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Kids craft


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Craft ideas for Kids

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Kids craft

  1. 1. Craft tips, tricks,
  2. 2. Craft tips, tricks, tutorials. 2 www.thecraftideas.comCraft Ideas for Kids: CD Spinners ............................................................................................ 3Craft Ideas for Kids: 4 Seasons Felt Board............................................................................... 5Craft Ideas for Kids: Blue Visor with Cookie............................................................................. 9Craft Ideas for Kids: Fabric-Covered Bead Teething Necklace .............................................. 12Craft Ideas for Kids: Bag - Robot Tote .................................................................................... 20
  3. 3. Craft tips, tricks, tutorials. 3 www.thecraftideas.comCraft Ideas for Kids: CD SpinnersThese patriotic tops make festive Fourth of July party favors.What you’ll needOld CDLarge shooter marbleGlue, glue stick, or hot glueDesign templatesMarkersScissorsPlastic bottle cap
  4. 4. Craft tips, tricks, tutorials. 4 www.thecraftideas.comHow to make itFor each top, set a large shooter marble into the hole of an old CD, securing itwith a generous amount of glue. We used Crafters Pick The Ultimate, whichworks well for joining nonporous materials, but you can use hot glue for quickerresults.To re-create our top designs, print out the templates, color them in with markers,and cut them out (cut out the center holes too). Flip over the CD and adhere thetemplate to it with glue or a glue stick.For the handle, attach a plastic bottle cap to the center of the CD with Ultimateglue or hot glue. If you use Ultimate glue, let it dry overnight before taking yourtop for a spin.
  5. 5. Craft tips, tricks, tutorials. 5 www.thecraftideas.comCraft Ideas for Kids: 4 Seasons Felt BoardThis felt board craft is not only fun, is can be used any time of the year, not justfor holidays. Help your little ones learn about the changing of the seasonsthrough play and discovery. Using this felt board craft, you can keep thebackground the same and change out the environment to reflect the weatherduring different parts of the year.This project is great for anyone, no matter where you live. If you are in a warmclimate where snow never falls, simply adjust the foliage and plant life piecesthat you create to reflect that. If snow is a common occurrence for you and youdon’t reach balmy temperatures, even in the middle of summer, simply adjustyour accessories to account for that. Make this felt board to coincide with yourseasons!
  6. 6. Craft tips, tricks, tutorials. 6 www.thecraftideas.comStart out with a piece of cardboard. I always save the back off of a writing padwhen I’m finished with it, but cereal boxes work great too! Glue light blue feltonto the cardboard for your base background. The land will be great felt forwarm months and white felt for snowy months. When you glue down the tree,only glue the top half. That way you can lift the bottom of the tree to change outthe land.
  7. 7. Craft tips, tricks, tutorials. 7 www.thecraftideas.comCut out pieces for the trees and flowers, rain and snow, apples and blossoms,you get the idea. You can even add animals and birds, whatever you want to do!What you need:8x10 piece of cardboard (back of writing pad, cereal box, etc)1 sheet light blue felt1 sheet green felt1 sheet white felt1/2 sheet brown feltVarious other colors of felt, scrap pieces work greatScissorsWhite craft glue
  8. 8. Craft tips, tricks, tutorials. 8 www.thecraftideas.comWhat you do:1. Cover the cardboard with white glue and smooth it out with your finger.Attach the light blue felt to the cardboard and trim any excess.2. From the white and the green felt cut each sheet in half. From one half ofeach color cut your “land” (grass for warm months and snow for coldmonths). Do not glue the land to the board.3. Cut a tree from brown felt. A simple trunk with several branches worksperfectly. Glue only the branches to the board, leaving the trunk of thetree loose so you can lift it to change the land when changing the seasons.4. Use various different colors to cut seasonal shapes from felt. Here are mysuggestions:5. White – snow for branches, clouds, snowflakes, flowers6. Gray – raindrops7. Light green – early spring buds, flower stems and leaves8. Dark green – summer tree leaf sections9. Fall colors (green, red, orange, tan, brown, gold, yellow) – fall leaves10.Green – spring tree leaf sections11.Red – apples, flowers, fall leaves12.Pastels (pink, yellow, light blue) – spring flowers, apple blossoms13.Turquoise Blue – summer flowers14.Purple – summer flowers15.Store pieces in separate zipper sandwich bags by season. To attach,simply place felt pieces on to the board and they will stay in place. Keepthe board flat on the table as pieces can fall off.
  9. 9. Craft tips, tricks, tutorials. 9 www.thecraftideas.comCraft Ideas for Kids: Blue Visor with CookieBlue Visor with Cookie KitFoamies Royal Blue VisorsFoam White Circle StickersFoam Black 1/2″ Circle StickersFoam 3″ Tan Circle SHAPES1″ Glue Lines1) Peel and stick White Circle Stickers to the back of the top of the BlueVisor. Center and keep the eyes close together.
  10. 10. Craft tips, tricks, tutorials. 10 www.thecraftideas.com2) Attach White Circle Stickers to the front of the Visor (over the top of thewhite circles attached to the back).3) Peel and stick Black Circle Stickers anywhere on White Circles. Below theyare attached to the center of the white circles.4) Attach 1/2″ Black Circle Stickers to half of the Cookie Shape. It is onlynecessary to decorate 1/2 of the cookie (all that will show once it is attached tothe visor).
