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Mil soft company-overview

  1. 1. Company Overview 1/35MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED
  2. 2. Established in : 1998Personnel : 200 (~180 Eng.)Facility : 7,000 sq.m2 in METU Technopolis : 600 sq.m2 in TUBİTAK MAM TEKSEB Established in : 2007 Personnel : 50+ Facility : 1600 sq.m2 in METU Technopolis 100% Private Turkish Company 2/35 MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED
  3. 3. Our VisionOur Mission 3/35 MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED
  5. 5. • SEI CMMI Level-5 • ISO 9001:2000 • NATO AQAP-160 5/35MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED
  7. 7. • C4I  Weapon, Sensor Integration  Command Control  Mission Systems and Planning  Interoperability • Data Links and Messaging  Tactical Data Links  Link 1, Link 11, Link 16, Link 22  AIS  Adatp-3, OTH-GOLD • Image Exploitation Systems  SAR/GMTI  EO/IR 7/35MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED
  8. 8. • Electronic Warfare (EW)  EW Operational Support Center  EW Pre Mission & Post Mission Support Software  EW Database Management Systems  EW System Test and Evaluation  Threat and Jamming Tech. Analysis • Modeling and Simulation • Embedded Systems  Mission / Maintenance Data Computer Software  Flight Test Instrumentation System  SW Development & Verification per DO-178B for FAA Certification • HW Manufacturing Through Subcontract Management 8/35MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED
  9. 9. • Information Communication Technologies  Network Enabled Capability  Network Centric Infrastructure  Geographic Information Management  Geospatial Imagery Storage, Discovery & Dissemination  Data Links, Messaging & Interoperability  Tactical Data Link Joint Range Extension  VMF  JC3IEDM Mapping/Conversion  Homeland Security  Border Security  Coastal Surveillance  Intelligence Information Management  Crisis/Emergency Management  Logistics Lifecycle Support & Fleet Management  e-Government 9/35 MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED
  10. 10. • Language • Application Servers Ada83, Ada95, C, C++, IBM Websphere Application Server Java, Assembler, Oracle PL/SQL• Environments • Case Tools Rational Rose, Clear Case, Rational VxWorks, Windows, Unix, Requisite Pro, Rational Purify, Rational Linux, LynxOS, IRIX, Solaris, Integrity Test RealTime, Rational Soda, Telelogic• Technologies Doors, Tau Logiscope TestChecker, Ada Test, Enterprise Architect, JUnit, J2EE (EJB, JSP, Servlet..), XML, RMI, Oracle Designer, CVS, Code wizard, Web (HTML, Javascript, DHTML, Subversion, Visual OMT, CppTEST. Applet, Servlet, ASP), CORBA, HLA, Cruise Control, Mantis. DDS, CIM/WBEM, Image Processing, OpenGL, Java3D • Methodologies• DBMS Object Oriented Design, UML, Structured Design, Unified Process, Oracle, IBM DB2, Sybase, Development&Verification per DO-178B MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Versant• Development Tools • Life-cycle Models MS Visual Studio, Tartan Tools, IBM Spiral, Incremental, Waterfall Rational Application Developer, Eclipse, IBM VAJ, IBM WSAD, Oracle • GIS PiriMAP, Seven CS, Luciad Map, ESRI, Developer, Visual WX, QT Map Objects, Geokit, ERDAS 10/35 MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED
  11. 11. Established in August CMM-3 CMMI-5 CMMI-5 First Company First Company Renewed in Turkey in Europe Sikorsky - Sikorsky - S-92 MDC S-70 MC First Elbit - AVSG International Rockwell-Collins - Contract France-ADLP Lürssen - SHIPSIM Thales - MELTEM-2 IAI/Elta - DES SSM - JETS/JETSIM Havelsan - GENESIS TAI - UAV TIES RVT Havelsan - Helsim Link11 TUS - AMP SSM - EWPSS SSM - GVLS-MP ASELSAN - GEMKOMSIS TAI - GORSIS VSE - ESSM HDW - NTSP Havelsan - MİLGEM Middleware Havelsan - MİLGEM ÇAVLİS 11/35 MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED
  12. 12. Participating in S-70B SeaHawk Helicopter’s Mission Computer Software Development Work Packages • System Management • Tactical (tactical and attack aids, guidanceSeaHawk S-70 B Link-11, tracking )Mission Computer • Surveillance (Acoustic, RF emitter, Radar) • Operator Interface (MFD, CDU) • Stores Management • Communication • Navigation MilSOFT participated in; • Software Requirement Refinement • Detailed Software Design • Code Development and Software Test Procedures • Software Integration Testing 12/35 MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED
