Quality ManagementManaging for Sustainable Success and Organizational Excellence                                          ...
Quality Management                                                   17 – 21 June 2012                                   W...
Quality Management                                               17 – 21 June 2012                               Westin Ab...
Section IVModule 6: Implementation Plan                                                               Leadership    Quali...
Quality Management17 – 21 June 2012Westin Abu Dhabi Golf Resort & Spa, Abu Dhabi, UAE                                     ...
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Quality Management Training


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Quality Management Training

  1. 1. Quality ManagementManaging for Sustainable Success and Organizational Excellence 17 – 21 June 2012, Westin Golf Resort & Spa, Abu Dhabi, UAE On successful completion of this 5 days extensive training Who Should Attend? course, you will be able to:  CEOs, VPs, Managers and Senior Executives in every business sector  Understand the 12 principal modules and the inspired to operate with excellence to fundamentals of the quality management concept ensure organizational continued success.  Develop robust quality management policies, processes  Asset managers, business leaders and and tactics that enable managing all activities across your other members in the organization organization and improve the way your organization who are engaged or will be engaged operates at all levels in the development, roll-out, implementation and review of the  Establish processes appropriate to achieving the quality management systems organizations strategy while ensuring that they are  Technical auditors capable of responding quickly to a changing environment  Integrity, QA/QC Specialists and Engineers  Encourage and maintain processes for innovation to create a learning environment and ensure progressive and continuous improvement ur Expert Workshop Facilitator Your Expert Course Facilitator:  Manage the organizational transformation and Abdelaziz M. Salah Eldin understand necessary techniques to lead a successful Quality & Integrity transformation journey Management Consultant Hudson Technology &  Learn effective tools used by leaders to drive Strategic Studies organizational performance excellence while emphasizing Canada on the value of team work in building effective and healthy organization ____________________________________Organized By______________________________________ T: 800 2212 Fax: + 971 (2) 586 0256 E: bookings@adu.ac.ae W: aimevents.net
  2. 2. Quality Management 17 – 21 June 2012 Westin Abu Dhabi Golf Resort & Spa, Abu Dhabi, UAE Registration will be at 08:00 on Day One, 17 June 2012. The course will be for five days with refreshments and lunch and will finish at 17:00 on 21 June 2012.Technical and financial capabilities are no longer the principal competitive determinants in any business sector. Whatdifferentiates a successful organization from unsuccessful one is a superior “world-class” quality management systemchampioned by conscious leaders. A system that is clearly communicated, accepted and supported by people in theorganization and by other interested parties.Countless academic studies show that a Vision, Mission and Value statement actively contribute to the overallperformance of an organization and greatly help in achieving its objectives. The Vision provides the focus foreveryone to know which direction the organization is moving towards to best achieve its objectives and how itwants to be seen by its interested parties. The Mission describes how the organization will achieve its objectives andthe Values define how it will behave along the way.Quality Management is nowadays the gate to operational excellence that many companies have embraced theprinciples to maintain their competitive edge in their line of business. The aim of a quality management system is tocontribute to the successful achievement of the organization’s vision and gives assurance to management andshareholders of stainable improvement. Through business case reviews, a series of exercises, interactive sessions and group discussions, you will be able to comprehend the fundamental requirements of a Quality Management System and understand how to use the tools to manage sustainable success and organizational excellence. Course size is limited to 15 delegates only, to allow effective coverage, stimulate discussions and enable group networking and interaction.  Throughout the course, you will be encouraged to discuss your organization’s specific challenges, seek group views and be guided to develop your own agenda for implementation upon returning to your workplace  The course facilitator will use his patented “Hudson Express Train Game” as an educational tool to measure the your understanding of the course materials, practice quality management fundamentals and encourage leadership / team building spirit in a competitive and joyful environment  The handout materials not only include 380 power point presentation slides but also a set of carefully designed tutorial notes of 100 pages which stand alone as personal tuition packages and a life time reference to allow you to work at your own pace throughout the entire training material addressed during the 5 days course. T: 800 2212 Fax: + 971 (2) 586 0256 E: bookings@adu.ac.ae W: aimevents.net
  3. 3. Quality Management 17 – 21 June 2012 Westin Abu Dhabi Golf Resort & Spa, Abu Dhabi, UAERegistration will be at 08:00 on Day One, 17 June 2012. The course will be for five days with refreshments and lunch and will finish at 17:00 on 21 June 2012.Section I: Quality Management Fundamentals Section III: Quality Management System  Introduction Module 1: Organisation’s Quality Management Policy and Strategy  Objectives  Mission, Vision & Values  Quality management principles  Quality Management Policy  Strategy and Policy Formulation  Definition of Quality Management  Strategy and Policy Deployment  Strategy and Policy Communication (Roll-out)  Managing for the sustained success of an organization Module 2: Process management  Processes and Practices  The organizations environment  Process Planning and Control  Objectives  Process Responsibility and Authority o Business Objective  Management of Changes o Tactical Objectives  Management of Change procedures  Quality Management Strategy Module 3: Resource management  Quality Management Modules  Infrastructure  Quality Management Historical Background  Financial resources  Natural resources  Quality management awards  Suppliers and partners o The International Organization for  Manpower Recourses (People) Standardization (ISO) o Competence & Competence assurance of o The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality people Award o People development plan o The EFQM Excellence Model o Involvement and motivation of People o National Quality Institute, Canada o Work environment  Quality management organizations o Communication and feedback  Total Quality Management TQM Module 4: Information Management and data Acquisition  Factor that causes poor Quality  Accessibility & Integrity  Data Validation  Quality standards  Types of Data  The Rise of Quality Module 5: Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment  The Fall of Quality  Risk concept Section II: Six Sigma  Risk identification  Risk Assessment  Six Sigma 6Ơ  Risk Matrix o Historical Overview o Using a Risk Matrix o Six Sigma Methodologies o Probability Effect Categories  DMAIC o Consequence Effect Categories  DMADV  Acceptable Risks o Origin and meaning of the term "six  Mitigation Activities sigma process"  The Risk Assessment Team o Six Sigma Implementation  Closing the Risk Assessment o Criticism about 6 Sigma  What If ? Analysis o Potential negative effects of 6 Sigma  Emergency preparedness and responseT: 800 2212 Fax: + 971 (2) 586 0256 E: bookings@adu.ac.ae W: aimevents.net
  4. 4. Section IVModule 6: Implementation Plan Leadership  Quality Management Plans  What qualities distinguish an individual as a leader?"  Rolls & Responsibilities  Rise of alternative theoriesModule 7: Monitoring and Inspection  Attribute pattern approach  Monitoring o Behavioral and style theories  Analysis o Situational and contingency theories  Operational control o Functional theory o Control of imported risks o Transactional and transformational o Controls on specific tasks leadership theories o Controls on through-life management of o Emotions plant and equipment o Neo-emergent theory  Quality-related failures  Leadership styles o Immediate action  Performance o Recording  The ontological/phenomenological model for o Investigation leadership o Corrective action o Preventive action Section V o Action tracking Team building  Non-conformance and incident analysis  Reasons for team building  Monitoring and communicating results  What are team-building exercises and what is their purpose?Module 8: Performance Measures & Reporting  Types of team-building exercisesSchedules  Models of team behavior  Performance Measure  Organizational development  Performance and condition measurement and  What does a team-building consultant do? monitoring  Reporting Schedules Section VIModule 9: Tactical Review and Audit Leading Change  Tactical review  Why transformation efforts fails o External Audits  Eight steps to transforming your organization o Internal audit  Common organization transformation pitfalls  Self-assessment  Benchmarking Section VII Change LeadershipModule 10: Improvement, innovation and learning  Understanding the requirements of transformation  Improvement through Technology  Creating integrated transformational change  Innovation  Transforming the mindsets of leaders and employees  Learning  Developing conscious change leadersModule 11: Knowledge, Experience Gained & Lessons  Addressing the cultural imperative for changesLearnt  Learning and course correcting  Knowledge  Experience Gained & Lessons LearntModule 12: Management review and continual Your Expert Workshop Facilitatorimprovement Abdelaziz M. Salah Eldin Operation & Integrity Advisor Hudson Technology & Strategic Studies Testimonials Ottawa-Canada Very useful training - there was a nice balance between learning and team activities, which I found very good - NAFTA, Slovakia The course material was really wonderful and well documented. I have attended many courses in the past but nothing matched this - Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company. UAE One of the best training courses I have ever joined, interesting agenda supported by amazing instructor, organizers and participants - Bluewater, Netherlands T: 800 2212 Fax: + 971 (2) 586 0256 E: bookings@adu.ac.ae W: aimevents.net
  5. 5. Quality Management17 – 21 June 2012Westin Abu Dhabi Golf Resort & Spa, Abu Dhabi, UAE 3 for 2 Register 2 delegates for the event and bring Special Group Booking Offer a 3rd colleague for FREE Government Bodies, Academia and NGOs Semi-Government and Private Companies Event Name Date Register 3 delegates for the forum and bring a th Before 20 May 2012 Final Price Before 20 May 2012 Final Price 4 colleagues for FREE Quality 17 – 21 June 2012 Management $2,400 $2,900 $3,400 $3,900 System (5 days) Forum Fees include event documentation, refreshments and lunch. They do not include travel or accommodation. AIM/C/012 Delegate Details Name: _____________________________________________________________ Job Title: _________________________________________ Email: _____________________________ Mob: ________________________ Tel: _______________________ Fax: _____________________ Name: _____________________________________________________________ Job Title: _________________________________________ Email: _____________________________ Mob: ________________________ Tel: _______________________ Fax: _____________________ Company Name: ___________________________________________________ Tel: _______________________ Fax: _____________________ Address: _______________________________________________ Postcode: _____________ Country: _________________________________ No of Employees: ________________________________________ Nature of Business: _____________________________________________ YES, I would like to receive information about future events via email / mobile Please send invoice to the above address. I wish to pay by credit card Terms and Conditions: Payments: A confirmation letter and invoice via email will be sent upon receipt of your registration. Payment must be received within 30 days of the invoice being issued. Please note that, in any case, the full payment must be received prior to the event. Only those delegates whose fees have been paid in full will be admitted to the event. Cancellation: If you are unable to attend, a substitute delegate will be welcome in your place. Registrations cancelled within 7days of the event are subject to a fee of 50% administration charge. Registrations cancelled less than 7 days before the event must be paid in full. Abu Dhabi University Knowledge Group (ADUKG) will not be liable for refunds should visas not be obtained. Any refund will exclude any flight or hotel cancellation charges. Visas: ADUKG is not responsible for arranging your visa. If you require a visa, you should contact the hotel you wish to stay at as soon as possible. Program Changes: ADUKG reserves the right to make changes to the program, venue, speakers and timings at any time without prior notice. By submitting your registration you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions in full. T: 800 2212 Fax: + 971 (2) 586 0256 E: bookings@adu.ac.ae W: aimevents.net