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Big Idea: Web Keynote for ConvergeSouth 2013


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Ryan Boyles on the way the web is changing us and we are changing the web. A brief look at context, Internet of Things, Big data, user experience, wearable tech.

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Big Idea: Web Keynote for ConvergeSouth 2013

  1. 1. big idea: #web @theRab #convergesouth #bigidea
  2. 2. First, a story … … six years ago at Converge South #convergesouth #bigidea
  3. 3. Ed Cone: “hey Chris Rabb, have you seen this news blog?” #convergesouth #bigidea
  4. 4. #convergesouth #bigidea Me: “what is twitter?” circa 2007
  5. 5. #convergesouth #bigidea @BrianR Converge South 2007
  6. 6. #convergesouth #bigidea “what is after twitter?” 2008
  7. 7. “scoble selfie” before selfies were a thing, circa 2008 #convergesouth #bigidea
  8. 8. the web is changing us. and we are changing the web. #convergesouth #bigidea
  9. 9. the scope and pace is profound... #convergesouth #bigidea
  10. 10. I asked a group of colleagues “How is the web today different from the web in 2006?” #convergesouth #bigidea
  11. 11. “about 1.7 billion more people online with the ability to access open information.” Ethan McCarty @ethanmcc Director, Enterprise Social Strategy, Corporate Headquarters, IBM #convergesouth #bigidea
  12. 12. “social platforms have changed the way we share, express ourselves, and interact with others with our thoughts, photos, and ideas...” Jennifer Dubow @jennifer_dubow Global Inside Sales Marketing, Social Business Transformation Leader, IBM #convergesouth #bigidea
  13. 13. “it is mobile and embedded; to paraphrase an old car commercial This ain't your parent’s web! ” Michael Rowe @michaelrowe01 Business Strategist, IBM #convergesouth #bigidea
  14. 14. “While text analytics (data mining) approaches first surfaced in the mid1980s, technological advances have enabled the field to advance during the past decade.” Susan Emerick @sfemerick Manager, Enterprise Social Strategy & Programs, Digital Strategy & Development, IBM #convergesouth #bigidea
  15. 15. “Twitter is always faster than the news, so I never visit news sites anymore.” Felicia Haggarty @feliciaroseh Marketing Strategy Manager , IBM #convergesouth #bigidea
  16. 16. “The number of credible news agencies practicing journalism has dwindled and the rise of useless, superficial junk food news has blossomed in its place.” Ethan McCarty @ethanmcc Director, Enterprise Social Strategy, Corporate Headquarters, IBM #convergesouth #bigidea
  17. 17. “Three words: 1) Social 2) Mobile 3) Cloud” Bill Chamberlain @horizonwatching Principal Analyst, Social Insights Practice, IBM #convergesouth #bigidea
  18. 18. “it's moved from a stagnant resource to a dynamic experience.” Erika Horrocks @erikahorrocks Social Media Strategist, IBM #convergesouth #bigidea
  19. 19. “interaction has led the vast majority of us to a place where our online activity is no longer distinguishable from offline. ” Scott Laningham @scottlaningham Growth Initiative, New Media Content Producer and Podcaster, IBM #convergesouth #bigidea
  20. 20. “it is SO ubiquitous - it's everywhere in everything I do.” Stephanie Hlavin @stephghnc Communications Writer, IBM #convergesouth #bigidea
  21. 21. “I think the big difference is that everyone has access to the web now - all the time - regardless of where they are.” Paul Turnbull Principal Consultant, Social Media Research and Market Insights, IBM #convergesouth #bigidea
  22. 22. “.... the primacy of the web address as a point of identity is in question.” Daryl Pereira @cagedether Social Media Manager, IBM #convergesouth #bigidea
  23. 23. our web mindset is always changing. #convergesouth #bigidea
  24. 24. apps are the new web. good apps support natural, innovative web experiences. #convergesouth #bigidea
  25. 25. #convergesouth #bigidea see C-suite run
  26. 26. apps are bite-size purpose-built data-driven web services. #convergesouth #bigidea
  27. 27. #convergesouth #bigidea what is after apps?
  28. 28. wearable web Samsung Galaxy Gear is moving apps into a smaller and more transparent form factor. Where will you use Dick Tracy’s watch? #convergesouth #bigidea
  29. 29. car web New Ford Fusion has over 16 million lines of code inside making it a rolling connected datacenter. How will you ride in Michael Knight’s KITT? #convergesouth #bigidea
  30. 30. cognitive web IBM Watson is a super computing platform that uses natural language and applies cognitive reasoning. What will you discuss with Tony Stark’s Jarvis? #convergesouth #bigidea
  31. 31. wearable web Google Glass has 16GB of memory and active network for services and apps, operates with eye recognition and voice. Who will you see with Geordi LaForge’s visor? #convergesouth #bigidea
  32. 32. where does user experience and expectation fall in this new creepy vs. magic continuum? #convergesouth #bigidea hat tip to @monkchips
  33. 33. personal interaction with the web is becoming more specific while the amount of data is exploding. #convergesouth #bigidea
  34. 34. Internet of Users Smartphone users have grown 9x since 2009. 75% of the planet has at least one internet connected device. People are interconnected and always on. #convergesouth #bigidea
  35. 35. Internet of Things Half of the world’s data has been created in the last two years. People define the web but things are generating massive data. Data is everything and everywhere. #convergesouth #bigidea
  36. 36. #convergesouth #bigidea take deep breathes
  37. 37. the internet of things is really the “internet of everything.” (soon, we’ll just call it the internet again) #convergesouth #bigidea
  38. 38. listen up. take heed of three things. #convergesouth #bigidea
  39. 39. people don’t know how this stuff works. they do expect it to work like they expect, and fast! #convergesouth #bigidea
  40. 40. every business model is disrupted by the web. you have to react to every “business moment.” #convergesouth #bigidea see #gartnersym
  41. 41. unlearn what you know. context is king. who/where/when/what/why is your content? #convergesouth #bigidea
  42. 42. so, where to now? let’s bring it home. #convergesouth #bigidea
  43. 43. what does the web look like to kids? there is no disk (or spoon) #convergesouth #bigidea
  44. 44. what does the web look like to your boss? shiny vs ROI #convergesouth #bigidea
  45. 45. what does the web look like to your employee? they want APIs to work like Netflix #convergesouth #bigidea
  46. 46. what does the web look like to you? tell me and/or discuss with #ConvergeSouth #convergesouth #bigidea
  47. 47. @theRab let’s talk #convergesouth #bigidea