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The Way We Watch Is Changing


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Presented by Ryan Boyles at Ignite Raleigh 4 on February 20th, 2013 at Lincoln Theatre. All images used in this talk were gathered from phone screen shots or fair use images found online. Find out more about Ignite Raleigh at

Published in: Entertainment & Humor

The Way We Watch Is Changing

  1. 1. The way we watch is changing #socialTV #secondscreen #igniteraleigh
  2. 2. hello my name is ... @theRabRABRyanRaulRye RyeThe RabBrother RoosterGee__Virus#RyanBoylesMr. Ryan Alexander Boyles
  3. 3. the network is vast and infinitethe second screen is the new water cooler!
  4. 4. hashtag soupcautionary tale 1
  5. 5. hey girl,I like how you are super and natural
  6. 6. zombies and ghosts and trolls oh my!
  7. 7. shorter tv cyclescautionary tale 2
  8. 8. longer tv cycles
  9. 9. the buffy opportunity
  10. 10. asteroid conspiracycautionary tale 3
  11. 11. u share me u really really share me
  12. 12. beyonce and the superbowl shufflecautionary tale 4
  13. 13. shall we play a game?
  14. 14. call me never
  15. 15. marketing ruins everythingcautionary tale 5
  16. 16. mobile first is people first
  17. 17. all your phones are belong to us
  18. 18. twitter vs facebook vs uscautionary tale 6
  19. 19. i’m so steamed at those punks
  20. 20. kill your televisionput the phone downand go outside... to see a movie?