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  • According to the 2012 Pew Internet Health Tracking Survey, 45% of all US adults live with at least one chronic condition like hypertension or diabetesCare for the sickest Americans accounts for 84% of all health care costsUpon taking a closer look at that 45%, we see some Americans affected disproportionatelyConsider stroke or congestive heart failure each of which lead to death twice as often in Black Americans than white Americans. (CDC data) Source:
  • It’s imperative that we understand, as communities of color how we are using technology…Exactly where are all social media users spending their time?67% are on Facebook16% are on Twitter (most of whom are young, urban dwelling and people of color)15% are on Pinterestand 13% are on Instagram (most of whom are young, urban dwelling people of color)Source:
  • Blacks are almost as likely as whites to use the internet for self-diagnosis and they are slightly more likely to use health information obtained online to follow-up w/ their physicians
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  • Choice 1To cap the work of the past three years, we have re-evaluated what we have done and set  just released the 1st open data execution plan. The plan has 5 goals of which are: Advancing the site to a more efficient, user friendly, technically advanced platform for data discovery.Highlighting departmental assets that support achieving HHS strategic initiatives and an increased focus on strategic data liberation.Educating new and existing, internal and external participants in the health and human services ecosystem about data availability for innovative applications, and disseminating the data for problem solving.Enabling and incentivizing the health data ecosystem to utilize all data assets in innovative ways.Implementing administration and departmental policies that foster openness and transparency.Everything I discuss today in some way leads back to these 5 essential goals around open data.
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    1. 1. MINORITIES + HEALTH TECH a SXSW Interactive Workshop 10 March 2014 3:30 pm ~ 6:00 pm A T&T Conference Center Room 301 #MinHIT | #SXSW Highlights from…
    2. 2. 45% all US adults live with a chronic condition and generate of all the healthcare cost in the US Health Disparities in stroke & heart disease cause approximately 2X as many deaths before age 75. 84% Pew Internet Health Tracking Survey, 2012
    3. 3. Diverse communities are social. Pew Research Internet & American Life Project. Demographics of Social Media Users, 2012. Where are social media users spending their time online? Ori’s Facebook Wall Blerd Tweetchat with Dawn Gibson Carenovate Mag’s Instagram
    4. 4. Diverse communities are curious about health online Pew Research Center: Health Online 2013 report Where are social media users spending their time online? Blerd Twitter chat transcript 2/27/2014,
    5. 5. Emerging Funding Trend
    6. 6. With a bit of a twist… TOP TRENDS IN DIGITAL HEALTH
    7. 7. Wearable Technology They cost what?!
    8. 8. What’s my motivation? Behavior Change
    9. 9. Cloud-based EHR What about interoperability?
    10. 10. Data Visualization How can you help me educate my patients better?
    11. 11. Even if you don’t own the place you’re aging in? Aging in Place
    12. 12. PARTNERS FOR SUCCESS Academic Communities Federal Government
    13. 13. Academic Medical Centers They aren’t all the same when it comes to health disparities.
    14. 14. Oh, you will definitely get feedback here! Looking for Beta Testers?
    15. 15. Changed the default setting for data from closed to open
    16. 16. Photo by Socceraholic - Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License Created with Haiku Deck 5 GOALS
    17. 17. IDEA Lab equips and empowers HHS employees and the public who have an idea and want to act.
    18. 18. Andre Blackman @mindofandre Alisa Hughley @enbloommedia Kmberly Bryant @6Gems Damon Davis HealthData.Gov @damonldavis Ivor Horn, MD MPH @drivorhorn #MinHIT Thanks for listening… Join the movement towards dHealth equity.