then close it off with their signature logo and sound. UNVEIL A NEW PRODUCT Vine and Instagram videos are also great ways to unveil new products or services by giving an interesting look at the product and making sure it goes viral at the same time. Taco Bell created an interesting video to announce a new taco showing a taco coming out of a pack of Doritos. Then we had to wait for weeks on the release of the new product. The7PowerfulSecretsThatDriveVideoMarketing
  36. 36. The 7 Powerful Secrets That Drive Video Marketing ENGAGE THE AUDIENCE WITH INNOVATIVE IDEAS You can simply create an interesting concept video using various techniques like stop motion, animation, or using mobile phone screens. Nordstrom, a fashion retailer, made a vine video featuring a number of smartphone screens with people massing Puma sneakers from one screen to another, while Target used their own product Lite Brite to make a stop motion video of changing season to wish its fans a happy summer, while marketing their product and creating something unique at the same time. LET YOUR AUDIENCE DO THE FILMING Many businesses encourage their fans to make videos and add creative hashtags. These videos can be about trending topics and include their products or services in some way. User generated content is essentially free advertising and helps the audience feel involved and be part of your your company. ASOS is an online fashion retailer which asked its customers to upload videos of them receiving their packages with the hashtag #ASOSunbox. This allowed them to reach all their customers’ friends who aren’t following them yet, and the best video was uploaded on their official page. HOLD A COMPETITION Similarly, holding a best video competition with trending and product related themes, also encourages your audience to do the marketing for you. Many companies, including Dunkin Donuts, who introduced the idea, use this method of marketing on Vine and Instagram. TIPS, TRIVIA, AND HOW-TO VLOGS Vine and Instagram videos can be very effective as they show your fans you care beyond marketing your product, and also give a refreshing new and subtle way of marketing. The7PowerfulSecretsThatDriveVideoMarketing
  37. 37. The 7 Powerful Secrets That Drive Video Marketing Oreo Cookies does this by uploading countless videos with ideas on how to eat Oreos. General Electric uploaded an interesting video announcing Thomas Edison’s birthday, and one showing fans how to make art with milk, food coloring and dish washing detergent. Lowe’s, a home improvement store frequently uploads Vine videos showing customers how to complete a variety of DIY projects in just 6seconds. Whether you’re working as a freelance video professional in a big company, or are the head of your own start-up looking for innovative ideas to market through videos, Instagram and Vine offer a cheap and creative platform to help you reach millions of people. This is a great way to help you make money doing what you do best! The7PowerfulSecretsThatDriveVideoMarketing
  38. 38. The 7 Powerful Secrets That Drive Video Marketing The 6 Types of How-To and Explainer Videos Most Popular Right Now Most types of how-to and explainer videos are created to teach the viewer how to do something speci c or to explain a speci c concept that can’t accurately be summed up in a short, general purpose video or a “talking head” vlog. While business-related videos should serve to connect with a customer, and strengthen that relationship or convert a potential customer into a buyer, most types of how-to and explainer videos videos don’t look like standard video marketing ads. They usually lack an advertising pitch, a call to action or a lot of promotion language because most people who are looking for a video to explain something or to answer a speci c question do not want to sit through a sales presentation. The most important considerations to keep in mind when creating any type of how-to and explainer video is to: keep it simple; address one specific subject; say what you’re going to say in as few words as necessary; physically demonstrate what you’re talking about; and keep the video short. In general, there are essentially six basic methods for creating an animated how- to and explainer video. If you’re looking to create one for yourself or will be hiring a freelance video creator to produce your explainer video, consider the following popular methods that are proving very popular and effective right now along with some great examples: The7PowerfulSecretsThatDriveVideoMarketing
  39. 39. The 7 Powerful Secrets That Drive Video Marketing MOTION GRAPHICS Think about an infographic – it’s usually one single image in graphic format, but it doesn’t move and stands stagnant. A motion graphics explainer video creates moving graphics and strings them together with effects in order to convey a message. These explainer videos often rely heavily on voiceovers. The graphics in the video help to illustrate a point, but the voice is the real bread and butter that informs audiences of the more specific details. Here is an example of a motion graphic-styled explainer video. WHITEBOARD Whiteboard videos seem to be the most popular among the types of how-to and explainer videos especially whiteboard videos for business. They very simple and usually inexpensive to make and, yet, are somehow still extremely effective. Instead of creating another world within an advertisement, whiteboard videos focus on a hand or even an invisible entity drawing on a white surface – thus a whiteboard. Other similar versions of these videos include chalkboards or notebook paper. Essentially, any video that utilizes “hand drawn” effects on a surface can potentially be considered a whiteboard video. Here is the first version of our own’s whiteboard video. Yes, I know… not our best effort but it explains the concept I’m trying to make. KINETIC TYPOGRAPHY The7PowerfulSecretsThatDriveVideoMarketing