  13. 13. Development of Maintenance Data Computer Software • Automatic Inquisition of Avionics Systems • Testing of Avionics Systems • Data exchange through ARINC-429 Bus • Integration of the Avionics Systems and Software • Compliance with FAA RTCA/DO-178BS-92 Helicopter “Software Considerations in Airborne Systems andMaintenance Data Computer Equipment Certification” 13/35 MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED
  14. 14. Development of Software Packages for theAvionics Video Symbols Generation (AVSG)Software to be Displayed on MFD (MultiFunctional Display) for Fighter Aircraft Trainer • Video Symbol Generation Software for;  Radar  Electro Optical Weapons  Sensors  Radar Warning Receiver • Modeling Software for Radar Warning Receiver ALQ-178 AVSG Avionics Video Symbols Generation Software 14/35 MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED
  15. 15. ADLP Software Development • Upgrading ADLP Software from STANAG 5511 Ed-4 to STANAG 5511 Ed-5 • Modify the CORBA Interface to the Mission System (Replacement of Existing CORBA ORB by Another One) • Improvement of some existing processing (filtering, correlation, coordinate conversion, etc.)ADLP-100 • Development of some DLCPs to STANAG 5511Airborne Data Link Ed-5 (like Correlation/Decorrelation and ASWProcessor (ADLP) Messages)Software Development 15/35 MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED
  16. 16. Development of Three (3) Different Ship Simulation Software Work Packages (SHIPSIM) for Lurssen Logistics; • Bridge Simulator • Interactive Ship Operating Plans • Program for Stability Calculations The general scope of the work covered is: • Design, code, and integration of the Simulators software • Verification of the Simulators softwareSHIPSIMShip Simulator 16/35 MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED
  17. 17. Link 16 Based Link 11 Data Link Processor (DLIP)SW • Development of Link-11 updates required by Turkish Navy • Implementation of Turkey’s specific messagesMELTEM -2Link-16 based Link 11 Data Link • Integration of SWProcessor (DLIP) SW • SW test and verification • System Integration 17/35 MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED
  18. 18. Tactical Data Link System Integration and Tests • Preparation of Link-11 system’s test plans and procedures • Participation to System Integration Bench TestsMELTEM -2 • Executing MPA Link-11 ground testsTactical Data Link System Integrationand Tests • Executing MPS Link-11 flight tests 18/35 MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED
  19. 19. UDP SenderHercules Setup Utility Ethernet t Flight Test InstrumentationCONDOR Bus Tools Ethernet Ethernet Software1553 MIL- STD- 1553 MIL- STD- 1553 Coupler • Recording data through MIL - STD - 1553 MIL - STD - 1553CONDOR Bus ToolsARINC ARINC 429 - ARINC - 429 ARINC - 429 aircraft data busesSerial TransmitterCOM Port Toolkit RS- 422 • Displaying and analyzing the RS - 422 RS - 422 Syncro recorded data after tests on Signal Generator Synchro the ground ( low freq.)Measurement Analog Analog • System Integration&Automation tool- Discrete Digital Digital Removable Media Test Air Segment Ground Segment Computer Computer Computer MELTEM -2 Flight Test Instrumentation Software 19/35 MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED
  20. 20. Tactical Command System Plug-in Component Link-11 Software • Link-11 Management SW Development • TCS Bench and System Integration Bench (SIB) tests of L11 Management SW • Participating to  TCS System Engineering  TCS Bench SW Development  System Integration Bench SW DevelopmentMELTEM -2Tactical Command System Plug-inComponent Link-11 Software 20/35 MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED
  21. 21. This project is the development of a Simulator to generate the mission environment for the testing of ESM systems. Basic properties; • An EW threat database to maintain the parametric information (frequency, PRI, PW, antenna pattern, etc) • Dynamic scenario environment where the user defines the navigation paths for the sensor platform and threat platforms • Threat emitter/modes/submodes operate according to the timeline and the parametric information entered by the user • In run-time mode, the scenario is observed on the map display where the user can make on-line changes toDES the scenario to test different scenario conditionsDigital Environment • Future enhancements to provide data for Radar,Simulator DataLink, AIS, etc. 21/35 MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED
  22. 22. UYGULAMALAR / PROJELER EW Training of Armed Forces personnel in interactive environment. 2D/3D animations, interactive simulations, videos, graphics/drawings, pictures and sound Contents can be changed according to the user profile 2 Versions: National & General (for NATO and other nations) Examinationapplication system, Question Bank and Assessment Module Topics Fundamentals Radar Theory and Applications EO Theory and EO Systems Guided Weapon Systems Electronic SupportJETS Electronic AttackJoint Electronic Warfare Electronic ProtectionTraining System 22/35 MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED
  23. 23. EW Training of Armed Forces personnel for planning, application, control, coordination and support during joint operation in computer environment. 2 Modes: Playing scenarios versus computer, playing scenarios by two opponent groups 2 Versions: National & General (for NATO and other nations) Dynamic scenario generation via scenario entities, platform routes, playing scenario, replay (debriefing), customizable behaviour models for platforms, engagement models for interaction between all platforms & systems within the simulation Viewing the scenario in 2D & 3D displays EW message formats integrated to scenarios HLA compliant (High-Level Architecture, IEEE 1516)JETSIMJoint Electronic WarfareTraining Simulation 23/35 MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED
  24. 24. • Maintenance and Development GENESIS of CORBA based MiddlewareShip Integrated Warfare SW of C2 System in Perry Management System Class Frigates modernization program. 24/35 MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED
  25. 25. Unmanned Air Vehicle, Transportable Image Exploitation System, Remote Video Terminal • Transportable Image Exploitation System (TIES); consists of all hardware and software components located in a shelter for the purpose of receiving, processing, displaying, storing, providing tools for interpretation and evaluation of imagery data received from UAV sensors through Ground Control Station (GCS) • Remote Video Terminal (RVT) receives and exploits telemetry data and payload data that are transferred by the TIHA air vehicle and displays it. The equipment is suitable to be used in the fieldUAV TIES and RVTUnmanned Air Vehicle,Transportable Image Exploitation System,Remote Video Terminal MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED 25/35
  26. 26. As part of S-70B Helicopter Simulation and Simulator Support Systems Project (HELSİM) • ADLP and DTS equipment simulation • Link-11 Network simulation • Generation and processing of all M- messages described in the Link-11 implementation plan • Mil-STD-1553 interface with S70-B MFD/CDU • TCP/IP interface with Trainer’s Console, I/O and communication computers and Tactical Environment Simulator (Through interface computer)HEL11SİMS-70B Helicopter Simulation CenterLink-11 Simulator 26/35 MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED
  27. 27. MPA Acoustic Mission Planning System (AMPS)  Operational support for Anti-submarine Warfare Mission (ASW) mission planning Data • A part of Acoustic Technical Support Cell of MELTEM program AMPS • Acoustic Data Conversion and Management ( Stanag 4283 Annex A & E) • Acoustic Signature Library Management Acoustic • Preparation of Tactical and Acoustic Mission Data Data for MPA • Hardware Key Protection TNRC • System IntegrationAMPSAcoustic Mission Planning System 27/35 MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED
  28. 28. Electronic Warfare Programming and Simulation Systems • Establisment of EW Test Lab to generate, verify and validate of LR-100 ESM System Mission Data Files (MDF) in simulated RF environment • Integration of LR-100, ALE-47 and RF Simulator to perform Hardware In The Loop Test • Development of EWPSS EW database, and software packages to perform MDF verification activities • Establishment of RF Shielded EnvironmentLR-100 EWPSSElectronic WarfareProgramming and Simulation Systems 28/35 MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED
  29. 29. Development & Integration of Link 11 & Link 16 Tactical Data Link Processor and Link Consoles to Perry Class Frigates • Establishment of three Land Based Sites with Link 11 / Link 16 Tactical Data Link Processor and Link Consoles LINK 16 LINK 11 • Adaptable to Air/Surface Platforms and Land Sites • Link 22 is underdevelopment • Easily configurable to user needs and operational environment • Link 16 Network Monitoring and ManagementGVLS-MPGenesis Tactical Data Link System –Modernization Program 29/35 MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED
  30. 30. Coast Guard SAR Ship DDS and OACE Based Combat Management System • System Components • Subsystem Integration and Control • Tactical Picture and Plot Management • Navigation Management • Combat Management and Weapon Control • Message Handling • Search & Rescue • User Interface and Map • Helicopter and Airplane Control • System Management • MiddlewareGEMKOMSIS • Recording, ReplayCoast Guard SAR Ship • TrainingDDS and OACE BasedCombat Management System Technological Success Award 30/35 MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED
  31. 31. Development of MALE (Medium Altitude Long Endurance) Unmanned Air Vehicle Ground Control Station Mission Systems Work packages under MilSOFT’s responsibility: • Pay Load Control SW • Data/Image/Voice Communication • Integrated Test & Monitoring SW • Mission Planning SWGORSISUAV (MALE)Ground Control Station Mission Systems 31/35 MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED
  32. 32. Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile (ESSM) Integration to Turkish Frigates • Subcontractor to VSE Corporation under NAVSEA Organization in FMS Case • Design & Definition for new System configuration • Produce, test, document Modkit for Missile Interface Cabinet (HW+SW) (Including Common Missile Library)ESSM Integrationto Turkish Frigates • Produce, test, document Modkit for CMS Software(s) (STACOS&GENESIS) Terminal Target Reflected Energy Illumination • Test &Installation onboard (including live firing) • Spec & Document Update, CM, QA Communications Links Tracking Search 32/35 MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED
  33. 33. Development & Integration of Link-11 & Link-22 Tactical Data Link Processor and Link Console • Delivery of six Multi-Link Systems for integration into Submarine Command Control System (S-C2S) • Delivery of one Multi-Link System for integration into LBTS • Data Forwarding • MilSOFT Data Link Solution, • Reflects MilSOFT’s TDL know-how and experience gained through national and international projects. • Uses MilSOFT middleware based on latest architectures (OACE) and standards (OMG/ DDS). • MilSOFT Data Link Solution will:New Type Submarine (AIP) • Convey information received from Link-11/Link-22 to S-C2SProject and transmit information initiated by operator or received fromLink 11 & Link 22 S-C2S to Link-11/22. • Provide Link-22 network and track management messaging 33/35 MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED
  34. 34. Maintenance of CORBA based Middleware SW of MİLGEM CMS Providing installment and consultancy services for the maintenance of the C2 Middleware SW of Anti Submarine Warfare and Patrol Ship (MILGEM)MİLGEMMiddleware Software 34/35 MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED
  35. 35. Link 11-16 Application Software, which is going to be integrated, tested and delivered to MİLGEM-I, MİLGEM-II, and to Land Based Test Systems within the scope of MİLGEM Combat System Acquisition Project. • Establishment of Link 11 & Link 16 Tactical Data Link Processor and Link Consoles • Applicable to Air/Sea Platforms and Land Based Sites • Link 22 capability is under development. • Can easily be adapted to the user needs and operational environment. • Link 16 Network Tracking and ManagementMİLGEM ÇAVLİS ProjectLink 11 & Link 16 35/35 MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED