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Address Frame Requirements: Alistair Calder , Office for National Statistics


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Presentation at the Open Addresses Symposium by Alistair Calder
Research, Development and Infrastructure
Office for National Statistics

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Address Frame Requirements: Alistair Calder , Office for National Statistics

  1. 1. Address Frame Requirements Alistair Calder
  2. 2. Postcode Address File PAF Valuation Office National Land & Property Gazetteer NLPG Address Layer 2 AL2 LLPGs LLPGs x 348 Council Tax TV License Utilities Emerg. Services etc Pre 2011 Census – multiple competing national lists – inefficiency & duplication
  3. 3. Address Register – Census 2011 PAF AL2 VOA Residential address list RULES CLERICAL Communal address list NLPG Very good Just about good enough
  4. 4. Future ..... • An address frame suitable for Census 2021 but also ... social surveys, business surveys, Admin Data Programme - & Government Statistical Service • Maximise the use of existing datasets (National Address Gazetteer, Open data ???) • NOT ONLY A MAILING LIST • A probabilistic frame for linking other sources
  5. 5. The ‘new’ NAG PAF AL2 VOA Residential address list RULES NLPG Residential address list PAF AL2 VOA RULES NLPG Communal address list 2011 Census Address Register National Address Gazetteer Additional CE sources
  6. 6. An integrated address frame 12 High St R Etc ......... 13 High St CE CE Id 14 High St R 15 High St R B CE Link to Business Register CE Id 16 High St B Link to Business Register 17 High St R 21A High St R 21B High St R 21/1 High St R 21/2 High St R (Residential, Business and Communal addresses coded to a single spine)
  7. 7. A probabilistic address frame Probability of • Existence of address • type - HH/B/CE • HH Size / structure • Change / churn • Hard to countness / category • (multivariate >> categorisation • Eg possible holiday home, carehome, student accommodation Address Register HH Structure 2011 Census HH structure, churn, names Activity data Energy, utilities, broadband, health, house sales Admin data HH structure, churn, names, house prices, phone numbers Other Shape / pattern recognition Survey paradata Geoplace And other CE sources CE New definition / schema Inform field planning / targetting Intelligent stratification Prioritise follow up (address level) Inform estimation & modelling B Business Reg Business structure, type, churn Conceptually – all subject to ethical and privacy discussion !
  8. 8. And some other stuff ... • Proper use of GI / aerial photography etc (QA / automatic change detection etc) • OS portal / API – for field / public QA • Self linking to address-list ??? • Wiki / crowd sourcing for CEs etc • Opendata – CEs & attributes (linked to national frame) definitely but residential & business lists – really ??
  9. 9. Complete Correctly coded Communals Accessible Used Definitive Complete Correctly coded Communals Accessible Used Definitive What I care about Open data ‘NAG’ OS A single, maintained, funded national list should be part of the national digital infrastructure Very supportive of open data for communals and attribution of addresses – but there should only be one national address list – a competing open data list has potential to lead to 2 classes of citizens and add inefficiency and confusion – could take us backwards when we were getting so close
  10. 10.