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Empowering commercial forestry (1)


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Empowering commercial forestry (1)

  1. 1. Empowering commercial forestry:Incentives for small- and large-scale forests (Australian & Global perspective) Jerry Vanclay Southern Cross University Australia
  2. 2. Empowering commercial forestry 1.Symptoms of a problem 2. The real problem 3. Towards a solution 4. What we can do 5. What we should do 6. IUFRO-FORNESSA priorities
  3. 3. Symptoms of a problem
  4. 4. Punic 1000 - 146 BC Roman 146 BC – 600 AD Arab 700 – 1500 AD Ottoman 1500 - 1880Jebari et al 2012, Hydrological Sciences Journal 57 (5), 1–12
  5. 5. The problem: Forests we don’t want, do pay (risky, boring forests) Forests we do want, don’t pay (diverse, ‘rich’ forests)
  6. 6. Science in the news this month- Lessons for us…
  7. 7. 50 of us got stuck in the mud and died during a period ofAre we stuck in the mud after Rio+20? climate change…
  8. 8. Transit of Venus: 1st cooperative big science1716: Halley explained how to measuredistance between earth and sun. Suggestedobservers in Norway, Canada & South Pacific.1761: 120 observers from 9 nations,all unsuccessful due to bad weather.1766: Preparations for 1769 transit begin,plans for observers in Norway, Canada, Tahiti.1769: Cook observes transit in Tahiti… and also went on to claim Australia.1771: Hornsby estimate within 0.8% of true.
  9. 9. The problem: Forests we don’t want, do pay (risky, boring forests) Forests we do want, don’t pay (diverse, ‘rich’ forests)
  10. 10. Big marble + deep bowl = more resilienceResilience at many scales…
  11. 11. Examples: Silviculture + Mensura on ≠ Success
  12. 12. Local Silviculture National ManagementContinental Markets Global Policy Tenure Regulations Incentives
  13. 13. TenureRegulationsIncentives
  14. 14. REDD+ Rainbow Fuelwood water Charcoal Medicinal plants Ecotourism Bushmeat Streams Building & rivers materials Biodiversity Fodder Green exerciseGreen! – Getting Renewable Environs and Economies Now!
  15. 15. 50% of $$$ on bureaucrats, compliance, prosecutionIncentives for Australia’s 100 most-threatenedspecies, shared equally amongst these speciesPayment on per-hectare basis to landholders whoprove dependence (e.g. photos of breeding)$/ha greater than many alternative land uses.
  16. 16. What is needed to enhance Goods & Services...? Mafa Chipeta: “Africa REDD” – I differ slightly, and say “GREEN Africa” (remember GREEN, incentives for non-REDD incentives)Implications for Researchers & Governance…? TRI – how much, and how to implement locally relevant incentives.
  17. 17. TRI Green!Tenure, Regulations, Incentives for Getting Renewable Environs and Economies Now!