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We are an organization that brings together K−12 classrooms from across America for LIVE discussions with Subject Matter Experts -- all via the web. Just imagine the possibilities......

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Corporate Sponsorship

  1. 1. Interactive Branding OpportunityCreating brand loyalty by improving Com mu America’s by a nicated trus educational sour ted Del system ce thro ivered u inte gh an rac med tive ium
  2. 2. Interactive Branding OpportunityOur Mission“To bring Guest Speakers into classrooms nationwide forLIVE discussions with students via the web and see thecurriculum come to life.” 21st Century Learning a Professional Baseball Recruiter can bring a sixth grade statistics class to life. an Infectious Disease Specialist from the CDC can bring the study of bacteria to life for a ninth grader. a Songwriter that has written songs for Cher, Billy Joel and KISS can bring a eleventh grade language arts class to life. Our Service Parents watch from their home, office, tablet, or smartphone as their child interacts LIVE with Guest Speakers from around the world.
  3. 3. Interactive Branding OpportunityThe OpportunityThrough our interactive platform of delivering emails and videos, trustedschool educators communicate to parents the contribution Corporate Sponsorsof theLinktoLearn have provided and the unique learning opportunity theirchildren have received.Parents watch video recordings of their child interacting LIVE with GuestSpeakers ranging from Astronauts to Zoologists from around the world.Each parent video contains a pre-roll, highlighting the contribution of ourCorporate Sponsors and communicating their branding message. This program is made This  program  thankspto the possible is  made   ossible   generosity of our thanks  to  the  generosity  of  our   Corporate  Sponsors   Corporate Sponsors E-­‐mail  date:  January  2,  2013   To:  ALL  PARENTS  of  Leland  Township   From:  Leigh  Powell  –  School  Superintendent   What  we  are  doing  for  your  children:   To  enhance  your  child’s  educaIon  we  bring  the  global  community  into  our  classrooms.    This  quarter  your   children  will  be  talking  one-­‐on-­‐one  with  the  following  Guest  Speakers  thanks  to  the  generous  support  of  our   Corporate  Sponsors.   Astrophysicist   Peace  Corps  Volunteer   Astronaut   New  York  City   Guinea,  West  Africa   Boulder,  Colorado   Our  Corporate   Sponsors  
  4. 4. Interactive Branding OpportunityOur Reach• Young parents and teens• Average 1.2 million targeted impressions per campaign• “Soccer Moms” that are the decision-maker for many of the household purchases• Parents and teens that are 100% in your target marketViewer Engagement* 91% 89% Said they would view a Corporate Sponsor favorably Watched one or for supporting more videos from theLinktoLearn theLinktoLearn. at their school. 68% Said they would favor a Corporate Sponsor’s brand in selecting a product or service.* Based upon 2012 survey results from 1,400 parents after having viewed a session with theLinktoLearn
  5. 5. Interactive Branding OpportunityKey Benefits ofCorporate SponsorshipParents learn about their child’s enhanced educationalopportunity and your Corporate Sponsorship through aTRUSTED source - School Superintendant or Principal. Your branding message is broadcast to parents in a 30-second pre-roll as they watch their child interacting with our Guest Speakers, ranging from Astrophysicists to Systems Biologists. Leveraging our platform and focusing on specific school districts, we can connect your branding message with adults and teens that are 100% in your target market.
  6. 6. Our interactive platform delivers your branding message:• Through a Trusted Source• Directly to your Target Market, while enhancing the education of your customer’s children• Can you imagine a better advertising (888) 520-0035