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Digital Utopias, Hull, UK 2015-01 – Overview of Open Data


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Presentation by Gavin Starks for the Digital Utopias conference in Hull, City of Culture.

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Digital Utopias, Hull, UK 2015-01 – Overview of Open Data

  1. 1. Gavin Starks CEO @agentGav
  2. 2. Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the web, tweeting from middle of the 2012 Olympics
  3. 3. The open web is the most successful information architecture in history
  4. 4. 1969- internet (first ARPANET link) 1989- web of documents 2009- web of data * Launch of The global information network affects everyone
  5. 5. Data licensed for use by anyone for any purpose What is open data?
  6. 6. The data spectrum Your personal finance records Commercially sensitive Your thoughts The value of π |ß Combined health data à| A bus timetable National security Closed Open Shared
  7. 7. “a new era in which people can use open data to generate insights, ideas, and services to create a better world for all” G8 Open Data Charter 2013 G8 Open Data Charter 2013
  8. 8. Sustain > 7,000,000,000 people … Energy … Food … Water … Climate … … Education … Shelter … Transport … … Health … Economy … Jobs … … Culture …
  9. 9. Global, regional, local – a shared vision Political Politicians, UN, World Bank have shared ambitions Regional Smart-cities are driving efficiency and innovation Business McKinsey, Deloitte are signalling economic growth Innovators Start-ups are creating jobs Social NGO communities are building partnerships Individuals Engaged in improving their services, rebuilding trust
  10. 10. A global landscape for open data impact Outcomes Social, environmental, and economic impact Outputs Transparency. Efficiency. Innovation. Reach Global – Country – City/Region – Individual Sectors Smart Cities … Finance … Insurance … Energy … Water … Climate … Agriculture … Education … Food … Health … Transport …
  11. 11. Global Network 
 learning, membership, franchise Innovation Unit
 services, evidence, R&D Core strategy, environment, culture
  12. 12. Learning Membership Businesses Universities Non-profits Governments Individuals Accreditation Training trainers Training people Franchise International network of members and trainers Global Network
  13. 13. Services Evidence Sector programmes Strategic projects Startup incubation Applied research Standards Tools Public stories Policy guidance Sector-specific papers R&D Innovation Unit
  14. 14. Strategy Vision Mission Sustainability Culture Brand Web Events Environment Team Tools Space Core
  15. 15. Evidence
 & investment Share knowledge Collaboration and ideas Demonstrate potential Communicate value
  16. 16. A world-class team Leadership team Jeni Tennison OBE Technical Director & d.CEO Richard Stirling International & Services Louise Burke Finance & Compliance Simon Bullmore Learning Kathryn Corrick Content Georgia Phillips Membership Tom Heath Evidence James Smith R&D Emma Thwaites Communications Michelle Prescott People Jade Croucher Operations ODI board Sir Tim Berners-Lee President Sir Nigel Shadbolt Chairman Gavin Starks CEO Robert Bryan Secretary Martha Lane-Fox CBE Non-exec (from mid-2015) Roger Hampson Non-exec Richard Marsh Non-exec HQ (LONDON)
 40 FTE + 20 Associates GLOBAL NETWORK 
 20 operational franchises in 13 countries
  17. 17. Toronto Chicago North Carolina Philadelphia Hawaii Rio Buenos Aires Dubai Seoul Osaka Queensland Manchester Leeds Sheffield Brighton Devon London (HQ) Gothenburg Paris Trento Amsterdam Moscow
  18. 18. Structured → machine readable Addressable → shareable URIs Traceable → documented sources Maintained → updated What is good open data?
  19. 19. The quality mark for open data Helps publishers certify their own data Helps users search, discover and use it Helps policy makers benchmark
  20. 20. Publisher Service User Feedback Reliable Comprehensive Secure Interprets Integrates Analyses Organises Sets quality Maintains Improves quality
  21. 21. Gavin Starks CEO @agentGav
  22. 22. Examples of open data innovation
  23. 23. Convened domain-experts 
 + health & data analytics
 + communications
 Analysed 35m records
 + all the data & clinical facts National & international reach + Economist & FT + broadsheets & tabloid press + cited in G8 & govt. reports
  24. 24. Innovative open insight + Mapped the biggest US banks + Groundbreaking visualisation + Enables new financial analysis Aggregated and cleaned data + Extracted from huge PDFs + Over 900 pages + Combined with public data Featured internationally + Wired + GigaOm Development opportunities + Map network changes + Find patterns and trends
  25. 25. Convened domain-experts 
 + P2P lenders
 + Banking professionals + Data analytics (ODI)
 + Communications (ODI) Analysed 14m records
 + All the data (i.e. not a model) + Anonymised and analysed + ODI analytics & research National & international reach + Front-page Financial Times Development opportunities + Data intensive & policy-light + Create real-time view + Stimulate market
  26. 26. Convened domain experts + Entrepreneur think-tanks + Federation of small businesses + Government procurement Analysed and cleaned data + 350,000 EU tenders + 38 million UK transactions + 1.8m documents + 9,000 CSVs National reach + Front-page Daily Telegraph (Business Section)
 Development opportunities + Discover & address issues + Predictive bid analytics
  27. 27. Convened domain experts + Fire service + Smart-steps intelligence (Telefonica) + Data analytics (ODI) Real-time big data processing + 509,000 incidents over (4y+) + 120,000 network stations + 600,000,000 location records 1 expert analysis tool + Making cities smarter + View impact on people, the borough, and whole city
  28. 28. Readiness 
 Political, social and economic. 
 Government, entrepreneurs, business, citizens, civil society. Implementation Measuring progress on 14 core datasets (e.g. land, spending, transport, crime, health) Impact Analysis of positive political, social and environmental impact, and economic change.
  29. 29. Gavin Starks CEO @agentGav