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Improvement Planning & Applying for 1st Post


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This presentation accompanied the PGCE Primary Professional Studies seminar on improvement planning and applying for your 1st teaching post.

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Improvement Planning & Applying for 1st Post

  1. 1. PS Seminar 25th Jan 2012Im provemen t Pl an s, Prog re ss Trac ki ng& App ly ing fo r yo ur 1s t Po st
  2. 2. Part 1:Improvement Planning
  3. 3. Peer ReviewIn pairs, share the targets that you haveidentified in your Improvement Plan.Offer your partner one suggestion for how theymight meet one of their targets.Can any of your targets be refined to make themmore focussed / more achievable?What are the common themes (if any)?
  4. 4. Using Theory & Research to Improve PracticeConsider the theoretical perspectives and/orresearch that could inform your developmentagainst these targets. You may need to thinkmore broadly about your targets.In discussion with your partner, identify onetarget that you feel could be supported byengagement with relevant research or theory.
  5. 5. Task for 22nd FebUsing the library/online library, select a relevant pieceof research (e.g. a journal article or literature review)or theory (e.g. a chapter from a book) to engage with inrelation to one of your targets. You will need to readthis before we meet on the 22nd Feb.In that seminar you will be sharing your thoughts/views on the function of reading (theory) and researchfor teachers ongoing professional development. Youwill be doing this in pairs and therefore it will benecessary for you to meet with your partner before theseminar in order to discuss your ideas.
  6. 6. Part 2:The Progress Tracker
  7. 7. The Progress TrackerYou will be expected to fill this in as you progressover the next 3 months.This should help you to provide an honest,evidence-based overview of your position as youstart the final placement.
  8. 8. Part 3:Applying for your 1st post
  9. 9. What do I know?Focus on the things that youve learnt fromprevious employment and/or other experiencethat can be related to the role. Before the course Teaching Travel steward people skills, communication, personable confidence around children and families, Youth worker issues affecting children, interpersonal skills creative, meticulous, patience, curriculum Silversmith knowledge
  10. 10. The Personal StatementThe role of your personal statement is to helpsecure an interview.What does a good personal statement look like?See the extracts in the Supporting 1st Postsbooklet.
  11. 11. Writing the Personal StatementHow should I respond to the personspecification/job description in my personalstatement?Two possible approaches: Use headings (could be adapted from the person spec/job description). Write a narrative that is structured to reflect key concerns (yours and theirs).
  12. 12. Top TipsRefer to the Ten Top Tips For Successful JobApplications (in the ‘Supporting 1st Posts’booklet)
  13. 13. What to avoid Errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation (get a friend to check itfor you if youre unsure).Repetition/duplication of information.Untidy/illegible handwriting, typos.Confused layout, poor general presentation.Incorrect spelling of the name of the headteacher or the school.Gaps in dates, inconsistencies, vagueness.Missed questions on the application form.
  14. 14. Email addressesAvoid using unprofessional emailaddresses. For example: up a new account if necessary.
  15. 15. ActivityRead through the East Sussex CountyCouncil Primary Pool Selection Criteria.Pick one of the criteria and then junk-writeyour own specific response to this (as if youwere writing this for your own personalstatement). 10mins.Share what you have written with a partnerand provide peer feedback.
  16. 16. How to get shortlisted for a teaching jobCarry out the instructionsNo more than two pages means 1½ - 2 pages, not just oneparagraphHandwritten if they ask, but typed unless they specifically askfor hand-writtenAddress any issues they ask you to, don’t just ignore themMake it specific to this post in this schoolWring value out of every sentence you put in, cut the waffleTell them why they need you, not why you need themMake it specific to their job description, addressing their needsMake it as structured as a good student essayMake it easy to readBy Theo Griff (Headteacher)Taken from
  17. 17. Watch thisPasi Sahlberg, formerly of the Finnish Ministry ofEducation, talks about “Finnish Lessons: Whatcan the world learn from educational change inFinland?”View the video here bit starts at 21.42 and finishes at 59.46