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Permaculture principles [Mongolia] v.1.0


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Draft 1.0 for 'Permaculture Principles' session in Bayan Ulgii, March 2011; using Mongolian examples from Mongolian Permaculture Project 2010 to illustrate permaculture principles in action.

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Permaculture principles [Mongolia] v.1.0

  1. 1. Principlesof Permaculture. Bayan Ulgii, Outer Mongolia 2011
  2. 2. Attitudinal Principles: The Problem is The Solution. (Everything works both ways)
  3. 3. Attitudinal Principles: Quality of thought = Quality of yield. (Permaculture is information & imagination intensive)
  4. 4. Attitudinal Principles: Use small and slow solutions. (Long & protracted thought rather than thoughtless & careless actions)
  5. 5. Design Principles:1. Relative Location.
  6. 6. Design Principles:2. Multifunction.
  7. 7. Design Principles:3. Backup major functions.
  8. 8. Design Principles:4. Energy-e cient planning.
  9. 9. Design Principles:5. Use biological resources.
  10. 10. Design Principles:6. Cycle energy.
  11. 11. Design Principles:7. Small-scale intensive systems.
  12. 12. Design Principles:8. Accelerate succession and evolution.
  13. 13. Design Principles:9. Encourage diversity.
  14. 14. Design Principles:10. Edge E ect.