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Building the web of open data to solve global challenges - ODI 20140601 Markets for Good


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Presentation by Gavin Starks at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation "Markets for Good" workshop in Seattle.

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Building the web of open data to solve global challenges - ODI 20140601 Markets for Good

  1. 1. Gavin Starks CEO @agentGav
  2. 2. Join us Gavin Starks CEO @agentGav
  3. 3. The inflection point for the web 
 was ~5 years after its invention Conditions exist for 2014-15 to be 
 the inflection point for the web of data * Launch of
  4. 4. Open data can help us
 address the greatest challenges 
 of our time
  5. 5. Population Education Health Law Crime Housing Transportation and travel Media & publications User-generated content Personal data-shadows
  6. 6. Maps / geographic Terrain / land-use Weather / climate Water / hydrographic Farming / species Pollution / ecosystems Materials / resource scarcity
  7. 7. Corporate ownership Corporate tax Public sector transactions Peer-to-peer lending Open procurement Market information (e.g. commodities) Asset registers (e.g. stranded assets) Supply-chain transactions Personal spending
  8. 8. Helped convene domain-experts 
 + health & data analytics
 + communications
 Analysed 35m records
 + all the data & clinical facts National & international reach + Economist & FT + broadsheets & tabloid press + cited in G8 & govt. reports Long-term + $150k now raised for phase 2
  9. 9. Innovative open insight + Mapped the biggest US banks + Groundbreaking visualisation + Enables new financial analysis Aggregated and cleaned data + Extracted from huge PDFs + Over 900 pages + Combined with public data Featured around the world + Wired + GigaOm Development opportunities + Map network changes + Find patterns and trends
 (with Southampton University)
  10. 10. Helped convene domain-experts 
 + P2P lenders
 + Banking professionals + Data analytics (ODI)
 + Communications (ODI) Analysed 14m records
 + All the data (i.e. not a model) + Anonymised and analysed + ODI analytics & research National & international reach + Front-page Financial Times Development opportunities + Be data intensive & policy-light + Create real-time view + Stimulate market
  11. 11. Convened domain experts + Entrepreneur think-tanks + Federation of small businesses + Government procurement Analysed and cleaned data + 350,000 EU tenders + 38 million UK transactions + 1.8m documents + 9,000 CSVs National reach + Front-page Daily Telegraph (Business Section)
 Development opportunities + Discover issues + Create interventions + Predictive bid analytics
  12. 12. Convened domain experts + Fire service + Smart-steps intelligence (Telefonica) + Data analytics (ODI) Real-time big data processing + 509,000 incidents over (4y+) + 120,000 network stations + 600,000,000 location records 1 expert analysis tool + Making cities smarter + View impact on people, the borough, and whole city
  13. 13. Readiness 
 Political, social and economic. 
 Government, entrepreneurs, business, citizens, civil society. Implementation Measuring progress on 14 core datasets (e.g. land, spending, transport, crime, health) Impact Analysis of positive political, social and environmental impact, and economic change.
  14. 14. Open data is a catalyst for insight, open innovation, and material impact Fuel for transparency Better services Public engagement Jobs Open innovation Operational efficiency Assets to manage scarcity Supply-chain risk assessment Manufacturing efficiency Create Enable Improve
  15. 15. In 2013 ODI created solid foundations to 
 catalyse open data culture internationally Within 18 months of rapid iteration we have found 
 global demand is outstripping supply
  16. 16. Convening a global network of governments, corporates & NGOs
 # Training franchise to build capabilities at scale
 # Creating standards, robust evidence, and innovation # Helping start-ups create sustainable businesses # Investing in communication and events
  17. 17. “train the world’s political and national leaders” Multi-year World Bank programme Over 80 corporate members and growing fast
  18. 18. Help publishers certify their data Help users find and use it Help policy makers benchmark * yes, of course it’s free and open source Raw Pilot Standard Expert
  19. 19.
  20. 20. Gavin Starks CEO @agentGav