  40. 40. The 7 Powerful Secrets That Drive Video Marketing Typography by itself is simply text pasted onto an image. Kinetic typography, however, is text that has movement and is included in a video format. These types of videos usually come with voiceovers that speak the text as it ashes, appears and moves on the screen. The purpose behind this method is usually to give consumers a one-two punch of memory recall. Not only do they absorb the words aurally, they also see them visually, this allows for better retention. The ever popular music group Maroon 5 created a fantastic kinetic typography video for its song Sugar… not an explainer or how-to video but the example perfectly explains our point (see what I did there?) CARTOON This one is very simple in concept, but usually expensive to produce unless you use one of the many online or cloud-based apps that are available now. Just like you see animated cartoons on TV, these explainer videos utilize 2D animation to get a point across. These can act as skits or fall more in line with motion graphic videos where the voiceover gives more concrete details while the cartoon offers an illustration of the point. Here is an animated video created using popular animation software, GoAnimate. SCREEN CAPTURE Another extremely simple way to develop an explainer video is through a screen capture. This form of explanation utilizes a computer and a video capture service that lms the computer’s screen from within. Depending on the video script itself, the video capture then lms the user typing, clicking and opening les that help make up the explainer video. Here is a fantastic example of using the screen capture method to create a how-to video by The7PowerfulSecretsThatDriveVideoMarketing
  41. 41. The 7 Powerful Secrets That Drive Video Marketing STOP MOTION If you want to go for a really high budget video, stop motion is the way to go because stop motion videos are the most complicated types of how-to and explainer videos to make. These videos take a lot of time and effort because of the tough animation style – on average, stop motion feature lms take much longer to produce than their CGI or hand-drawn relations. The same is true for explainer and how-to videos. The method for making a stop motion explainer video is to set up inanimate objects or creations, lming them and then moving them one frame at a time. When the frames are edited together smoothly, it looks like the objects are moving on their own. Personally, I like the lego stop motion videos the best. This example is the result of 1500 hours of moving LEGO pieces around and photographing them. There you have it… the most popular types of how-to and explainer videos most popular with our marketplace buyers right now. Are you looking for a how-to or explainer video for your business, product, app or service? Why not check out, the online video services marketplace, and see what our freelance video creators can cook up for you? It’s simple, fits your budget and you’ll love the results! The7PowerfulSecretsThatDriveVideoMarketing
  42. 42. The 7 Powerful Secrets That Drive Video Marketing 6 Steps to Creating Effective Explainer Videos that Convert Customers Creating explainer videos is a highly effective way to convert video viewers into customers. Everywhere you look, companies today are using explainer videos on their websites in hopes of converting their audiences. And why not? These are great ways to explain your product, its uses, and urge people to buy it. So what’s the secret? Why do these videos work so well for some, while others see no results from their efforts? The problem is likely not with your product or business, but with the video itself. Why waste your time and money creating an ineffective video? Creating explainer videos isn’t hard if you know and follow these six steps… 1. IT’S ALL IN THE SCRIPT! Most people believe your video will convert if it simply has ashy animations and visuals. While this may be true to an extent, animated how-to and explainer videos are very popular, what really converts an audience when creating this type of video is the script. If you have a strong script, you won’t even need fancy visuals. The important thing to remember when creating explainer videos is to try to write the script yourself if you are able; if at all possible do not outsource it to the company making the video. No one knows your business or your target audience as well as you do. You know the problems that your potential customers are facing, and how these problems can be solved with your product or service. Use your script to talk to your customer. Answer your customers’ questions and remove any misgivings they may have about your product, and they will convert. 2. DO YOUR MARKET RESEARCH BEFORE CREATING EXPLAINER VIDEOS! The7PowerfulSecretsThatDriveVideoMarketing
  43. 43. The 7 Powerful Secrets That Drive Video Marketing The rst step to writing the script is nding out why your customers are suffering. What parts of your product do they not like? What is keeping them from converting? This can be done through surveys and questionnaire services like Qualaroo. You may want to ask questions like: What is the biggest issue preventing you from buying our product? What are your concerns about our product/service? Do you find this page confusing? If so, why? …And any others specific to your product. 3. WRITING THE SCRIPT Make sure your video is not too long; 2-3 minutes should be the maximum target. This means around 250 – 300 words of script. Anything longer and you will lose your audience. Here your goal is to answer all of the questions and confusions your customers have. Here’s what you should include in your script and in this particular order: The7PowerfulSecretsThatDriveVideoMarketing
  44. 44. The 7 Powerful Secrets That Drive Video Marketing An introduction that states what your company does. An explanation of the problems your customers have that you are able to solve. In this explanation, use common phrasing your customers have used in the surveys. Go ahead and include how a competing business may not be helping, if you found out your audience believed you would be the same. Show off your product on the screen while the script explains how it helps solve the problems in a simple and concise yet effective manner. The audience should be able to clearly see how good your product is, so any misgivings and confusions are removed. Give a hard sell to encourage people to buy your product by telling them to subscribe, buy now, or sign up to your services. Address questions or concerns which weren’t previously addressed. When you tell people to sign up or buy the product, show a proof element on screen which may include your other well-known and respected clients. This will guarantee your quality and put customers at ease. 4. FIND THE PERFECT VOICE FOR YOUR VIDEO The voice you use in your video will have a great impact – there’s a lot of talking involved so it should be clear, pleasant, and should not be monotonous or boring. Your explainer video company may be able to provide one for a couple of hundred dollars, but a better option might be to hire a freelance voiceover artist from a site like 5. FIND A VIDEO PROFESSIONAL You can go to a professional explainer video company to get the job done, but be ready to pay! The larger production companies cost between $5,000 and $25,000 and take quite some time as they have many other orders in the queue. The7PowerfulSecretsThatDriveVideoMarketing
  45. 45. The 7 Powerful Secrets That Drive Video Marketing A great alternative is going to a freelance video professional. Freelancers can usually get the job done much faster and cheaper (we’re talking about $25 versus $5,000)! 6. DO YOUR A/B TESTING A big reason to save on freelancers when creating your explainer videos is because you will need A/B testing on your video in order to maximize conversions. You will need to keep tweaking your video in order to determine what works best. Make sure to track your plays and engagement when you test your video, so you have an idea of what to change. You might also need to modify as your product changes through the years. In Conclusion… By following these steps, you’ll be able to create a quality explainer video that gets the job done. Be sure to focus on your script and concisely demonstrate how your product solves your customer’s problems. Hiring a video professional and A/B testing will help ensure a quality product that will begin to increase your company’s conversion rate in no time. The7PowerfulSecretsThatDriveVideoMarketing
  46. 46. The 7 Powerful Secrets That Drive Video Marketing Making a Whiteboard Video for Business – 4 Ways to Ensure Its Success Making a whiteboard video for business marketing and training is a well established trend in video marketing. Explainer videos are an easily sharable way to introduce your business, your brand or a speci c concept to the world. Businesses the world over utilize explainer videos as they’re much more engaging than a long page of text. Be honest – if you had the option between watching a short video or reading pages ofsite copy, which would you choose? Chances are you picked the video… Your consumers will do the same. One type of explainer video that works incredibly well is a whiteboard video. Speci cally, these videos utilize a whiteboard and a hand drawing, writing or moving objects on the board, illustrating the point of the video while a voiceover offers a more detailed explanation. Take a look at a really early example of a whiteboard explainer videowe produced for some time ago. If you want a good, easily accessible example of this phenomenon, go on YouTube and search for “Draw My Life.” In these videos, YouTubers illustrate scenes from their life on a dry erase board while narrating their life story. These videos were a hit because they were both personal and engaging – much more so than a person staring at a camera for 10 minutes, telling someone their history with jump cuts abound. The7PowerfulSecretsThatDriveVideoMarketing
  47. 47. The 7 Powerful Secrets That Drive Video Marketing You have the chance to recreate this magic in a business context, but rst you need to know what it takes to to take this concept to a higher level. You don’t want a whiteboard video –you want an excellent whiteboard video that meets the seven critical points of advertising with video. Here are 4 critical steps to consider when making a whiteboard videoforbusiness: FIRST, CONSIDER THE PURPOSE OF YOUR WHITEBOARD VIDEO. If you are making a whiteboard video for business purposes you should be considering the following: What real world problem are you attempting to solve? Which of your customer’s pain point is your video addressing? What will this video offer your consumer? What is the intended outcome after watching your video? Is it to teach, entertain, reinforce brand awareness, follow through with a call to action,build trust or something else? Answering the question of purpose is where you start developing the script and you will de nitely need a detailed script with both audio and action cues to eventually choreography the movement in your whiteboard video. USE YOUR WHITEBOARD VIDEO TO ILLUSTRATE WHAT YOU’RE SAYING IN THE SIMPLEST WAY POSSIBLE. For instance, if you’re spouting off lots of statistics, nd a way to illustrate them with your board using pictures or examples. Don’t write what you say unless you’re blatantly illustrating buzzwords. The7PowerfulSecretsThatDriveVideoMarketing
  48. 48. The 7 Powerful Secrets That Drive Video Marketing Your whiteboard should always illustrate something in a way that’s quick and easy. Don’t go into extreme detail with your drawings – even if you’re an incredible artist, the idea is to get an image out as fast as the audio moves. In that same vein, your video has to have a myriad of images that all move quickly, but they should also capture attention. This is why simplicity is paramount. Simple, attention-grabbing images work well in contrast to your detailed voice over. ALWAYS UTILIZE THE QUESTION OF “WHY?” “Why?” is the most common question consumers ask themselves: Why should I buy this? Why is this product or service a solution for me? Why should I choose this company over another? Why should I follow the included call to action? (You do have a call to action in your video, don’t you?) Simply put, I think that the question, “Why?” is the most important question you can answer in your viewer’s mind when designing, scripting and making a whiteboard video for business. DO MANY, MANY, MANY RUN-THROUGHS BEFORE YOU UPLOAD AND MARKET THE FINAL PRODUCT. You have to make sure the audio, pictures and movements sync up well and that the length isn’t too long. This means drawing, speaking, erasing – and doing it over and over and over again. Did you happen to catch the spelling mistake in the whiteboard video I embedded above? Yeah, that happened to us and it can happen to anyone. Admittedly, the audio could be much better, too. The point is to check and re-check before going live with your video, uploading it and investing time and money into marketing your video to get the widest distribution, views, likes, comments and channel subscribers. The7PowerfulSecretsThatDriveVideoMarketing
  49. 49. The 7 Powerful Secrets That Drive Video Marketing A whiteboard video looks easy when you’re watching one for yourself, but don’t underestimate the talent and effort it takes when making a whiteboard video for business. Practice makes perfect, and if you keep at it, you’ll eventually have a beautiful finished product that you’ll be proud of. Don’t forget, if you want a professionally designed and animated whiteboard video, making a whiteboard video for business is as simple as being in touch. The video professionals at are standing by to make the perfect whitebaord video for you in no time at all! The7PowerfulSecretsThatDriveVideoMarketing
  50. 50. The 7 Powerful Secrets That Drive Video Marketing 6 Reasons Why Hiring a Freelance Videographer is Better for Business As the march towards video continues to dominate the discussion around marketing for small and medium sized businesses, the inevitable question becomes, “Which is better, hiring a freelance videographer or bringing video production in-house?” Six reasons why hiring a freelance videographer is a better businessdecisionthanbringingvideoproductionin-house. No one can argue that video has recently become an integral part of any effective marketing campaign – and for good reason; a good marketing video is usually fast-paced, engaging and can capture and hold the attention of the audience within a matter of seconds. For these reasons and others (video is also a fundamental part of search engine optimization, too), the use of video as a marketing tool is projected to continue to skyrocket. As a matter of fact, video marketing is projected to increase by more than 25%, making it a $140 billion industry. But, as a business owner, how exactly do you get started with video production? You generally have a choice: You can hire an in-house all-in-one video professional (videographer, editor, producer), or You can contract with a freelance video professional via a freelance video marketplace like . The7PowerfulSecretsThatDriveVideoMarketing
  51. 51. The 7 Powerful Secrets That Drive Video Marketing In today’s business climate, small to medium sized businesses are generally better off hiring a freelance videographer for several important reasons. While you may pay a bit more up front using a freelance video professional, the overall cost savings and nished product usually always outweigh hiring a dedicated video production employee. Here’s why: CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY It is a commonly known fact that freelance videographers and freelance video editors are very competitive and will go to great lengths to maintain their competitive advantage – usually in the form of “gear envy.” It is very common for a professional freelance videographer or freelance video editor to invest in the newest camera equipment, upgraded video production software & hardware and using cutting edge video editing techniques. If your business cannot afford the tens of thousands of dollars required to set up an in-house video production studio, then hiring a freelance videographer who has his or her own gear makes perfect sense! EXPERIENCE Ask any freelance videographer or video editor how he or she got started in video production and 99% of the time you will hear that creating videos has been a passion for as long as they can remember. Since freelance video editors and entrepreneurial lmmakers have been shooting videos for years, they have an enormous amount of experience under their belt. Additionally, they have a proven track record of continuously improving their technique and have the time and motivation to learn to produce a wide variety of video styles. It is not uncommon to see video editors go beyond assembling and color correcting video footage and move into digital motion graphics or animation. The7PowerfulSecretsThatDriveVideoMarketing
