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Data as Culture


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Introducing Friday Lunchtime Lectures at the Open Data Institute. 11 January 2013 For our first lecture... Curators of the ODI Data as Culture art commission, TED Senior Fellow, Julie Freeman, and MzTEK co-founder, Sophie McDonald, will provide a background of the data-driven art movement, why this commission is so timely, and take you on a tour of the art works installed at the ODI offices.

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Data as Culture

  1. 1. Data as Culture
  2. 2. Metrography – Clerk & Groß
  3. 3. Vending Machine – Ellie Harrison
  4. 4. Three flames ate the sun, and big stars were seen – Phil Archer
  5. 5. Body 01000010011011110110010001111001 – Stanza
  6. 6. The SKOR Codex – La Société Anonyme
  7. 7. The Obelisk – Fabio Lattanzi Antinori
  8. 8. Text Trends – Martin John Callanan
  9. 9. Still Lifes and Oscillators 1 – Ben Garrod
  10. 10. 20hz – Semiconductor
  11. 11. Data as CultureJulie Freemanjulie@translatingnature.orgSenior TED Fellow