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Indonesia in ODF


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Indonesia in ODF

  1. 1. INDONESIAINDONESIA inin ODF Why and Act
  2. 2. Hi! My name is Harridi Ilman Tovid.My name is Harridi Ilman Tovid. I am from SMA-IT AlBinaa IBS.I am from SMA-IT AlBinaa IBS. And I'm a beginner freelancerAnd I'm a beginner freelancer and linux lovers.and linux lovers. That's allThat's all
  3. 3. One day...One day... I'm thinking whyI'm thinking why I find thatI find that mastering web ismastering web is very intresting.very intresting. Even I forgot to play video games!
  4. 4. Then I realize...Then I realize... It is OpenIt is Open and Standardand Standard
  5. 5. Just like a Paper..Just like a Paper.. Who ever you are What ever you are Where ever you are You can read You can copy Can you read it? Yes England OK US Uh.. Yes Jakarta Yes Singapore Yes Surabaya Opo toh, Mas? Rural People Well, with some exception, of course
  6. 6. WebWeb
  7. 7. Isn't that cool?  Easy to UnderstandEasy to Understand  Easy to ModifyEasy to Modify and it's for everyone!!and it's for everyone!!
  8. 8. That's it! Then..Then.. Why don't we use it for ourWhy don't we use it for our digital documents ??digital documents ?? The ultimate goal is to preventThe ultimate goal is to prevent information loss in our society, which isinformation loss in our society, which is what often occurs because of proprietarywhat often occurs because of proprietary formats.formats. “linux-magazine”“linux-magazine”
  9. 9. Is The AnswerIs The AnswerODF
  10. 10. Open Document FormatOpen Document FormatODF
  11. 11. Yes, One for AllYes, One for All ODF Wait a second, why we must use Odf?? Lots of ChoiceLots of Choice Helping in emergency situationHelping in emergency situation
  12. 12. <?XML?> <?XML?> <?XML?> ODF First, It's Based on XMLFirst, It's Based on XML You Can make your own special document!!
  13. 13. <?XML?> <?XML?> ODF file ReadingODF file Reading Optimized xml files  Feature A  Feature B  Feature C  Feature D  Feature A  Feature B  Feature C  Feature D
  14. 14. ODF Of Course, Build your own Office programOf Course, Build your own Office program It is Yours, not the vendor's!! optimized RedRedOfficeOffice inin China thatChina that based by Openbased by Open Office hasOffice has produced a newproduced a new format calledformat called OUF.OUF. Thanks to the XMLThanks to the XML
  15. 15. Yes, Backward CompabilityYes, Backward Compability ODF Cause XML is readable by humans!Cause XML is readable by humans! and Futureand Future For NowFor Now
  16. 16. At last, fair competitionAt last, fair competition ODF  No monopoly in format!No monopoly in format!  Faster InovationFaster Inovation  Lower CostLower Cost Uh oh, please delete the last Agenda. We will use the standard instead. Yes, sir! The remain agenda is more feature and less price. Don't forget to remind me to ask for donation Very well ,sir!
  17. 17. What Else??What Else?? ODF ODF which XML-based isODF which XML-based is much easier to rescuemuch easier to rescue and repair than aand repair than a binary format.binary format. Almost all of ODFAlmost all of ODF office program is freeoffice program is free to use and open use and open source. ODF is incridiblyODF is incridibly small in sizesmall in size File Size 921088 6475669 154892 1335296 Microsoft Office .doc Microsoft Office .xml OpenOffice (XP) .odt OpenOffice (XP) .doc
  18. 18. Time to Act!!Time to Act!! ODF Government act!  Insist users andInsist users and vendors to use ODFvendors to use ODF  Join theJoin the internationalinternational community of ODFcommunity of ODF  SupportingSupporting developers todevelopers to improve the programimprove the program technologytechnology
  19. 19. Time to Act!!Time to Act!! ODF Developers act!  Make the program!Make the program!  Presentate it!Presentate it! Don't forget the donation. You can't eat without it!
  20. 20. Excuse me, how about us? The users! Simple! Learn and use the ODF THE ENDTHE END