Voice for the Voiceless


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Lunchtime Keynote during the Links at the Legislature day where the theme was "Advocating for Children's Health." This talk address the prevalence and risk factors for injury & violence and proposes policy changes. See the enhanced talk here: http://presentz.org/u/tw/enBloomMedia/voice_for_the_voiceless_6y4n4http://presentz.

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  • MD youth are at greater risk than youth across America in some key areasDomestic Violence: the prevalence among youth surveyed in MD is 2x greater than a National sampleThere are also elevated prevalence rates for youth surveyed in MD for:Carrying a gun at least onceInjured in a fight more than onceAttempted suicide more than onceInjured from that suicide attempt
  • Carey’s story/ book excerpt
  • The stigma of mental illnessWe cannot treat what we do not acknowledge existEarly treatment and intervention are keyThough my brother was murdered by someone w/ paranoid schizophrenia but the statistics  seriously mentally ill are more likely to be victims of violence that perpetrate itCannot be lulled into a false sense of security; most gun crimes are not committed by the mentally ill
  • Voice for the Voiceless

    1. 1. 8th AnnualLinks at the LegislatureLUNCHEON KEYNOTE: A VOICE FOR THE VOICELESSby Alisa Hughley, MPHAnnapolis, MD 12 March 2013
    2. 2. "Guns can end lives, butthey cannot kill spirits. NowI find that a single bulletcould not silence [a] voice."H. Beverly CrawfordLos Angeles, CA
    3. 3. Amber Stanley– age 17Markel Ross– age 18Elezer Reyez– age 14Marcus Jones– age 16Charles Walker, Jr– age 15Aaron Kidd– age 18YOUTH INMONTHSin Prince Georges county alone…lost to gun violence!
    4. 4. VOICE
    5. 5. Killer of all Americansyounger than 44
    6. 6. Source:  Faul  M,  Xu  L,  Wald  MM,  Coronado  VG.  Trauma9c  brain  injury  in  the  United  States:  emergency  department  visits,  hospitaliza9ons,  and  deaths.  Atlanta  (GA):  Centers  for  Disease  Control  and  Preven9on,  Na9onal  Center  for  Injury  Preven9on  and  Control;  2010.  14 XMORE LIKELY IN MALES
    7. 7.   Universal background checks  Strict enforcement against gun trafficking  Gun buy-back programs
    8. 8. "“[Our children] are scaredbullets can find themanytime, anywhere, even ifthey play by the rules.””"Petula Dvorak,Washington Post
    9. 9. •      "In the face ofour tragedy, wecould not ignorethe needs ofothers.””"
    10. 10. >117,270minutes10Every2,416 live in Maryland
    11. 11. 18 people daily run out oftime, dying before an organbecomes available
    12. 12. noco$ttraditionalfuneral
    13. 13. “”” "We cannot treat what we do not acknowledge exists. "”MentalIllness
    14. 14. Shine yourlight...then, pass it on.Register to bean organ &tissue donor.photo: Carey Hughley, III
    15. 15. @enbloommedia    alisa@enbloommedia.nethttp://enbloommedia.net