  11. 11. Craft tips, tricks, tutorials. 11 www.thecraftideas.com5) Add a 1″ Glue Line to the top of the tan circle shape (cookie).6) Attach the Cookie shape anywhere under the Blue Visor. Below the cookieis attached to the side of the visor. Press to secure.7) That’s it! These are ready to wear… Let the party begin!Add child names to the inside of visor with Black Sharpie or FoamiesMarker.
  12. 12. Craft tips, tricks, tutorials. 12 www.thecraftideas.comCraft Ideas for Kids: Fabric-Covered Bead Teething NecklaceThis is a practical and pretty project – and a great present for new mums. Madewith non-toxic materials, it doubles as a gorgeous accessory as well as a handyteether for babies. I made this necklace for a friend and her baby, and you canlearn how to make it too – just after the jump.Supplies7 chunky wooden beads (about 3.5cm or 1.5 in. each).1.5 metres of fabric in the print of your choice (you might like to useorganic cotton).Thread and needle or sewing machine.Scissors.
  13. 13. Craft tips, tricks, tutorials. 13 www.thecraftideas.comStep 1: Cut Fabric Into One StripStart by cutting your fabric into one strip 10cm (4 in.) wide and 1.5 metres (59in.) long. Choose a cotton fabric with a colourful print or pattern that will notonly look nice, but also get baby’s attention.Step 2: Fold Fabric in HalfFold the strip of fabric in half length-ways. The ‘good’ side of the fabric shouldbe facing inwards .
  14. 14. Craft tips, tricks, tutorials. 14 www.thecraftideas.comStep3: Sew a SeamNow all you need to do is basically turn the strip of fabric into one long tube.You can do this by making a seam along the long side of your fabric strip. If youplan to sew by hand, it would be best to sew using back-stitch. Of course, youcould save some time and use a sewing machine instead.Take care not to sew the two short sides of the tube – leave them open for now.
  15. 15. Craft tips, tricks, tutorials. 15 www.thecraftideas.comStep 4: Turn the Fabric Τube Inside OutTurn the tube inside out. Use one hand to hold one end and pull out the tubewith the other hand.Step 5: Knot One EndAt this point, you should have a tube of fabric 1.5 metres long, with the correctside of the fabric facing outwards and the seam hidden inside.Now leave about 35cm (13 in.) from one end of the tube and make a firm knot.
  16. 16. Craft tips, tricks, tutorials. 16 www.thecraftideas.comStep 6: Slip a Bead in the TubeOpen the longer end of your tube and slip the first bead inside it. Push the beadthrough until it reaches the knot.Step 7: KnotOnce the bead is as close as possible to the first knot, make another firm knotafter it to keep it in place.
  17. 17. Craft tips, tricks, tutorials. 17 www.thecraftideas.comStep 8: RepeatContinue adding all the beads inside the fabric tube and knotting. If your beadsare a bit flat like mine, make sure they are all oriented the same way beforesecuring their position with a knot.
  18. 18. Craft tips, tricks, tutorials. 18 www.thecraftideas.comStep 9: Place One End Inside the OtherOnce all seven beads have been knotted inside the tube, check that the tworemaining ends of fabric are of equal length. Try it on and figure out the desiredlength.Once you’ve decided on the length of the necklace, take one end and fold asmall length of fabric inwards.Then, insert the other raw end of the necklace inside it.
  19. 19. Craft tips, tricks, tutorials. 19 www.thecraftideas.comStep 10: CloseStraighten the two ends and make sure they are well aligned before sewing ittogether, using the back-stitch. Use thread in a colour that complements yourfabric, as this seam will be visible. When you’ve closed the seam, secure with aknot and cut the thread.Alternatively, you could finish the necklace by cutting each end of the necklacein to three equal strips and creating braids which could be sewn together. Or youcould always sew a piece of ribbon to each end and tie it in a bow.Now your adorable necklace is ready to wear – and bite!
  20. 20. Craft tips, tricks, tutorials. 20 www.thecraftideas.comCraft Ideas for Kids: Bag - Robot ToteThis Sewing pattern shows you how to sew a very cute robot bag.1. Cut your fabric into a 30”x19” piece. This will be folded in half andbecome the tote bag.
  21. 21. Craft tips, tricks, tutorials. 21 www.thecraftideas.com2. Cut 1 6”x9.5” piece of grey felt and one 6”x8” piece of grey felt.This will bethe robots body.3. Follow the pattern and cut out the robots features. His eyes white, pupilsblack, the bottom part of his antenna is grey, the circle red, the bolts are blue andthe buttons are red and blue.4. Following the picture, Pin the felt robot pieces down onto the front of yourtote bag.
  22. 22. Craft tips, tricks, tutorials. 22 www.thecraftideas.com5. Using either a sewing machine or a needle and thread, applique the robotdown using a blanket stitch. Stitch down his body and all of his features exceptfor the bolts, which I suggest sewing down only the edge that touches the robotand leave the rest unstitched. This lets them be more 3d and flop around a little.
  23. 23. Craft tips, tricks, tutorials. 23 www.thecraftideas.com6. Hem the top 2 edges of your tote.7. Cut 2 3”x40” pieces from fabric, Fold them in half (pin them in half so thatthey don’t open up.) and sew down the long side, creating a long tube. Flip the 2tubes right side out.
  24. 24. Craft tips, tricks, tutorials. 24 www.thecraftideas.com8. Pin the edges of your handles to the top inside of your tote and stitch themdown.9. Fold your tote bag in half, right sides together, and stitch up the 2 sides,finishing the tote bag.
  25. 25. Craft tips, tricks, tutorials. 25 www.thecraftideas.comThank you for watching!See more at