ODI Overview 2013-03-05


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Overview of the ODI and its progress in its first 5 months.

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  • ODI Overview 2013-03-05

    1. 1. Knowledge for everyoneGavin Starks – CEO – The Open Data Institute gavin@theODI.org – @agentGav – @ukODI theODI.org
    2. 2. Our mission catalyse the evolution of open data cultureto create economic, environmental, and social value
    3. 3. ODI leadership team Gavin Starks CEO 15+ years startup experienceSir Tim Berners-Lee 20+ years science, web, media, and data President Jeni Tennison Technical Director World-leader in open data and linked data W3C, legislation.gov.uk and data.gov.uk architectProf. Nigel Shadbolt Chairman Stuart Coleman Commercial Director 15+ years in tech space Formerly HP, CA, and AMEE
    4. 4. Open data will help us address some of the greatest challenges of our time and generate value for everyoneOpen data today has vast potential (like the web in 1995)→ big difference is global infrastructure is already in place
    5. 5. Catalysing open data culture “Open Data is at the heart of my agenda for Government” UK Prime Minister Cameron “e-Gov Open Data Strategy is very important in terms of enhancing transparency and trust of government, and economic revitalization by creating new market” Former Prime Minister Noda, Japan “Openness will strengthen our democracy and promote efficiency and effectiveness in Government” US President Obama
    6. 6. Catalysing open data culture “Inventing better open-source big-data improves supply chains” Hannah Jones / Nike / 2012 “In an open enterprise, the more likely you are to be able to get an advance which allows you to make a medicine…” Patrick Vallance / President of Pharma R&D “For clients seeking competitive advantage through direct interactions with customers, partners and suppliers, open data is the solution” David Newman / Research VP
    7. 7. Our mission → Standards → Research → Training → Innovation ODI are bringing together world-experts from public sector, private sector, and academia to help create a new primary industry
    8. 8. Catalysing open data culture Unlock Unlock Communicate supply demand value → Standards → Innovation → Inspiring stories → Research → Mentoring → Structured evidence → Training → Funding → Training Standards, training, research, community Short training courses Issue-focussed events Post-graduate certificate Domain expertise Open assets + MOOC Professional services “Information causes change”
    9. 9. data as cultureThe Obelisk (2012), Fabio Lattanzi Antinori – ODI commission “Data as Culture”
    10. 10. Highlights of ODI growth£10m UK public-sector funding£500k philanthropic funding from Omidyar Network£750k Technology Strategy Board innovation fund£850k Data Strategy Board immersion programme2-year programme with World Bank “To train world’s political and national leaders”
    11. 11. Highlights of ODI growth £200m/year saving for UK health service 5 startups in-house 4 hackathons, 4 policy consultations, 4 case studies, 6 courses launched Over 1,500 people visited our space Open Government Partnership, ICT Reform, MacArthur Foundation, Open Data User Group, Public Sector Transparency Board, Open Knowledge Foundation, and MySociety
    12. 12. http://prescribinganalytics.com/ → £200m+ saving potential → Convened domain-experts + health + data analytics + communications → Analysed 35m data records (all the data) → 8-week turnaround → Trackable interventions → Repeatable → Could scale to £1.5bnEx am pl e
    13. 13. Helping startupsIdeas Revenue Funding
    14. 14. Knowledge for everyoneGavin Starks – CEO – The Open Data Institute gavin@theODI.org – @agentGav – @ukODI theODI.org