  52. 52. The 7 Powerful Secrets That Drive Video Marketing Another bene t of hiring freelancers is that you have ready access to video professionals with skills in a diverse set of disciplines. Via you can nd video freelancers who specialize or excel in many speci c areas: video production, animation, editing, motion graphics, voice-over, script writing, video optimization and search engine marketing, transcription and subtitiling, creating soundtracks and so much more! It is very unlikely that you will nd one employee that is capable of handling all of these types of processes in video production. Successful freelance videographers and editors have faced and overcome the challenges of freelancing through passion, perseverance and developing their talent. Hiring a freelance videographer means that you are bene ting from that hard-won experience. CREATIVE VISION A marketing video can help your business gain the traction necessary to grow, but it will only be as successful as the creative vision and video advertising fundamentals. While an in-house videographer can shoot and edit a video, experienced freelance videographers are able to guide you through your ideas and help you clarify the creative vision of your brand. They often have the bene t of an outsider’s perspective and seeing what has worked and hasn’t work in other businesses’ video marketing campaigns. EMPLOYEE COSTS The cost of hiring a freelance videographer in-house goes well beyond the salary you are paying him or her. You are also going to pay for: The7PowerfulSecretsThatDriveVideoMarketing
  53. 53. The 7 Powerful Secrets That Drive Video Marketing Employment taxes Social security payments Healthcare and benefits Training Vacation and sick days Human resources Using the services of a freelancer means that you will pay one price based on an hourly rate or a video production budget that was negotiated up front. There are usually no additional expenses, paperwork, or headaches associated with this service. Another point that business owners forget is that video production and distribution takes a lot time of time. It might take one very skilled employee two or three full weeks to write the script, shoot the video and create the digital graphics then edit, optimize, upload and distribute a video. By hiring multiple video service freelancers not only can you cut this time in half, but hiring specialists in each aspect, you are likely getting better quality and a faster turn- around during each phase of the production, too. VIDEO PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT COSTS In-house video production expenses include more than just payroll and daily expense reports. As I alluded to earlier, hiring an employee to handle video production means also having to invest in video cameras, production studio equipment (microphones, lighting, backgrounds, stands, etc.), equipment repairs, a video editing station, software licenses and upgrades, as well as having the space to house your studio! Let’s keep in mind that these expenses are in addition to the non-negotiable cost of the employee discussed above. The7PowerfulSecretsThatDriveVideoMarketing
  54. 54. The 7 Powerful Secrets That Drive Video Marketing LONG-TERM COMMITMENT Finally, hiring a freelance videographer versus bringing an employee on board means you aren’t tied to a long-term commitment. If you are only planning on running one or two video marketing campaigns a year, it doesn’t make sense to hire a full-time permanent employee. Hiring freelance videographers and editors is usually short-term and project speci c. Hiring and ring employees can be very, very expensive. If you don’t like your freelancer for whatever reason, canceling your contract and nding a new one isn’t really all that dif cult or… emotional. Having years of experience in this area, I can tell you with absolute certainty that for most small to medium sized businesses, that are just beginning to realize the need for video content and video marketing, hiring a full-time employee for video production is NOT a good decision. It’s almost as bad as placing the burden of creating and marketing video content squarely on the business owner. Making the decision between hiring a freelance videographer or an in-house employee to handle your video projects can de nitely feel overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be. Like all business decisions, it really comes down to budget, vision and goals. If you are clear about what you want to achieve and can communicate your needs clearly and thoroughly, there is no doubt a freelance professional can catapult your marketing efforts while saving you time, money and stress! The7PowerfulSecretsThatDriveVideoMarketing
  55. 55. About the Author L. Scott Harrell I am the founder of, an online marketplace where buyers can nd freelance video professionals who create, edit and market all types of video content for them. I am also the Executive Editor of Video Entrepreneur Magazine, an online magazine for freelance video professionals who want to make money by making videos, editing, marketing and related business services. My primary interest is meeting the burgeoning demand for video content; speci cally, custom video content creation across a sweeping range of needs and budgets. I can be found on LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, YouTube and other social media networks. AbouttheAuthor