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ODI Overview 201306 iCity


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Published in: Technology, Business
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ODI Overview 201306 iCity

  1. 1. Gavin Starks CEO @agentGav @ukODI
  2. 2. Open data can help us address the greatest challenges of our time and generate value for everyone
  3. 3. Sir Tim Berners-Lee Sir Nigel Shadbolt Gavin Starks CEO 15+ years startup experience 20+ years science, web, media, and data Jeni Tennison Technical Director World-leader in open data and linked data W3C, and architect Stuart Coleman Commercial Director 15+ years in tech space Formerly HP, CA, and AMEE Leadership team
  4. 4. catalyse the evolution of open data culture to create economic, environmental, and social value Our mission
  5. 5. Data as culture → Ubiquitous data changes human behaviour Innovation → transformation from products to services → scale existing services (e.g. MOOC) → radically improve data-driven decision-making → entirely new interactions „the Internet is Changing the Way We Think‟ [Al Gore] Social value
  6. 6. Social data Population Education Health Law Crime Housing Transportation and travel Media & publications User-generated content Personal data-shadows
  7. 7. „I got it wrong on climate change – it's far, far worse‟ [Nicholas Stern] Stimulate investment and growth → new energy supply, grids and efficiency markets Improve governance and accountability → Transparency increases accountability + competition Address resource scarcity at scale → effective resource management → systemic changes in supply-chain management Environmental value
  8. 8. Maps / geographic Terrain / land-use Weather / climate Water / hydrographic Farming / species Pollution / ecosystems Materials / resource scarcity Environmental data
  9. 9. Stimulate investment → Transparent rules-based commercial environments attract investment and make companies (both domestic and international) more competitive Improve governance and accountability → Fiscal transparency increases accountability and is self-enforcing Reduce corruption → wide participation and systemic changes affect everyone - “race to the top” “Transparency Drives Prosperity” [Open Government Partnership] “The Internet accounts for 10% of GDP and is growing at twice the rate of any other sector*” * Economic value
  10. 10. Corporate ownership Tax Open Procurement Market information (e.g. commodities) Asset registers (e.g. stranded assets) Supply-chain transactions Personal spending Economic data
  11. 11. Groß and Clerc: Metrography
  12. 12. £200m+ potential → Convene domain-experts + health + data analytics + communications → Analyse 35m data records (all the data + clinical facts) → 8-week turnaround →Trackable interventions → Repeatable Scalable to £1.5bn [BMJ]
  13. 13. Corporates + NGOs
  14. 14. “Openness will strengthen our democracy and promote efficiency and effectiveness in Government” PresidentObama, USA “Open Data is at the heart of my agenda for Government” Prime Minister Cameron, UK “Open Data Strategy can enhance transparency and trust of government, and lead to economic revitalization” Former Prime Minister Noda, Japan Countries
  15. 15. “Making Open and Machine Readable the New Default for Government Information” EXECUTIVE ORDER, BARACK OBAMA
  16. 16. Dozens of countries, 100's of regions and cities moving to open data – – – –
  17. 17. “a new era in which people can use open data to generate insights, ideas, and services to create a better world for all.” G8 Open Data Charter
  18. 18. Ellie Harrison: Vending Machine
  19. 19. Catalysing open data culture Unlock supply Unlock demand Communicate value Standards Research Training Incubation Networking Funding Inspiring stories Structuredevidence Events ODI training ODI services ODI startups
  20. 20. £10m UK public-sector funding £500k philanthropic funding from Omidyar Network £850k Technology Strategy Board innovation fund £1.2m Data Strategy Board immersion programme 2-year programme with World Bank “To train world’s political and national leaders” NB: ODI began operating on 1st October 2012 Highlights
  21. 21. Open Government Partnership, ICT Reform, MacArthur Foundation, Open Data User Group, Public Sector Transparency Board, Open Knowledge Foundation, and MySociety are in-house £200m/year saving identified for UK health service 10 startups incubated, 6 courses launched, 4 hackathons, policy consultation responses 20 private-sector (paying) members signed 3,000+ people visited our space Highlights NB: ODI began operating on 1st October 2012
  22. 22. → Free space → Mentoring → Workshops → Networking Idea → Paid space → Product focus → Client focus → Networking Impact → Paid space → Growth focus → Investor focus → Networking Sustain Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 3 months 3 months 3 months GrowYour idea Startup Programme
  23. 23. The first robust quality badge for open data - Helps publishers certify their data - Helps users find and use it - Helps policy makers benchmark Open Data Certificates
  24. 24. Gavin Starks CEO @agentGav @ukODI
  25. 25. data as culture The Obelisk (2012), Fabio Lattanzi Antinori. ODI offices in Tech City, London, UK
  26. 26. Martin John Callanan : Text Trends
  27. 27. Being open
  28. 28. @ukODI