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Retargeting Cheat Sheet


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Using AdWords / SEM / PPC to drive traffic to your site, but ... battling to convert these visitors into business?

Learn how retargeting can help you to ... Unlock your Site's Hidden Audience ... and revenue.

No-one has talked openly about this until now. Retargeting is considered to be the next big thing, possibly even bigger than search.

Ever wish you started using Google AdWords in 2002, and beat everyone to the opportunity?

Retargeting is THAT opportunity.

Get started by downloading this
Retargeting Cheat Sheet ... and then make sure to grab the Retargeting Kit too!

Retargeting Cheat Sheet

  1. 1. ‘WHAT IS RETARGETING HOW RETARGETING WORKS WHY RETARGETING WORKS Retargeting is ! !  Gives you more the process of … time to convert showing ads to visitors people who have ! Keeps your website !  already visited top-of-mind your website ! Very targeted !  … so as to get them to !  No opt-in ! return & required do business ! !  Few competitors with you ! !  Turn On/Off ! #3 RULES… TO RETARGETING SUCCESS !! # 1 AUDIENCE !! Create segmented audience lists based on behavior & interests i.e. use your website’s different pages/sections to build different audiences. !! # 2 CREATIVE Connect with each audience with specific messages that speaks to them i.e. create ads that reflects who your audience is, as well as their needs. !! # 3 CONTEXT Talk to each audience when & where theyre most receptive i.e. schedule and display your ads at specific times and in specific places. AUDIENCE + CREATIVE + CONTEXT = SUCCESS !#5 TIPS & TRICKS … TO HELP YOU GET YOU STARTED #7 ADVANCED TACTICS + MORE! ! ! !  Document Retargeting !  !Use More than One Retargeting Code on your website’s pages to allow ! you build more targeted lists for ads (i.e. men’s shoes, women shoes etc.) ! !  Facebook Retargeting ! !  Time-based Retargeting ! !  Create ‘Negative’ Audiences. Use existing success pages to restrict ! !  Launch Retargeting showing ads to people already customers. Or show them different ads! ! !  Mobile Retargeting !  Start by using AdWords Remarketing. Use a ‘fresh’ campaign, keep ! !  Email Retargeting ! image & text ads in separate Adgroups. DON’T add any keywords! ! Partner Retargeting !  ! !  Don’t Over-Saturate your Audiences. Use: Frequency capping, different PLUS other Retargeting Tactics @ versions and sizes of ads, + time scheduling to keep things fresh. ! ! !  Track and Measure. Ensure you have conversion tracking in place to RETARGETING ! !  AdRoll measure both direct conversions (from clicks) but also indirect ‘view- PROVIDERS = ! !  Retargeter = through’ conversions (from visitors returning to your site by own means) ! !  AdWords + moreMORE? … BUY THE USE COUPON CODE “CHEAT SHEET” + SAVE $50